The Kombucha Shop from Shark Tank

The Kombucha Shop shark tank

You may know what an incredible beverage kombucha is if you ever got a chance to drink it. Not only does this beverage taste amazing, but it also serves several health benefits if ingested properly, and preparing it requires quite a lot of expertise since it involves fermented tea along with a special culture of bacteria.

Not many people are skilled in preparing it accurately, and a handful of those who know greatly appreciate its value and numerous health benefits.

Since Kombucha is a specialty and entails proper expertise to prepare, it is very expensive.

Thankfully, a kombucha enthusiast turned businesswoman started her mission to increase public access to the beverage by offering a kit that enables users to produce it at home. Kate Field came across Kombucha while she was educating underprivileged families about nutrition.

She instantly became a fan but found that the options available in the market were either too expensive or not good at all.

Therefore, she decided to make a home kombucha brewing kit for kombucha lovers to satisfy their cravings.

What is The Kombucha Shop?

The Kombucha Shop is an online website launched by businesswoman Kate Field to sell her product, a Kombucha brewing starter kit.

Chinese households use Kombucha extensively, and it has a long history. It is made in either green or black tea but contains fermented bacteria that are very good for the body. It is loaded with organic acids, enzymes, B vitamins, and probiotics that strengthen the duct and immune system.

It consists of a little alcohol because the main method to make it is fermentation. It tastes like vinegar but has become very popular among health enthusiasts. Since Field wanted to make Kombucha available to more people, she designed the home brewing starter kit, which consisted of tea packets and starter culture, and instantly became a huge hit in the market.

Ever since she launched her business, Kate has made over 3.2 million dollars in revenue without extensive marketing strategies or investors. However, she wanted something more for her Kombucha Shop and decided to showcase her company on Shark Tank.

The Kombucha Shop on Shark Tank

Kate Field appeared on the 10th season of Shark Tank, looking for a $350000 investment for 10% equity. She starts her pitch on Shark Tank by telling everyone how she created the home brewing kit.

She then demonstrates how anyone can brew Kombucha in the comfort of their own home using this easy starter kit and impresses the sharks with her excellent sales numbers.

While her company is doing pretty well as is, she wants to expand into retail and needs someone with the expertise to help her get there.

Although the sharks’ aren’t very happy about what Kombucha tastes like, they love the business and start pitching their offers. Kate accepts an offer from Barbara and Shark Tank guest Sara for a $150000 line of credit for 10% and $200000 cash.

Our Review of The Kombucha Shop

The Kombucha Shop was established in March 2014 and has since grown into one of the biggest and most reputable home-brew kombucha businesses. In order to enable consumers to produce the highest quality kombucha at home, it has delivered thousands of kombucha kits.

It comes in glass containers that you may repurpose as you choose once you drink the Kombucha and is produced primarily in Wisconsin. Brewing itself is a relatively easy process. Whatever you need to prepare this fermented tea is included in the kit you purchase from The Kombucha Shop.

It is a complete kit that will let you save loads of cash as opposed to visiting a retailer and purchasing ready-made Kombucha, including all the directions, tools, and materials.

Kombucha possesses a number of features that make it ideal for health-conscious individuals looking for a cool beverage that can benefit their health. It speeds up metabolism, improves digestion, liver function, as well as and immune system function, and you can get all the advantages of Kombucha from The Kombucha Shop without paying the high cost.

The kit includes a temperature monitor, pH test strips, and a comprehensive educational guide that eliminates any guessing involved in making this delectable beverage.

Pros of The Kombucha Shop

  • Includes everything you’ll need to make multiple pots of Kombucha.
  • Made exclusively with US products and ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Consists of premium ingredients.
  • Includes instructional content that will help you become an expert at brewing this beverage
  • To assure the highest quality standards, the brand exclusively uses premium cultures, loose-leaf tea, and sugar that have been properly produced.

Cons of The Kombucha Shop

  • Some batches of sold kits included expired SCOBY, which is required to prepare the tea.

Who is The Kombucha Shop For?

This product is targeted at all the kombucha enthusiasts who want to avoid paying a hefty price anytime they felt like indulging in a glass of this cool beverage.

This product is also great for newbies who are turning to the beverage for the several health benefits it has to offer.

The home brewing starter kit has directions that are basic, straightforward, and transparent. Anyone can easily produce their own quantities of Kombucha using the kit, including those who have no prior experience.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many other companies that offer a home kombucha brewing kit, including Craft a Brew. However, what makes the Kombucha Shop stand apart is its superior quality, and it only specializes in Kombucha, offering a variety under this blanket along with its easy-to-use comprehensive brewing kit.

Our Final Thoughts

Although the deal between Kate and Barbara Corcoran never materialized, the appearance on the show was enough to get her product into Whole Foods, and the sales have never been better, with the business making over 2 million dollars a year.

If you love Kombucha, we definitely recommend The Kombucha Shop home brewing kit to you as the sales clearly speak for themselves; this product is definitely worth it.