The Caddy Girls from Shark Tank

The Caddy Girls shark tank

The job of a golf caddy is indispensable. They are of much use to the golfers; apart from driving them around the golf course, they are needed to hand the golfers clubs, clean them, and keep counting them again and again while knowing about the golf course as well as the game.

The caddy girls are a tad bit different from regular golf caddies; while offering all the indispensable services, they make the entire golfing experience sexier.

What are The Caddy Girls?

When Meghan Tarmey graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 2005, she found that employment options for her were scarce, and those that were available were only paying minimum wage, which would only help her in paying bills. She didn’t want to work odd hours or opt for a bartender job, so she figured she could launch her own company.

This was when she came up with The Caddy Girls, a brilliant concept to offer sexy caddy services to golfers. Tarmey founded The Caddy Girls specifically so that these female caddies could drive players from one hole to the next. But she also wished to maintain the highest level of professionalism in her company. All the caddy girls in her company have to obtain certification from the Professional Caddies Association since a pretty face is not enough to get you a job.

The woman must be qualified in addition to having a general understanding of golf course etiquette, field distance calculations, and scorekeeping procedures. Tarmey wanted to offer golfers something beyond simply a visually appealing driver.

There are 13 locations across the US where The Caddy Girls operate and offer services for bachelor parties, tournaments, and other significant events. The business is fairly popular in the areas they operate and can charge over $149 for one caddy girl.

Meghan knows the demand of her company and wants to expand it further, for which she needs the help of a shark. Keep reading to find out what happens.

The Caddy Girls on the Shark Tank

Meghan enters the Shark Tank looking for a million-dollar investment in her company in return for 20% ownership. She starts her pitch by telling the sharks how she came up with the business and why The Caddy Girls isn’t just about the pretty faces but that the girls have some knowledgeable insights about the game as well. She explains to them that her business is fairly successful, but she wants to expand it further to take it to the next level but will need a shark’s investment.

She proceeds to tell them that her company makes over $100k in sales each year and has even surpassed $140k in the previous year.

Lori Greiner is the first shark to object to the business concept and opt-out of the investment. She says that she can foresee several scenarios in which this concept could go wrong. While golf is a popular activity, and men will always appreciate attractive women, whenever alcohol is involved, horrible things tend to happen. Tarmey acknowledges this and informs Lori that they have strict ethical guidelines, but when we speak of harassment, it can happen anywhere.

Daymond and Robert both like the concept but don’t really believe the company will be able to give them the return on investment they want. Therefore, both of them also opt-out. Mark likes the idea, but since he hates golf, he also refuses an investment.

With only Kevin O’Leary remaining in the tank, Meghan urges him by telling him how he would be an ideal investor for The Caddy Girls. However, Kevin is still unsure how he will recover his investment, to which Meghan informs him that her business is very successful and has a 30% growth rate.

Kevin takes a moment and agrees to invest but only at a return of 50% ownership. Meghan, however, doesn’t feel like she can give so much of her business away since she spent so much time and effort in bringing it to where it is now.

She walks out without a deal.

Our Review of The Caddy Girls

We feel the Caddy Girls is an excellent example of innovation and creativity. Meghan saw something that wasn’t already there, and she was determined to do something with her life, apart from bartending at odd times. She was dedicated and built a business from the ground up and has seen nothing but success moving forward.

Pros of The Caddy Girls

The Caddy Girls is everything a caddy service should provide, knowledgeable insights, golf etiquette, and a caddy who knows the way around the golf course, with the additional perk of good looks.

Cons of The Caddy Girls

So far, it seems The Caddy Girls is only directed at male golfers, whereas several women are also serious and dedicated golfers. Maybe The Caddy Girls could offer services with attractive and good-looking men as well?

Who is The Caddy Girls Services for?

The Caddy Girls is an excellent caddy service for both serious and casual golfers. They can be hired for tournaments, events, or any other golfing service that you may require.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Caddy services have been around for decades, long before any golf carts were invented, and there are several caddy services available in the market; however, not all hire girls, which is what makes The Caddy Girls stand apart from its competitors.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though Meghan walked out of the Shark Tank without an investment, she was determined to get her business to the next level, with or without anyone’s help. And she did!

After the episode aired, there was an immense increase in booking, and in no time, The Caddy Girls started to expand from one location to the next and are operational in more than 20 states. As of now, the company makes over 13 million dollars in annual revenue and also takes part in supporting charitable organizations like Luz De Maria Orphanage and the FAM foundation.

Meghan Tammy got what she worked so hard for; she built her business from 0 to a million-dollar company without any investor and can now reap the benefits all by herself.