The Clean Sleep Machine from Shark Tank

The Clean Sleep Machine shark tank

Michael Ingle, a resident of Dallas, Texas, invented the Clean Sleep Machine. This mobile mattress cleaning service comes in a portable apparatus, almost like a dry cleaner, but for mattresses. Everything, from the stripping to the cleaning, takes place in Michael’s cleaning truck. A technician uses steam, UV light, infrared heat, ozone, and vacuums to clean the mattress. This process only takes 15 minutes, and soon, the mattress will be dry and ready to go back on the bed.

Many people do not get their mattresses cleaned for months and years at an end. However, this is extremely unhealthy as dirt, germs, and dead skin build up on the mattress over time, which can lead to diseases and skin illnesses. Even though other mattress cleaning services are available, the Clean Sleep Machine promises to clean your mattress within 15 minutes- a massive edge from the marketplace where companies usually take a minimum of 8 hours to do so.

The Clean Sleep Machine is 99 percent effective in getting rid of bed bugs, dust mites, mold, viruses, and bacteria. By the end of the cleaning process, the mattress is dry and ready to be used. The vacuum used in the cleaning process is ten times more potent than the one you might use at home. Moreover, the mattress undergoes an anti-microbial treatment process to ensure that all kinds of impurities are removed entirely before the mattress is returned to its owner.

Michael invented the Clean Sleep Machine eight years ago when he fell asleep on his mattress while his bedsheets were drying. He realized how dirty it was when he woke up, despite always staying covered by the sheets. He did his research and found that homeowners should get their mattresses cleaned every six to twelve months. However, hospitals, senior living houses, and hotels should clean their mattresses more frequently.

As of today, the Clean Sleep Machine is providing its services to more than 30 hotels. Michael came to the Sharks asking for an investment of $1.5 million and was prepared to offer 15 percent equity in return. When putting his offer in front of the Sharks, Michael asked them to imagine what would happen if they changed their clothes every day but did not shower. They would be filthy and disgusting in a week. The same is the case for a mattress.

Michael charges $89.95 for the standard service, which the Sharks think is too less. However, there are extra charges for heat treatments and stain removal, so that drives up the cost depending on how dirty the mattresses are.

In the near future, Michael aims to talk with hospitals and big hotel chains that would help him earn more revenue. Moreover, he wants to offer Clean Sleep certified beds so that everyone trusts his brand. The main motivation for Michael to open up his own business was that he wanted to have something of his own. When he was 14 years old, he moved into his grandparent’s house and soon realized that there were two groups of people in the world- those who made things happen and those who watched them happen. Even though he was employed in the engineering field in his later years, he realized he wanted to have something of his own.

Our Review of Clean Sleep Machine

We believe that Clean Sleep Machine is a great initiative to ensure that everyone has a clean mattress to sleep on and that they do not get infected by germs and waste. We believe Michael will be extremely successful if he can lease his machinery to military bases, big hotels, and hospitals.

Pros of Clean Sleep Machine

Clean Sleep Machine uses ultraviolet, infrared heat and ozone, vacuums, and steam to thoroughly clean mattresses before returning them to their rightful owners. The whole process only takes 15 minutes, meaning you can get a coffee from a nearby shop and enjoy it while you watch your mattress go through several processes.

Moreover, this machine removes 99 percent of built-up bacteria, making it perfect to use for another six months. We love that you do not have to make the effort of taking your mattress to a store to get it cleaned. Instead, the Clean Sleep Machine will come to you at your residence and do all the work without you having to lift a finger.

In the future, we are hopeful that the Clean Sleep Machine will become a part of hospitals and orphanages, where many people will benefit from its quick advantages.

Cons of Clean Sleep Machine

The investment needed for Clean Sleep Machine to be successful is very large, especially because it takes a large sum of money to build the machinery and the mobile that goes around cleaning people’s mattresses.

Moreover, Clean Sleep Machine has produced small-scale figures so far, which is why the Sharks were not comfortable investing in it.

Who is Clean Sleep Machine for?

The Clean Sleep Machine is for homeowners who own a mattress and want to keep their homes hygienic. It is also for hospitals, hotels, military bases, boarding schools, orphanages, and other places where many people use the same mattresses.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many alternatives to the Clean Sleep Machine available, but none of them will clean a mattress within 15 minutes and come to your home to do so. The Clean Sleep Machine is really one of its kind with its performance levels.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though the Sharks may not have agreed to invest in the Clean Sleep Machine, we believe that Michael is driven and focused and will be able to achieve what he wants for his company. Clean Sleep Machine has loads of potential, and if it is able to reach hospitals and military bases, its services will be used on a large scale, making it incredibly successful.