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SwipenSnap shark tank

You can purchase the SwipenSnap Diaper Rash Cream Applicator from Amazon.com. This US-patented one-hand cream applicator adds convenience to your baby’s changing routine. This product is priced at $19.98 and has received great reviews.

SwipenSnap is an applicator that can be used to apply diaper creams on babies. This applicator can work one-handedly. Diaper rashes are a major problem for 9 to 12-month-old babies. Diaper rash creams are often used to soften the baby’s skin to avoid diaper rashes.

However, sometimes it’s not very easy or hygienic to apply diaper rash cream on babies with your hands. This becomes quite a task when you have to change the baby’s diaper frequently throughout the day. Babies can often be cranky, irritable, or very active at this stage, thus making it even more difficult.

What Makes SwipenSnap Unique?

Alina Kravchenko created SwipenSnap. This one-handed applicator makes it easy to apply diaper rash cream on a baby. The applicator can smoothly glide the baby’s bum with its curved edge and can be handled with one hand.

This makes the parent’s life much easier as they can hold the baby with one hand and apply rash cream with the other. It also makes the task easy for your child.

SwipenSnap also provides ease for parents when they need to change their babies in public spaces. If there is no changing station available, parents also get the freedom to change their babies in a discreet corner.

SwipenSnap is a BPA-free product that is dry and smooth. Even if it is rubbed dry, it won’t harm the baby, even though this isn’t recommended. A slit over the applicator top also makes it easy to be cleaned. This ensures the epitome of hygiene for the parent and the baby.

The SwipenSnap applicator is made of three parts. There is a suction base that can hold on to any surface. Then there is the head cap that is placed on the base. Thirdly there is the cream that is being applied.

This soft, flexible applicator connects the diaper cream tube with the suction cup, which holds it in place. You can attach the SwipenSnap applicator with most brands of diaper creams.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Alina Kravchenko entered the Shark Tank pitch dressed as a fairy godmother and sought $120,000 in return for 10% of her company. Alina started by telling her story about how she came up with SwipenSnap. Alina also revealed that she only generated $50,000 in sales in two years as she didn’t want to market her product until she had patents.

Alina also revealed how her company picked up after an angel investor invested $50,000 in her company in exchange for 5% equity.

Initially, Alina started by selling each product for $10 while it cost her $0.58 to make one piece. This was because she did not have enough money for marketing. Also, in the past two years, Alina had received most of her organic sales online.

Alina required the shark’s investment for marketing and manufacturing purposes.

All the sharks had something interesting to say about Alina’s product.

Kevin O Leary stated that Alina’s product was thoughtful but needed excellent marketing skills to take off. After some deliberation, he backed out from investing in the company.

Robert Herjavec praised Alina for her hard work but backed out from investing in the company as well.

Both Lori and Daniel showed signs of interest in Alina’s company. Lori offered $120,000 for 30% of Alina’s company. Daniel offered $120,000 for 33% of the company and 100% of the patent.

Kevin also offered to invest and approached Lori to join him in investing $120,000 in exchange for 50% of the company. Alina accepted this offer.

Is SwipenSnap an Active Company?

After appearing on Shark Tank, there was a surge in SwipenSnap sales. Most of these sales took place online. Within six months of appearing on Shark Tank, Alina had sold more products than she did in two years.

Research tells us that, even in 2022, Kevin and Lori are still working with Alina. They have still not closed the deal and continue to guide Alina. They have also helped her reduce the product’s price while maintaining quality. Currently, one SwipenSnap applicator costs $19.

SwipenSnap has also become a lab-certified product and is also safe for kids. The diaper cream can also get attached to the applicator very easily.

Our Review of SwipenSnap

Pros of SwipenSnap

  • SwipenSnap is a very useful product for parents and adds convenience to their lives.
  • This is a reliable and hygienic product
  • It is BPA-Free
  • SwipenSnap can work with most diaper creams.

Cons of SwipenSnap

  • There were some flaws in the previous version of the product

Who Should Use SwipenSnap

This applicator is for all parents looking for convenience and hygiene. These parents can change their babies without worrying and not have to get their hands dirty.

This applicator works well with most diaper cream brands despite size or type.

Any Alternate Products?

Perhaps the only parents possess at the moment is to use their hands to apply diaper cream. Parents will have to look for changing stations and get their hands dirty when they are out and about.

While at home, parents will need to leave everything and go and change the baby. SwipenSnap changes all that. It lets parents carry out the application process with one hand and provides convenience to the baby’s changing diaper routine.


This applicator is an excellent product that adds convenience to parents’ lives. Parents can easily change their babies’ diapers without getting their hands dirty or any other hassle. This applicator also protects against germs and wipes the clean area between applications.

In 2020, Alina’s product was amongst the Top 5 Products That Make Parenting Easier list. Fatherly.com also named it “The Best Baby Gear of 2020.”