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SwimZip shark tank

Swimwear is often really difficult to put on and take off, especially for children and does not provide any protection against harmful UV rays. This may lead to sun damage and skin rashes. Bettsy Johnson decided to introduce high-quality swimwear for children to solve this problem. After surviving skin cancer, Betty wanted to devote her career to a good cause. She did not want anyone to experience the pain that she went through. After investing a lot of time and money, Bettsy started her business called SwimZip.

SwimZip swimwear is a line of UV protection swimming apparel with zippers in the front. The fabric used to make the swimwear is highly resistant to chlorine. The best part about SwimZip is that there are endless unique designs to choose from that are perfect for children. The swimwear provides ultra UV protection, so you don’t have to worry about skin damage when the kids are swimming on a day. Swimwear has introduced swimwear lines for babies, children, men, and women. They have also introduced a great line of accessories, including sun hats, beach towels, and kids’ sunglasses.

SwimZip’s Rash Guard shirts and swim coverups work well to protect your skin from sun damage. Unlike traditional swimming apparel, their fabric is easy to put on and dry up quickly. What sets SwimZip swimwear apart from traditional swimming apparel is that it is designed to block out over 98 percent of UV rays that are harmful to the skin. While wearing sunscreen is highly recommended, your skin needs protection from the harmful rays that reach your skin through your swimming suit.

Hoping to tap larger retail chains. Betty and her brother Barry Wales decided it was time to seek investment. Bettsy and her brother decided to make an appearance on Shark Tank seeking an investment of 60,000 dollars in exchange for a 20 percent ownership of the company. They highlighted how their sales increased by more than 110 perfect in the previous year. They also mentioned how they sell primarily through individual shops in the US. After a successful pitch, they were offered the following deals by the sharks:

  • 60,000 dollars in exchange for a 60 percent ownership of the company
  • 120,000 dollars in exchange for a 20 percent ownership of the company

Final deal: Bettsy and Barry decided to go with Lori Greiner’s deal offering them $60,000 in exchange for 20% equity in SwimZip.

If you are wondering whether SwimZip is still in business, the answer is a rounding yes! They seem to be doing quite well in providing consistent quality to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. You can purchase this high-quality swimwear directly from their website or on Amazon. They offer free domestic shipping for all orders that exceed 50 dollars. Their website also provides excellent sales support where you can send in any queries or concerns you may have regarding SwimZips products.

The sibling duo explained how they wanted to ensure that children’s skin is protected from the sun because regardless of how well you have applied sunscreen, the skin is exposed to direct sunlight during swimming which can put their soft and delicate skin at risk of sunburn.

Our Review of SwimZip

After carefully reviewing SwimZip’s products’, we have to say we are pretty pleased with their quality and practices. The brand was developed out of pure devotion and sincerity by the two siblings, Barry Wanless and Betsy Johnson, which makes the brand and its products all the more special.

SwimZip’s products are so good that they will change your entire perception of swimming apparel. After using their products, we guarantee that you will think twice the next time you go shopping for swimming suits, especially for your children.

Children have sensitive skin, making them more vulnerable to skin damage than adults. Hence, if you are only applying sunscreen to their skin, it will not stop their skin from being directly exposed to harmful UV rays. For this reason, we highly recommend opting for SwimZip’s swimwear as it provides 98 perfect protection from sun rays. You can choose to form many several vibrant colors and patterns. Your children will love them!

SwimZip hopes to provide an alternative to standard sun protection tactics, which are more of a hassle for parents. SwimZip has you covered with their easy-to-wear swimmer line. The zipper makes it so convenient to put on and take off that children can do so independently without help from their parents.

Pros of SwimZip

  • SwimZip swimwear is chlorine-safe.
  • The swimming suits don’t fade out or shrink.
  • SwimZip’s line of swimwear consists of multiple options in terms of colors and patterns.
  • SwimZip swimwear blocks UV radiation that is harmful to the skin.
  • The swimming suits have a full-length front zipper, making them easy to put on and take off.
  • Their products don’t cause skin rashes.
  • The swimsuits dry out quickly.

Cons of SwimZip

  • There have been some complaints about the front zipper breaking, but it is rare.

Who is SwimZip for?

SwimZip produces high-quality swimwear that is chlorine-resistant and protects against harmful UV rays. Their produce a wide range of swimming apparel for women, men, girls, boys, and babies.

Are There Any Alternatives?

If you are looking for an alternative for SwimZip, the best one we have come across is Coolibar UPF 50+ Swimsuits. Their line of protective single-piece swimming suits is just what to need to protect your kid’s skin from harmful sun rays. If you are into twinning with your family, SwimZip also has a line of matching swimwear for the whole family.

Our Final Thoughts

The SwimZip Company is one of the best for protective swimming apparel. Their product quality is remarkable, and it certainly changes the way you think about swimwear. You are only doing half the job protecting your skin with sunscreen; the other part is done by choosing the right swimwear that blocks out harmful UV rays. This swimwear is ideal for children as their skin is most sensitive. The unique zipper in front of the swimsuits makes it easy to wear and take off without causing any rashes to the skin. Have a carefree swim with SwimZip!

Happy Swimming!