BeerMKR from Shark Tank

BeerMKR shark tank

Brewing beer at home can be tricky, time-consuming, and expensive. BeerMKR provides the supplies needed to make the beer brewing process easy, quick, and inexpensive. It is a device that simplifies the complicated process of brewing beer at home.

Created by Aaron Walls and Brett Vegas, BeerMKR is known to ‘democratize the beer-making process.’ The company originally started as a classroom project between Aaron, Brett, and two other friends while attending Cornell University.

What Makes BeerMKR Unique?

The concept of BeerMKR was to make beer brewing easy for those who enjoy brewing at home. Brett described the BeerMKR as a smaller, cleaner, and idiot-proof system compared to other beer brewing kits. He stated that it was also more convenient to use, taking hardly a few minutes to set it up.

The machine provides regular updates through its smartphone application, signifying when the beer is made and ready to take out. The owners of BeerMKR claim this machine takes the beer-making process from the basement to the kitchen counter.

The primary application that makes BeerMKR unique is the automatic heating and cooling during fermentation. You get all the ingredients packaged and pre-measured when you purchase the machine. Operating the machine is a simple process, giving you homemade, hassle-free beer.

The BeerMKR machine is the size of a microwave and costs $579. It comes with a tap for storing your beer. You can also purchase extra taps and MKR kits (that contain the ingredients to brew) as needed. People who enjoy experimenting with beer are also encouraged to add extra ingredients of their choice, such as chocolate or coffee, to make their drink unique.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

BeerMKR entrepreneurs Aaron and Brett appeared in Shark Tank season 12 and sought $500,000, offering a 2% stake in their business. During the course of the episode, Lori, Alex, Barbara, and Mark backed away from forming a deal, but Kevin made the duo an offer.

He offered a $500,000 loan at a 9% interest rate with a stake of 4% in the company. The entrepreneurs countered Kevin’s offer by asking that he settle for a 2% stake in the company, and Kevin met them in the middle at 3%. However, Aaron and Brett turned down the offer and left without a deal.

Even though a deal was not secured, the BeerMKR was still introduced to millions of potential customers.

Is BeerMKR an Active Company?

BeerMKR is an active company today located in Boulder, Colorado. After their appearance on Shark Tank, they reached several milestones, one of them being brewing over 100,000 beers. The company’s growth has also been featured in the media, in online publications such as Business Wire, CNET, and The Spoon.

Pros of BeerMKR

  • Versatile, convenient, and compatible
  • Easy and simple to operate
  • Able to monitor and control in real-time
  • Fun to experiment with different flavors

Cons of BeerMKR

  • Fairly expensive to purchase
  • Brewing and fermenting the alcohol is a time-consuming process

Who Is BeerMKR for?

BeerMKR is for anyone who loves experimenting with their beer. Brewing beer can be a tedious and complicated process. BeerMKR makes it easy and simple; all you have to do is follow the instructions on your application to prepare a fresh batch of beer. The BeerMKR machine eliminates the mess usually involved with the beer brewing process.

If you are selective about the type of beer you drink, BeerMKR is a great option. It lets you brew the exact type of beer you want at the perfect temperature. The entire fermentation process takes between 3 and 7 days, during which you can experiment with different temperatures. This impacts the flavor of the beer, bringing it closer to what you’re looking for.

If you enjoy the art of brewing beer but are conscious of hygiene, BeerMKR is for you. The entire brewing and fermenting process takes place in a sealed space; hence, oxygen or harmful bacteria do not ruin the beer.

Moreover, the machine is also a great investment if you’re tired of the run-of-the-mill beer available on the market. The MKR kits and freedom to experiment with different flavor profiles means that you’ll never end up with the same batch of beer (if that’s what you’re looking to achieve).

Are There Any Alternatives?

Beer Purchased from the Store

If you are a casual beer drinker, you don’t need to invest in an expensive home brewing system. You can easily buy canned or bottled beer and enjoy it.

The LG HomeBrew

The LG HomeBrew has the benefit of being backed by a big-name brand; however, the product comes with several drawbacks. It has proprietary capsules that can sometimes restrict flavor. These capsules can also become obsolete if the company chooses to stop making them.

Drink Works

Drink Works is also a good buy. It creates beer through a simple process and uses proprietary capsules.

Mini Brew

Mini Brew is quite similar to the BeerMKR. It also comes with a smartphone application through which you can control features and brew customized beer.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though BeerMKR entrepreneurs Aaron and Brett did not secure a deal on Shark Tank, they still walked away with good news. The same day as the Shark Tank episode aired, an equity crowdfunding campaign was launched by both entrepreneurs. They ended up raising $250,000 in a single week. They have also raised a total of $336,812 in a crowdfunding campaign that is still ongoing.

BeerMKR also started shipping their products, which means they are finally easily accessible to consumers. If you dislike commercial beer or simply want to experiment with unique flavors, BeerMKR is a great buy. However, a homebrew machine is not worth the investment if you aren’t a beer enthusiast and would rather simply buy from the store.