Super Potty Trainer from Shark Tank

Super Potty Trainer shark tank

Super Potty Trainer is a device that can help your child potty train with ease. It’s an adjustable device that can make potty training significantly easier for all who use it.

Judy Abrahams, the person behind Super Potty, said she had difficulty in training her daughter so that she wouldn’t fall in.

Abrahams found that the regular toilet seats just weren’t practical. The other training potties were also essentially just poop buckets that allowed the child to have a place to poop. The Super Potty trainer was different. It may have appeared to be a piece of plastic in the shape of a top hat. But it covered part of the toilet seat, so a child’s behind could fit onto the toilet bowl and seat.

The thing that sets the super potty trainer apart from the rest of the products is that it seems very well thought out.

The design acknowledges the limitations of materials and concedes them. For example, there’s the fact that these potty trainers have a silicon material at the bottom that allows them to keep them from slipping. You can also keep moving the top hat-like seat for it as your child grows up to accommodate their needs.

The company is still active and has its products on Amazon and Walmart, amongst other companies. Her business partner, Chris Guerrera, whom she met later in New Hampshire, put Abraham’s product into these places. Chris Guerrera was quite the strategic partner for Abraham as he put their company on the map. If it weren’t for him, the company might have died out in 2015.

Now that we know what the product is about, we can also talk about how the pitch went.

The two entrepreneurs entered the tank. They asked for a whopping $300,000 for 10% of their business. They completed their pitch and ended it by throwing away all kinds of age-old potty trainers.

They then gave a demonstration of the product. Robert enjoyed the pitch’s overall idea and thought it was necessary and had a demand in the current market. He wanted to know how the no-stick pads came about.

Judy took this moment to explain her background and how she came up with her idea. She talked about how she got everything designed and patented. The cost for the product is $2.30 in the US.

The duo then talked about the sales they were currently making, which were a nice round number of $65,000 from about 400 Walmarts. They also stated that they were currently talking to Walmart for a $1.1 million purchase order.

The price for the current product is a whopping $24.95. Mark was the first to comment and discuss that the pricing didn’t feel right to him. He said they were pricing the product like they had been selling it for 3 years. He doesn’t feel like that’s a fair price, and he’s out.

Robert also said that he thought that the valuation was insane, and he was stepping away as well. Kevin said the product had quite a ways to go and came in way too soon, and their ask was far too much for the time they had been here. Daymond also asked them what they thought about how they valued and priced themselves.

Daymond said he would make a deal with Lori as she had the most experience in poo-related products. Lori offers $300,000 for 50%, and the entrepreneur duo accepts.

Our Review of the Super Potty Trainer

Like any other product, the super potty trainer has advantages and disadvantages. We have discussed some of these below.

Pros of the Super Potty Trainer

  1. It is unique. You generally don’t see potty trainers of this sort which essentially become a safe and adjustable seat for the toddler to potty train.
  2. It is long-lasting. You can adjust these seats for your child long before they shift to the regular toilet bowl. This means you can have it in rotation for a very long time.
  3. It is well thought-out. The designers have thoroughly considered the design and materials used, meaning they have a product that reflects the function it is supposed to serve.

Cons of the Super Potty Trainer

  1. It is relatively pricey. The super potty trainer costs $24.95, which is quite a fee to pay for something that is an attachment.
  2. There are other alternatives. Other alternatives are much cheaper and more accessible than the Super Potty Trainer.

Who is the Super Potty Trainer For?

The Super Potty Trainer is for those who want to train their toddlers to go potty on their own. It’s for the struggling parents who no longer want their world to revolve around diapers, diaper rashes and rash cream.

The super potty trainer is also for all those parents whose children are going through phases where they need to know how to clean their potty. The super potty trainer is also for all those parents who have children with legitimate fears like falling into the toilet bowl.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are alternatives, but they remain simple, such as potty pots that allow you to train your kids regarding proper hygiene. Other alternatives are the simple toilet seats you can put on your child’s seat so they don’t fall directly into the toilet bowl.

However, these alternatives also have pros and cons, making matters slightly more complicated. It’s also necessary to note that none of these alternatives closely embody the kind of function the super potty trainer has.

Our Final Thoughts

The super potty trainer is one of the most uncomplicated products presented on the show. It has significant use in the regular activities of toddlers and their parents. They are also some of the most well-developed products that have come about from the show.

This product is a bit on the pricier side, and there are other alternatives. However, the super potty trainer can also have quite the sales if it is sold in the right market.