Ta Ta Towel from Shark Tank

Ta Ta Towel shark tank

Ever had moisture trapped under your breasts that ends up giving you rashes? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Erin Robertson tackled the problem of breast sweat with her product, Ta Ta Towels. Erin presented her innovative product on Shark Tank season 10, episode 3.

One warm LA evening, Erin was getting ready to go on a date when breast sweat became an inconvenience. Her AC was not functioning properly and her under breasts kept sweating. She tried multiple methods to absorb the sweat but none worked. After the date, Erin kept contemplating her sweaty breast problem. That night when she was about to sleep, she got an idea. She got some spare towels, paper, and pens together and started designing her product.

A few days later, Erin discussed the sample she had created of the Ta Ta Towel with her friends. Her friends were immediately interested as they frequently got rashes under their breasts too. Once they started using the towels, their rashes started healing. This inspired Erin to make her product accessible to all women who suffered the inconvenience of breast sweat.

The name Ta Ta Towel implies a towel for your breasts. These creative towels are made from super-absorbent terry cloth and are strap and hook-free. They can be used to absorb sweat from under the breasts as well as residual moisture after a shower. The invention resembles a large sling around your neck and ends holding your breasts up, resembling a bra.

Ta Ta Towels are also absorbent enough to absorb breast milk, thus making them suitable for breastfeeding women. Using these towels breastfeeding mothers don’t have to stain their clothes with unexpected leaks.

Ta Ta Towels are also available in a variety of prints and designs. Each towel combines terry cloth, polyester, cotton, rayon, and spandex.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Erin entered the Shark Tank seeking $200,000 in return for 10% equity in her business. She begins her pitch by informing the sharks of her product, stating that she is in the business of keeping women’s boobs high and dry.

This statement makes the sharks laugh out loud. Erin also details how she created her product and hands out samples to the judges. Three models also walk into the room wearing Ta Ta Towels.

Erin had her company’s name trademarked and had acquired design patents. She also had good margins. She was selling one item for $45 while they cost her $25 to make. Her product went viral in 2017, and she generated $1.1 million in sales. In 2018 she generated $180,000. The sharks noticed that Erin’s sales were sliding.

The sharks then got to the numbers and began their assessment.

Mark Cuban feels the product is a little too scattered for his interest. He backs out from offering a deal.

Robert Herjavec also backs out, and so does Kevin O’Leary. Kevin feels that Erin lacks a strategic plan and that her company is not worth $200,000.

Barbara Corcoran also backed out, stating that she did not want to invest in a company with a sliding number of sales.

Lori Greiner likes the idea and offers $200,000 for 50% equity. Erin counters Lori’s offer to 40%, to which Lori agrees. Lori and Erin have an agreement.

Is Ta Ta Towel an Active Company?

Ta Ta Towels is still an active company, but some follow-up showed that Lori’s deal with Erin never closed. Currently, Erin is selling products from her website and on Amazon.

Erin is still sewing her products in LA and has added other items to the line, such as tube tops, shorts, and head towels. Ta Ta Towels’ annual sales were $1 million in August 2022.

Our Review of Ta Ta Towel

Pros of Ta Ta Towel

  • Towels are super absorbent and absorb milk stains, sweat, and moisture.
  • There are no additional metal components such as straps, hooks, or underwires.
  • The product is super comfortable and prevents rashes as well as foul odors.
  • The product is available in different sizes as well as colors and patterns.
  • After wearing the product, it does not come off easily.

Cons of Ta Ta Towel

  • Ta Ta Towel is usually not worn in public. There is some debate regarding whether it should or should not.

Who are Ta Ta Towels for?

Ta Ta Towels are for anyone who suffers from sweaty boobs and rashes. They can also be worn by breastfeeding women who don’t want milk spilled on their clothing. Ta Ta Towels can also be worn as an alternative to bras while at home and to bikinis if you expect moisture.

Whatever reason you wear the Ta Ta Towel, it will keep your breasts high and moisture free until you are ready to take it off.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There aren’t many alternatives to the Ta Ta Towels. Even though it is a simple product, similar products don’t exist in the market. This may be because either the manufacturer patented the product or entrepreneurs don’t see much opportunity for this product in the market.

Our Final Thoughts

There is quite a debate on whether this product should be worn in public. Some people believe they can be worn instead of bikinis, while others believe they should be worn in the privacy of one’s home.

Ever since Ta Ta Towels appeared on Shark Tank, the company has also released a new product. This is called ‘The General’ and is a testie towel for men. It works along the same lines and absorbs moisture from men’s privates. It is also constructed from high-quality fabrics and has caused quite a stir in the market.