Noshi: Shark Tank Update – Latest Developments & Insights

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Noshi Food Paint first caught the attention of viewers and investors when it appeared on the 14th season of the popular entrepreneurial reality show, Shark Tank. The edible food paint, created by Tomo Delaney, was designed to make meal times more enjoyable for children, especially those who can be picky eaters. Launched in 2015, the innovative organic food product aims to provide parents with a creative solution that encourages kids to eat their meals while adding a touch of fun to the dining experience.

In the Shark Tank episode that aired on September 11, 2022, Delaney presented Noshi and his delightful food paint to the Sharks in hopes of securing a deal that would boost the growth of his business. At the time, Noshi’s sales had experienced a downturn, forcing the product out of several retailers such as Albertsons and Safeway. However, the inventive food paint still maintained a three-year contract in 370 Walmart locations, signaling a continued potential for success in the market.

As an organic and edible food paint specifically designed for children, Noshi Food Paint offers a unique, interactive, and colorful mealtime experience. Combining the power of healthy, organic fruits with the fun of creating edible art, this product may just be the perfect solution for parents with picky eaters and children who enjoy playing with their food.

Overview of Noshi and Its Founders

Tomo Delaney: The Entrepreneur Behind Noshi

Tomo Delaney is the creative mind behind Noshi, an innovative company that produces edible food paint for kids. Tomo came up with the idea for Noshi Food Paint as a response to the common struggle many parents face with getting their children to overcome picky eating habits. Made with organic fruit purées, Noshi Food Paint offers a fun and delicious way for kids to decorate their food, making mealtime more enjoyable.

Noshi Food Paint comes in three different flavors: Strawberry, Pear, and Blueberry. The product is available for purchase on the company’s website and in Walmart stores.

Pegi and Tomo: Partnership in Noshi

The development and success of Noshi would not have been possible without the strong partnership between Tomo Delaney and his co-founder, Pegi. Together, they have strategically grown the Noshi brand from an innovative idea to a well-received solution for making mealtime more fun and nutritional for children.

Noshi appeared on Season 14, Episode 21 of “Shark Tank,” where Tomo and Pegi presented their product to the investors. With mixed reactions from the Sharks, Noshi continued to develop its presence both online and in retail stores after their appearance on the show. This persistent effort has led to Noshi being a thriving company, and Tomo and Pegi remain dedicated to expanding the brand even further.

Noshi on Shark Tank

Mark Cuban and Noshi

Noshi, created by Tomo Delaney, caught the interest of billionaire investor Mark Cuban during its appearance on Shark Tank Season 14. The edible food paint aims to make meal times more enjoyable for picky eater children.

Offer and Equity in Shark Tank

Tomo Delaney pitched his business, asking for $250,000 in exchange for 17% equity. Mark Cuban, intrigued by the product and its potential, decided to invest in Noshi. However, the deal was structured a bit differently, with Cuban offering $250,000 for 25% equity in the company.

Shark Tank Season 14: Noshi’s Appearance

Noshi made its appearance on Shark Tank on September 11, 2022. At the time, the company was struggling with sales, forcing it out of several retailers like Albertsons and Safeway. However, Noshi had a successful three-year contract in place with 370 Walmart stores.

An Investment of $250,000 for 25%

With Mark Cuban’s investment of $250,000 for a 25% stake in the company, Noshi has been able to grow and expand its reach. The company now sells its products on its official website and on Amazon. As a result, Noshi continues to make progress after its time on Shark Tank and with the guidance of Mark Cuban.

Noshi’s Unique Products

Edible Food Paint

Noshi has introduced an innovative and fun product for kids: Edible Food Paint. Made from organic fruits, this paint is designed to engage picky eaters by allowing them to decorate their food. It comes in various colors and fruity flavors, including Raspberry, Mango, and Grape. As seen on Shark Tank, this product has the potential to transform mealtime for children and their parents.

Organic Beet Powder

In addition to their edible food paint, Noshi has also ventured into the health food market with their Organic Beet Powder. This product can be used as a natural food coloring and a healthy addition to various dishes. It’s derived from organic beets, ensuring its safety and quality for consumers who prioritize organic ingredients in their food choices.

Crackers and Pancakes: Noshi’s Canvas

Noshi’s food paint can be used on a variety of canvases to encourage creativity during mealtime. Two popular options for kids to decorate are crackers and pancakes. These items serve as the perfect platform for children to explore their artistic side and enjoy their creations. By combining Noshi’s edible food paint with these simple foods, mealtime can become an enjoyable and interactive experience for the whole family.

In summary, Noshi’s unique products, such as their edible food paint and organic beet powder, aim to make mealtime more engaging and enjoyable for children. These products, combined with suitable canvases like crackers and pancakes, provide a fun and interactive way to tackle picky eating habits and promote healthy eating.

The Art of Healthy Eating

Certified Organic and Vegan Food Choices

Noshi is a company that has developed an edible food paint made from organic fruit purées, making it both certified organic and vegan. This innovative product aims to promote healthy eating habits among children by combining fun and creativity with nutritious ingredients. The fruit purées used in Noshi’s edible food paint are sourced from certified organic fruits, ensuring a high level of quality and a commitment to sustainable practices.

By offering a product that is both organic and vegan, Noshi caters to the growing number of families that are seeking healthier and more environmentally friendly food choices for their children. This not only ensures better nutrition but also helps introduce children to the importance of sustainable and ethical food consumption.

Children and Healthy Eating Habits

One of the biggest challenges parents face is encouraging their children to develop healthy eating habits. Picky eaters can be especially difficult to convince when it comes to trying new foods or consuming a balanced diet. Noshi’s edible food paint emphasizes making mealtime a fun and engaging experience by allowing children to explore their creativity while consuming nutritious organic fruits.

By incorporating Noshi’s edible food paint into their children’s meals, parents can help foster a positive association with healthy eating. The colorful and visually appealing nature of the food paint can help attract children’s attention, making them more willing to try new foods and develop a broader palette.

Through the creative and playful approach that Noshi offers, children can learn from a young age the importance of making healthy food choices, and be encouraged to maintain these habits throughout their lives.

Distribution and Sales

Noshi on Amazon and Walmart

Noshi has expanded its distribution channels since its appearance on Shark Tank. The edible food paint, created by Tomo Delaney, is now available on its official website and on Amazon, making it easier for customers to purchase the product. Noshi also managed to secure a successful three-year contract with Walmart, which led to the product being available in 370 Walmart stores nationwide.

Sales and Net Worth

While specific figures for Noshi’s sales and net worth are not readily available, it is evident that the company has experienced growth since its time on Shark Tank. In September 2022, Noshi was struggling with sales, leading it to be removed from several retailers, including Albertsons and Safeway. However, the partnership with Walmart and increased online presence have contributed to its improved sales and overall performance.

Consumer’s Perceptions

Review of Noshi’s Products

Noshi’s edible food paint has been a unique addition to the market catering to children and their picky eating habits. Reviews of the product have been mixed, with some parents finding it to be a fun and engaging way to get their children to eat. Many praise the use of organic fruit purées as the base for the food paint, making it both nutritious and safe for consumption. The visual appeal is also highlighted, as it encourages children to be more creative during mealtime.

On the other hand, some parents found that the novelty of the food paint wore off quickly and that it did not significantly improve their child’s eating habits. However, it is important to note that individual experiences may vary depending on the child’s preferences, age, and level of creativity.

Parents’ Perspective on Noshi

From a parental point of view, Noshi addresses a common challenge faced by many: getting children to eat their meals without a struggle. The idea of edible food paint appeals to both the children’s creativity and parents’ desire for healthier mealtime options. Parents appreciate the fact that Noshi is made from organic fruits, keeping their children’s nutritional needs in mind.

However, some parents express concerns that using such products may not teach the proper eating habits in the long run. They argue that it may encourage playing with food rather than focusing on the nutritional aspect of the meal. Nonetheless, many parents see Noshi as a fun and interactive way to get their children excited about mealtime, while still providing a healthier, organic alternative to traditional processed snacks or sugary treats.


Noshi, the innovative food paint created by entrepreneur Tomo Delaney, appeared on Season 14 Episode 21 of “Shark Tank” in May 2023. Delaney sought an investment of $250,000 for a 17% equity stake in his business, which aimed to make mealtimes more enjoyable for children and encourage picky eaters to try new foods. With a license deal with well-known brands like Peppa Pig, Crayola, and Daniel Tiger, Noshi successfully caught the attention of the Sharks.

After a successful pitch, Mark Cuban offered an investment of $250,000 for a 25% stake in Noshi, which Delaney accepted. This brought the final valuation of the company to $1 million. Thanks to its appearance on “Shark Tank” and Mark Cuban’s investment, Noshi has managed to regain its foothold in the market, leading to increased sales and growth.

Although the company faced setbacks, such as being dropped from several retailers like Albertsons and Safeway, it managed to secure a three-year contract with 370 Walmart stores. This gave Noshi the exposure and sales it required to continue its upward trajectory, offering an engaging and healthy alternative to children’s mealtimes.

In summary, Noshi’s appearance on “Shark Tank” marked a turning point for Delaney,and his food paint business. With Mark Cuban’s backing, Noshi has bounced back from initial retail challenges, securing a bright future in the children’s food market.