The Lapel Project from Shark Tank

The Lapel Project shark tank

The Lapel Project is a fashion company revolutionizing men’s fashion by allowing people to look their best without having to spend too much money. They design and create lapels in a range of designs for various events that can be attached to blazers or suits you already own to transform them into a tuxedo. These lapels easily stick onto any blazer or suit with the adhesive they provide, which they say is completely safe for garments as it is specifically designed for this purpose. Also, the lapels can also be sewn onto suits and blazers for a more permanent transformation.

The Lapel Project’s creator and founder, Sebastian Garcia, is a fashion industry veteran and co-owner of men’s clothing store Sartori Amici and founder of My Grooms Room. He started The Lapel Project as a way to make the ‘tux’ look affordable and available to all.

Sebastian Garcia, along with his business partner Raul Bernal appeared on Season 8, Episode 2 of Shark Tank to pitch their business in front of the sharks. They started their pitch by explaining their product which was essentially a satin stick-on fabric that sticks onto the lapel of a suit or blazer to transform it into a tuxedo. They also demonstrate how easy their products are to use – which impresses the sharks. They mention how they have over 10 stock options on their website, and they also offer custom lapels that allow customers to create their own designs.

Garcia and Bernal are looking for a $150,000 investment, offering 20% of their ‘tux-alternative’ business in return. The sharks also get outfitted with their very own custom lapels, which they all like. Garcia also mentions each lapel can last more than 10 uses if cared for well. The pair provide details about their sales, mentioning over $16,000 worth of sales. They also mention they are seeking an investment to start up and expand their online store.

Robert was the first shark to walk away, stating the lapels felt more like a gag gift than an actual product. Mark is quick to jump in and thinks the pair could crush it on Amazon. He offers them an investment of $150,000 in return for a 30% stake. The other sharks all look interested but hesitate to make an offer, and the pair close the deal with Mark.

Our Review of The Lapel Project

Since their appearance on Shark Tank and closing their deal with Mark, the remaining sharks – Daymond, Robert, and Lori, all also invested in The Lapel Project. Mark and the team completely revamped their website and their Amazon store. The company is a huge success – their sales multiplied by 10 in their first year of investing in the business.

Now in 2022, the business is still booming, and they have expanded its pool of products extensively. They now offer lapels in three different styles – the notch, the peak, and the shawl. The Lapel Project also creates and sells bowties and loafers. They also have ‘special event’ products, which are some of their best-selling products, especially their ‘prom’ line.

Their customizable products are also doing incredibly well. While they are a little pricier than the stock options, any kind of look you desire can be added to lapel styles of your choice – and they’ll probably still be more reasonable than purchasing a new tuxedo.

The Lapel Project products are available to purchase on their online webstore on Amazon, and they can also be found in vendors in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Pros of The Lapel Project

  • Convenient: The lapels are convenient to use and apply. All you have to do is stick it onto your suit/blazer, and voila! You are now in a tux!
  • Multiple Uses: The Lapel Project lapels are high quality and well made. If taken care of well, they can be used over 10 times. If you want to transform a blazer into a tux for life, their lapels can also be sewn on for a more permanent effect.
  • Non-Harmful: the adhesive provided does not damage garments, so you don’t have to worry about damaging or destroying your blazer/suit. Still, not all garments are the same, and you should always be careful with the adhesive use.
  • Price: The Lapel Project lapels are the most affordable way of achieving a tux look for special occasions. Instead of having to buy or rent expensive tuxedos, their lapels allow you to rock a ‘tux’ without spending big.

Cons of The Lapel Project

  • Single Size: Their lapels all come in a standard size. The Lapel Project recommends cutting slits and adapting the lapels to fit your needs.
  • Non-Washable: due to their adhesive backing, The Lapel Project lapels cannot be washed with your blazers or suits. They need to be removed as the adhesive doesn’t react well to water. The Lapel Project recommends using a lint roller or a damp cloth to clean your lapels.
  • Doesn’t fit: Many users complain about the standard size not fitting or looking proper on their suits or blazers.
  • Many users complain about lapels arriving folded in half, creating creases in lapels.

Who is The Lapel Project for?

The Lapel Project is for those looking to rock a tux on special occasions without needing to spend it on buying or renting out an actual tux. Any blazer or suit can instantly be transformed into a tuxedo by attaching a The Lapel Project lapel!

Are There Any Alternatives?

We can’t find any direct alternatives to The Lapel Project at this time.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, The Lapel Project provides a great product that is one of the best ways to look sharp without emptying out your wallet. Their lapels are of high quality, are easy and convenient to attach, and last for multiple uses. They have multiple styles on offer for all kinds of looks – and if the look you are looking for is missing, you can always order a custom lapel designed especially for you!