MyoStorm from Shark Tank

MyoStorm shark tank

Chronic pain is a reality for many Americans suffering from debilitating diseases with no cure. Muscle pain is not just an inconvenience that comes with a disease. Exercise or strains can also lead to stiff or sore and painful muscles.

The founders of MyoStorm hoped to solve this predicament with their recovery ball. Their appearance in Season 11 showcased their muscle recovery ball, which added heat, pressure, and vibration to an area for instant relief.

The product is a wonderful invention for athletes who are forever in need of a cure for their sore muscles. Investing in the MyoStorm ball is much easier than plunging into an ice-cold bath at the end of the day. The best thing about the product is the research involved in production.

What is MyoStorm?

MyoStorm is a muscle recovery ball that employs heat, vibration, and pressure therapy to provide relief for sore muscles. It is backed by research showing heat’s effects on muscle tissue. This involves many engineers, doctors, scientists, physical therapists, and athletes who vouch for the benefits of the massage ball.

The massage ball provides many physical therapeutic benefits and is an excellent device for managing joint or muscle pain.

How it Works

The massage ball works by incorporating both heat and vibration through a single device. This encourages blood circulation and works on a deeper level, massaging the softer tissues, easing up tense muscles, promoting muscle flexibility, improving recovery, and aiding therapy.

The four-inch ball has different buttons that can be used to navigate different vibration and heat levels depending on the pain intensity. MyoStorm is a portable device that can stimulate specific muscle areas to provide optimal pain relief.

What Makes MyoStorm Unique?

The founders are experienced in both mechanical engineering and athletics. Before the device was pitched, it had been tested on one of the founders, and the findings were remarkable.

Moreover, MyoStorm incorporates both heat and vibration in a single device. The device is also backed by scientific research, which makes the results credible.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The founders of MyoStorm, namely Jonothan, Shaquille, and Jared, set the bait by offering 10% equity for $150,000 in return. The Shark Tank pitch started with an explanation of the product. This was followed by some samples handed out to the Sharks. But the Sharks were looking for something more.

The Sharks initially thought that the price was a bit too steep. They didn’t believe people would bite. After much consideration, Lori emerged from the waters to grab at the deal. However, she settled on 5% equity with a royalty of one dollar per unit till she regained a certain percentage of her investment.

Our Review of MyoStorm

So, is the MyoStorm ball worth all the fuss? We believe it is.

The pitch had its ups and downs, but MyoStorm is a solid product. With the massage ball, you no longer need a companion who kneads out the knots in your back and soothes your sore muscles. You can be your own masseuse.

Unlike many other vibrating massagers, this massage ball is much easier when massaging your own body. It is backed by research and athlete testimonials which means it is great for post-gym relief.

Pros of MyoStorm

  1. Practical

Athletes don’t have a lot of time to spare. This means they can’t have spa days or take big massage chairs wherever they go. A portable product like this ensures them comfort minus the added bulk.

  1. Effective

The massage ball doesn’t just use a simple vibration technique. It couples the vibration with heat therapy which works deep into the soft tissues leading to immediate and long-lasting relief.

Cons of MyoStorm

  1. Expensive

The massage ball may not be for everyone. This is because not everyone can afford it. This massage aid may be effective, but it isn’t affordable for everyone due to its price tag.

  1. Replaceable

The massage ball isn’t a unique product. Many people have invented massaging devices before, and with modern inventions, many heating and vibration-related aids have led to better pain management for most chronic pain sufferers.

Who is MyoStorm for?

The MyoStorm is for anyone who believes chronic pain is incurable. It can be used by professional athletes who spend hours training in the gym or on the ground. It is also a great aid for beginners at the gym or those transitioning to a more intense workout plan.

It is for anyone and everyone who has ever suffered from muscle pain.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Since the MyoStorm was introduced, many companies caught a whiff of the idea and started producing their own versions of a heated vibrating massage ball. Since the idea is effective, it didn’t take long for many companies to sink their teeth into the business venture.

Today, many massage balls provide heating and vibrating effects, essentially working on the deep soft tissue, which can effectively remove soreness and pain. However, since MyoStorm was the first in line, it is still one of the best-reviewed products that provide the features listed above.

If you are on the lookout, you might find other massage balls that provide the same features, but MyoStorm will always stand out on top. Cheaper alternatives provide either a vibration or a heating function, but not both. On the other hand, expensive options include both functions installed within a chair. The choice is yours!

Our Final Thoughts

MyoStorm surely caught the world of sports and athletics by storm, but it also impacted the lives of people with chronic pain. For the first time, someone had actually acknowledged their pain and invented a product that targeted what they lived with every day.

The massage ball has caused a revolution that encouraged people to create massage balls of their own. However, it will always remain a pioneer. In order for massage balls to be a success, people must realize the impact of sore muscles on the body.

Chronic pain can be debilitating. The sooner we realize it, the better.