Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm from Shark Tank

Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm shark tank

Everyone enjoys a little bit of something sweet in their milk, pancakes, or slices of bread. Refined sugar especially can often be rather detrimental to our health in the long term. But if you cannot get enough of something sweet and want the health benefits, honey is your friend, and not just any honey, but honey sourced from Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm.

Honey is not only delicious, but it also saves you from any allergies in a clever way. It gradually introduces the allergens to your body, eventually desensitizing you. The process is called immunotherapy.

Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm is a local family-run farm that farms and sells its own unprocessed, natural honey to promote this process. They sell their honey in one-pound glass jars. Their honey is not ordinary, as there are flavor variations, from lavender and blueberry to other exciting flavors. Most of their honey is sourced from local farms.

Processed foods are never healthy, and the fact that there is processed honey in the market takes away from its natural benefits. With honey from Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm, you can be assured that you’re getting honey in its raw and most pleasing form.

This family’s beekeeping and honey business initially started to support their son Zach, who had asthma and suffered from severe allergies, which led to constant hospital visits. Zach’s parents looked for natural remedies to eliminate his symptoms and thus clear his allergic reactions. And so they started keeping bees and extracting raw honey for Zach. Their efforts were fruitful as Zach’s allergy symptoms gradually dipped over time.

Before featuring on Shark Tank, their business was already flourishing tremendously. They have already been on the shelves of Macy’s and Bloomingdales. Besides that, their honey has also been featured in renowned publications like New York Times. In terms of sales, they rose from a decent $62,000 in 2018 to almost a million in 2021. Their growth is consistent and satisfying.

Are They An Active Company?

Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm is still an active business. You can purchase honey from their official website or retail stores like Macy’s and Amazon.

How Did Their Shark Tank Pitch Go?

When the Johnson family appeared on season 13 of Shark Tank, they were effortlessly impressed by the success they experienced. The Johnson family sought an investment of $150,000 for a 10% share in their company.

The Sharks loved their honey; Lori had also seen the jars before. But the family, unfortunately, did not get offers from all Sharks. Mark Cuban is the first to go out, as he believed that the large scale they’re aiming for would need plenty of money, and he could not account for it.

Daniel Lubetzky did not think Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm was at a stage where he would want to invest, as it was still a prominently family business. On the other hand, Lori Greiner didn’t relate to the product, as she did not eat honey at all, so she went out.

This business reminded Kevin of another family business he invested in almost a decade ago, and the success of that encouraged Kevin to make the Johnson family the same offer of $150,000 in exchange for zero equity but a royalty of $1 per unit sold until he recouped his investment. After which, the royalty would decrease to $0.25 in perpetuity.

Barbara made them an offer of $200,000 for 20%, and the entrepreneurs inspired her as they reminded her of herself. The family did counter her offer with a 12% equity, but Barbara countered that with a 15%. The family accepted the deal.

In June 2022, a rerun of the episode showed that the deal with Barbara was never closed. But this wholesome family business continues to run smoothly with a loyal customer base.

Our Review of Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm

So many food items go perfect with honey on the side, but it is pointless if you’re constantly indulging in honey deprived of all the healthiness. Thanks to Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm for selling entirely unprocessed honey.

The honey from Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm is a healthy option to help people curb their allergies. Not only that, it tastes incredible, especially with the fusion of exciting flavors. Their honey is not like your average honey and is premium quality honey.

The customer reviews for their honey have been entirely positive, with many claiming that they have bought multiple jars for themselves and their family and friends.

Pros of Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm

Their honey has several pros, which have added to its spectacular growth. Here are a few of them:

  • A healthier alternative to mass-produced honey.
  • People can add their honey to drinks and other food items.
  • Fresh honey.
  • The product is packaged with protection to avoid any damage.

Cons of Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm

The product and brand are well-loved by customers. However, there are a few concerns that the owners could consider. These include:

  • The honey comes in glass jars which can be inconvenient to some people.
  • Their honey is quite expensive.
  • Local honey will not help with allergies to someone from the outside.

Who is Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm For?

If you have an excellent liking for honey compared to sugar, this family business is for you. People of all ages can try their honey.

Are There Any Alternatives Available?

There are plenty of alternatives to local and raw honey in the market. Here are two brands we found:

  • Smiley Honey
  • Local Hive Honey

Our Final Thoughts

In our opinion, Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm is a great business that promotes using raw honey to get the most benefits out of it. But at the same time, this family is conscious that honey bees need honey, too, so they never extract all of the honey from the hives. This we found to be entirely thoughtful for the lives of honeybees.

Although they only received one offer from Shark Tank, which also never closed, we still believe that the family is compassionate and driven to reach new heights, and they have been doing great in the market and will continue to do so in the future.