Hanukkah Tree Topper from Shark Tank

Hanukkah Tree Topper shark tank

The Hanukkah Tree Top is a decorative star placed on top of the Christmas tree during Christmas. However, there is no preliminary background of placing the Hanukkah star on a Christmas tree as both belong to two different faiths.

The Hanukkah symbolizes Jewish faith, and the Christmas tree is a celebrative bush in Christianity decorated enthusiastically every Christmas.

The world learned about the Hanukkah Tree Top after the 512 episode of Shark Tank, in which an interfaith couple walks in and aims to blend the two faiths and bring harmony among them.

Morris and Marina, the Chowalkis, were the star couple in the episode. They delivered an elevator on how their mission is to unite different faiths and celebrate religious occasions harmoniously and with integrity.

Morris tells the audience that over a million families of Jewish and Christian faiths celebrate both religious holidays together but distinctly. However, he introduced the idea of blending both holidays and celebrating unitedly.

The interfaith couple suggests that the Hanukkah Tree Top brings a unique addition of Mazel Tov to the Christmas tree, making it look more celebrating and harmonious.

Few segments of the Chowalki household are shown in the episode in which the couple sold the Hanukkah Tree Top for some years and how they need investors and fundraisers to hang on to this business.

The Chowalkis stated that they have sold thousands of the Hanukkah Tree Top from 2009 till the date of the show and aim to expand their business as this is a means of spreading love and harmony among the people of the United States.

The Chowalkis ask the sharks for probable investors who are interested in having a true partnership and expanding the idea to different parts of the United States.

The couple aims to collect a total of $50K for their new idea, Chrishnakkah. They suggested a name for their new product line, which showed the sharks’ optimism and firm long-term goals.

Morri Chowalki pitches that he has sold over 12 thousand units of the Hanukkah Tree Top till now and has marked $150K sales from the past three years.

Morris then tells the sharks that the required amount is for product development and more space for the products to be stored and manufactured.

The majority of the sharks, however, disagree with the deal of 15% for 50K and leave the value. Daymond is seen to consider the idea as its ideology revolves around bringing faiths together and asks for a 35% share for $50K.

Our Review of The Hanukkah Tree Top

According to our evaluations, the Hanukkah Tree Top is a perfect idea to blend faiths and bring peace and harmony among people from different religions.

The Hanukkah Tree Top symbolizes harmony, love, unity, and acceptance among faiths with each other, which is the whole essence of the holidays.

We suggest that the Hanukkah Tree Top is a perfect idea to introduce acceptance and tolerance among people of the United States. It will be the reason behind spreading awareness that every religion follows different holidays, but the essence of all is the same.

The Hanukkah Tree Top and Chrishnakkah is a perfect idea to expand the business, and people take religious holidays very seriously. It can act as a pioneer in giving people more business ideas regarding peace, joy, and faith.

Pros of The Hanukkah Tree Top

According to our evaluation, the Hanukkah Tree Top has certain advantages, which are discussed below:

  • The Hanukkah Tree Top allows interfaith married couples to celebrate both holidays as one.
  • Individuals will become well aware that they can glorify different holidays together.
  • The Hanukkah Tree Top symbolizes peace and harmony among people.
  • Individuals get to know the importance of religious holidays and how they can be accepting towards each other.
  • The Hanukkah Tree Top can be easily handled and placed anywhere it is easy to handle.
  • The Hanukkah Tree Top’s popularity has made it readily available online and in some stores.

Cons of The Hanukkah Tree Top

With advantages, there are certain disadvantages of the Hanukkah Tree Top, which are listed below:

  • Individuals who strictly follow Christianity might find it reckless or disrespectful towards their religious celebration, Christmas.
  • Similarly, individuals with the Jewish faith might think of this as inappropriate to introduce a Christmas tree to their sacred Hanukkah tradition.
  • The Hanukkah Tree Top might be a reason behind the increase in religious extremism and the spread of violence in extreme cases.
  • The Hanukkah Tree Top might also be the reason behind family members’ disagreement.

What is The Hanukkah Tree Top Best For?

The Hanukkah Tree Top is best for bringing different faiths together as one and letting people know that holidays are a time when everyone should gather around, forgive each other and be accepting of others’ faith.

The Hanukkah Tree Top is also best for spreading awareness among the new generation about interfaith marriages and relationships and how two faiths can be blended and be united as one, at least during happy and celebrative times.

The Hanukkah Tree Top might also bring uniqueness to your Christmas tree and leave your family and guests in amazement that one can show little acts of kindness which symbolize acceptance towards other faiths.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The sole purpose of the Hanukkah Tree Top is to become the symbol of harmony, unity, peace and acceptance across faiths. Alternatives of the Hanukkah Tree Top can be different Hanukkah/Jewish traditions of the holiday being meshed with traditional Christian/Christmas activities.

Decorative items can differ, but the Mazel tov is the best option to be placed on top of the Christmas tree. Other alternatives one could put on top of the tree have not yet been discovered.

Our Final Thoughts

According to our evaluations, the Hanukkah Tree Top is a beautiful ideology that is artistic and thoughtful in its way. It is indeed a fascinating idea to blend in celebrations belonging to different religions, specifically on holidays.

Holidays are the times of the year when an individual is thankful for all he has had and how God saved him from the dangers and losses and protected him throughout the year. It is a chance to bring families together, forget and forgive, pray and earn blessings, and spread love among each other.

Therefore, the Hanukkah Tree Top is an excellent idea to teach the people one more thing; be accepting of each other’s faith and lift others by celebrating special occasions together.