Baubles and Soles from Shark Tank

Baubles and Soles shark tank

Parents often find it challenging to pick the right shoes for their children, especially with the sheer number of available options. What makes it even harder is that children grow out of them quickly, leaving the parents with the task of purchasing new ones. Husband and wife Duc and Lisa Nguyen faced the same problem and found it challenging to shop for multiple pairs of shoes for their kids, who would often grow out of them before they even got the chance to wear them.

They finally found a solution and turned it into a business they named Baubles and Soles. Read our review to learn more about their unique business idea and how well customers received it in the market.

Baubles and Soles is a footwear brand for children that specializes toddler shoes and interchangeable baubles that give the shoe a new look every time, hence saving the effort and money in buying several pairs of shoes for children. The best part about these shoes is that you can customize them for any occasion, which allows parents to invest in a single pair instead of multiple ones.

Baubles and Soles come in 5 to 10 toddler sizes, and you can choose between six colors: Ballet Slipper, Sand, Licorice, Rose, Dusty Blue, Dove, and Heather. You can also choose from a wide range of adorable baubles for the shoes, which can easily fit onto the front and change their appearance. You can mix and match these baubles for endless styling for any occasion. The company’s motto is: “One pair, many ways to wear,” which sums up its brand philosophy.

Your kids can wear the same shoes to a party or the park with a quick change of accessories. The Baubles are also available in bundles, including Bauble Bundle – Friendly Fruits, Bauble Bundle – Daydream, Bauble Bundle – Cuddly Critters, Bauble Bundle – Snack Attack, Bauble Bundle – Wild Ones, and Bauble Bundle – Pet Pals.

Moreover, these shoes are machine-washable, slip-resistant, and made from a patented plastic blend called Microplast, which provides strength and softness to the shoes, making them highly flexible and lightweight. This material is one step better than traditional plastics in similar toddler shoes.

Baubles and Soles are also really easy to maintain –all you need to do is wipe them with a warm washcloth to make them appear good as new. You may also use wet wipes for this purpose, and they serve the same purpose. However, keep in mind that the pom baubles are not machine-washable.

Lisa and Duc wanted additional financial support and expertise to understand the American market and take their business to the next level. Hoping to have one of the Sharks on board, they entered the Shark Tank episode hoping to seek an investment of $100,000 in exchange for 15% ownership of Baubles and Soles. They handed out samples of their adorable shoes and baubles and explained their motivation behind the product. The Sharks had mixed reviews; some did not agree with the concept, while others were impressed with the product and how well the dup delivered the presentation.

Fortunately for them, Shark Daymond John was tempted to make an offer after Lisa said she wished to make the deal “risk-free” by repaying the investment in full with the business earnings. Daymond was quite pleased with this approach and offered to invest $100,000 for 25% ownership of Baubles and Soles. The deal was finalized, and the husband-wife duo left the tank with a great offer that would help do bigger things with their business.

Baubles and Soles are still in business and are doing quite well. You can purchase them directly from the website or order them via amazon. While the shipping costs vary depending upon your location, you can avail free shipping by ordering via Amazon Prime. The best part is that they only take three to five days to ship their products, which is much faster than most companies operating in the toddler shoe market.

Our Review of Baubles and Soles

Toddlers’ feet develop rapidly, making shopping for their shoes quite tricky as they frequently outgrow them before they even get a chance to wear them. The problem only gets worse when you have to buy multiple shoes for multiple occasions. The solution lies in buying Baubles and Soles –extremely comfortable, slip-resistant, machine-washable shoes for toddlers that allow you to customize them for various events with a simple accessory change.

Each pair comes with a bauble set that you can easily fit at the front of the shoe to match different outfits. These baubles have an innovative twist and lock system, allowing you to interchange them easily. Baubles and Soles enable you to transform the look and style of the shoes, which is a significant game-changer in the toddler shoe market. It also makes the dressing-up process fun and hassle-free for the parents.

Pros of Baubles and Soles

  • The shoes are made from recyclable plastic, which is softer and more flexible than the regular plastic used in toddler shoes.
  • These shoes are slip and water-resistant.
  • They come with Interchangeable baubles.

Cons of Baubles and Soles

  • Some customers have complained about the bauble lock being slightly difficult to open.

Who Are Baubles and Soles for?

Baubles and Soles are for parents who struggle to purchase multiple shoes for their toddlers to match different clothes and occasions. These shoes save a lot of money and effort since children can wear them multiple times and on numerous occasions.

Are there Any Alternatives?

So far, we have not found any alternatives for Baubles and Soles.

Our Final Thoughts

Choosing the right kind of shoes for your child can be a daunting task. Parents must continuously upgrade shoes for their young ones as they grow out of them quite often. However, Baubles and Soles provide a solution for every parent facing this challenge. These adorable shoes have interchangeable baubles that allow you to customize them for any occasion. Once you try these cute shoes, you will agree that they make the dressing-up process much more fun and creative.