Stasher from Shark Tank

Stasher shark tank

Are you worried about the future of our planet? Plastic has become one of the biggest threats to wildlife both on land and in the water. It releases chemicals into the food it stores and the ground after discarding it. It does non-biodegradable and will stick around for millions of years.

Going about your daily life, you see plastic everywhere, especially in grocery stores or food-related businesses. Imagine if you could replace all that with a cleaner, safer alternative. That was going through Kat Nouri’s mind when she came up with a stasher.

You can cook, store, and freeze your food in an all-purpose silicone storage bag.

Kat walked in confidently and pitched to the sharks seeking $400,000 for 5% equity of her business. She informs the sharks of the health hazards of using plastic to store food at home. It’s straightforward to use with a strong seal.

The sharks are impressed that the self-sealable silicon bag is patented technology. However, the sharks are concerned about the packaging. The packaging is very lackluster and doesn’t inform that this is a healthier alternative to plastic storage bags.

Both Robert Herjavec and Barbara Corcoran bowed out of the deal due to her extremely high valuation and packaging. Kat was left with three sharks. Once Mark Cuban started talking, she was all ears for his advice. However, she didn’t want to hear anything that Lori Greiner or Rohan Oza had to say.

Both Lori and Rohan decided to opt-out of a deal after being spoken over by Kat several times to speak to Mark. She was focused on only one investor and wasn’t disheartened by the others leaving. Mark offered her $400,000 in exchange for 20% equity in her business which she accepted.

Since the deal with mark Stasher has shown up in more retail stores. Less than two years late, in 2019, the company was acquired by SC Johnson for an unknown amount. They have expanded their product line and added more bag sizes and even sealable bag bowls.

Our Review of Stasher

To see if Stasher was really worth the money, we decided to use it every way it’s advertised. We cooked, stored, and froze food with the bags. We prepared salmon with spices and lemon for cooking, similar to the shark tank demonstration. The bag, despite looking like it would surely melt, held up fine.

We were pleased with the convenience of the process. We could pack the fish in Stasher¬†as soon as it arrived, along with the lemon and spices. Store it in the fridge to marinate, and then cook it in the bag. It was nice to see that the seal was strong, so the lemon juice didn’t leak out.

The next thing we tested was the snack-sized bag. We filled it with trail mix and put it in our bag. It felt better knowing that our bag won’t damage our health or the environment. The snack-sized bag was the perfect fit to go anywhere and hold plenty of food. The curved shape of the bag helps ensure no food gets stuck in the corners.

When we froze meat and fruit in Stasher bags, we found them better than plastic. Plastic sticks to the produce, making it challenging to remove. The Stasher bags were much more durable in the freezer. After using the Stasher bags, we threw them in the dishwasher.

Our experience with the Stasher was ten out ten extraordinary. Though they are a little pricey, we think they’re worth it.

The peace of mind knowing that they aren’t bad for the environment is boundless. Plus, they can be used many times over.

Pros of Stasher

  1. By-product free premium grade Silicon bags
  2. It can be used thousands of times
  3. Does not leak harmful chemicals
  4. Curved corners ensure food doesn’t get stuck in corners
  5. Self-sealing with male-female lock
  6. Store both solid and liquid food

Cons of Stasher

  1. Expensive
  2. Silicone is non-biodegradable

Who is Stasher For?

Stasher is for anyone concerned about the chemicals that leak from the plastic into the food they eat. If you care about the planet, you must reduce plastic use. Getting Stasher is a step towards that.

Have you been looking for a solution flexible like plastic but safe like glass? Stasher is the answer.

If you are a parent, you are concerned for your family’s health. Take action and eliminate plastic from your home with Stasher.

Have you seen those “That girl” fridge re-stock videos? Do you covet that level of organization? Then you must get Stasher to store all your fruits and veggies in the fridge.

This is an intuitive product. That means if you use it once, you’re bound to use it more. Once you experience the convenience of cooking something in the same package you stored it in, you never look back.

That is what made Stasher so revolutionary.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are other silicone food bags out in the market. However, nothing with the kind of male-female-lock self-seal that Stasher has. You will essentially be buying a Flap of silicone you must seal with a rubber band.

Many counterfeit versions of the product pop up here and there. However, you cannot be sure they use by-product-free platinum grade silicone like Stasher. You may be paying much less for something not much different than plastic regarding chemical leaching. To sum up, there is no genuine alternative to Stasher silicone bags.

Our Final Thoughts

We are far from seeing plastic completely gone from the face of the Earth. We are still manufacturing it at tremendous rates. It will take a lot of effort to undo what has been done to our planet. While nationwide policy changes are working towards ecological efforts, the fight starts at home.

Stasher is a creative solution to make your household plastic free. We recommend making the switch soon and relying only on glass and silicone. No more guilt from using plastics. The convenience of cooking, storing, and freezing all in one silicone bag is unparalleled.