TekDry from Shark Tank

TekDry shark tank

TekDry is a patented, wet-phone-saving technology. They provide a secure, convenient, and inexpensive method of saving phones and other gadgets from water damage. They guarantee to return phones and gadgets with all the data – apps, images, and contacts – intact. TekDry machines are available in various outlets, including Staples. They also provide a mail-in service where if they aren’t able to fix your phone, you don’t pay!

TekDry technology creates a vacuum for placing the phone. The machine then utilizes special beads and low, regulated heat to completely and safely dry off the phone or gadget. TekDry claims their device is a lot more effective than placing your electronics into rice or air drying them with a hairdryer. TekDry isn’t just for phones. It works for various gadgets, including tablets, smartwatches, cameras, laptops, and consoles.

TekDry was founded in 2014 by Adam and Craig after they were able to get over $2 million in funding. The founders appeared on Season 8, Episode 3 of Shark Tank. They entered the Shark Tank looking for a $500,000 investment, offering a 5% stake of their business in return. The pair are looking to up their production and move their devices into more retail stores.

First, the pair give a demonstration of their product, which leaves all the Sharks other than Lori impressed. Lori believes while it can work, most people wouldn’t be able to save their phones with this product.

The pair continued with their pitch, providing details about their recent sales and revenue. They state they already have their products in over 80 stores and project their product to be in over 600 stores soon. They then state customers only pay when and if their phone gets fixed where the store also keeps a percentage, and the rest goes to TekDry.

Robert Herjavec is the first Shark to back out, stating he isn’t interested in brick-and-mortar stores. Lori is also out, stating she doesn’t believe in the valuation and she doesn’t believe she’ll make her money back. Barbara also backs out as she thinks their machines will soon be obsolete as phones and gadgets continue becoming waterproof. Mark Cuban follows, too, as he thinks the pair will continue to raise money, and his stake will soon thin out.

The last remaining Shark, Kevin O’Leary, is still interested. Kevin gives them an offer of a 3-year, $500,000 loan at a 13% interest rate for a 5% stake in return. The pair discuss between them and ask Kevin if he’d offer them anymore. After getting a negative response from Kevin, the pair accept Kevin’s initial deal.

Our Review of TekDry

After their Shark Tank episode aired, the deal with Kevin closed, and the business has expanded since. Now, TekDry devices are available in over 600 Staples, and the company makes over a million in yearly revenue.

TekDry ensures your phone or gadget remains safe during all the steps of its drying process. They ensure no damage happens to the exterior of the device. They ensure all your data remains preserve3d and intact. This is helped by the fact that no part of their process requires the device to be taken apart or opened. TekDry also uses no chemicals in their process to give their customers that extra level of comfort – that their phone will remain free of any harm.

The whole TekDry process doesn’t involve any danger to your gadgets. Their machine first creates a low-pressure vacuum where customer devices are placed. The machine then regulates low-level heat, and their unique pellets absorb all the remaining water or liquid from the devices, leaving them completely dry.

Pros of TekDry

  • No Damage: As their machines don’t require any disassembling and reassembly, you can be sure TekDry won’t cause any additional harm to your devices.
  • Chemical Free: All materials in their processes and machines are completely chemical-free.
  • Preserves Data: If TekDry is able to completely dry out the device and save them, you can be sure all data is exactly as it was before.
  • Money-Return Guarantees: TekDry’s mail-in service provides money-back guarantees. If TekDry isn’t able to fix your devices, you don’t have to pay!

Cons of TekDry

  • Doesn’t always work: usually, water damage in electronics is an instant killer. No amount of drying can save a water-damaged electronic once corrosion or other kinds of damage sets in.
  • People involved in tech repair and water-damage claim TekDry doesn’t really do anything. They state that when it does work, doing nothing and letting the phone dry on its own would have worked too. They also state that all their claims about being chemical-free, phone-safe, and damage-free are all obvious as most drying processes are the same. Of course, this is all speculation and needs confirmation.

Who is TekDry for?

TekDry is for anyone who has recently water-damaged their phone, tablet, smartwatch, laptop, or game console. Dropped your phone in the toilet? Head over to your nearest TekDry or mail it in. TekDry machines will completely dry out any remaining water in the devices – if it doesn’t work, you pay only a fraction of what you would pay if it does get fixed!

Are There Any Alternatives?

DryBox, ReDux, and iMend are some direct alternatives we could find. However, there are a lot of mobile repair alternatives available everywhere which could fare better than a glorified dryer box.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, TekDry is a quick, simple, and convenient way to get the moisture out of smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and game consoles. TekDry is an affordable way of fixing water damage in your electronics – however, it doesn’t always work. But the best thing is that if TekDry isn’t able to fix your device, you don’t have to pay at all!