Sproing Fitness from Shark Tank

Sproing Fitness shark tank

Sproing Fitness is a fitness studio. What sets Sproing fitness apart from other fitness studios is that they take the concept of a standard treadmill and create inventive customized treadmills that are easier to use.

Their treadmills are gentler on the user’s knees, ankles and back while providing a high-intensity training experience. The manufacturer can do this by including components such as low-impact air cushions beneath the treadmill’s surface.

After their debut on Shark Tank, Sproing Fitness didn’t experience any change. However, the fitness studio continues to do well. They continue to operate with five studios dispersed over several locations, generating around 22 million dollars in 2022.

The creators of Sproing Fitness, Steve and Paul, appeared on Shark Tank and requested 500,000 dollars in exchange for an 8% stake in their business. After their presentation, they ask the sharks to test their special treadmills. The sharks to try it are Robert and Daymond, and Robert describes how he can feel it.

However, the hefty price tag of 6499 dollars turns them off. They continue by telling the sharks that they made roughly a million dollars over two years and that the Chicago location made about four hundred thousand dollars.

Mark is the first person to decide against investing because he thinks the company will succeed first but then people will begin to look for something new.

Although Lori claims to understand what they are doing, she decides against investing since she would rather put her money into more mainstream consumer goods. Daymond is also against it because he thinks it would take a lot of work to teach people about their product and that not many consumers are aware of them.

Robert follows and claims he will not invest since his interest does not lie in the fitness studio industry. He believes they constructed the studio since they could not find a market for their equipment elsewhere. Robert doesn’t want to work in such an industry. He wanted to be a part of the fitness movement, but they could not persuade him that this was one.

In the end, Mr. Wonderful is the last one who chooses not to invest, and he says he would rather take it behind a barn and fire at it.

Our Review of Sproing Fitness

Sproing fitness is a fantastic initiative for people with back and knee pain. Furthermore, several studies, including one from a renowned university’s Physiology Department, have found that low-impact equipment, like the Sproing fitness treadmill, may have a 32% less effect on the ankles, a 50% less impact on the knees, and a 41% less stress on the back.

Users can alter the treadmill’s surface based on their preferences and other factors like age or fitness level. Anyone who wants to engage in high-impact exercise without experiencing knee or back pain, from beginners to athletes, will benefit greatly from Sproing Fitness.

Additionally, Sproing Fitness has released certain exercise routines that are excellent for one’s health. Furthermore, they engage in high-intensity interval workout sessions incorporating exercises for muscle development and cardiovascular strength.

The intensive workouts in these 45-minute sessions, including a 10-minute warm-up, will help people tone their muscles, burn calories, and improve their general health. Compared to traditional treadmills and workouts, the 20-second bursts of rapid movement are believed to be significantly more beneficial.

Sproing fitness treadmills, unlike standard treadmills, offer a comfortable stationary cushion. They also have a resistance pad to help users maintain their balance during the workout. These elements contribute to a pain-free experience, even after high-intensity exercises.

Moreover, they also offer package and individual deals which are pocket friendly. We believe Sproing fitness is worth the investment as it helps people improve their overall health.

Pros of Sproing Fitness

Here are a few benefits of joining Sproing fitness:

  • Individualized instruction focuses on the customer’s specific heart-rate area to assess their fitness level
  • The studio offers several individual and package offers
  • The studio offers several individual and package offers to amplify a fitness runner’s capacity
  • scientifically demonstrated to have little to no effect on major joints and organs
  • Exercises like ‘Hiit’ are more efficient at producing results without prolonging your goals

Cons of Sproing Fitness

Here are a few drawbacks of Sproing fitness one must consider before joining:

  • The exercise routines may be complex for the elderly or individuals with disabilities

Who Is Sproing Fitness For?

Sproing Fitness is the best option for runners since the unique treadmill machine is designed to increase endurance and power without the soreness that comes from repeatedly bouncing on the ground. These workouts are ideal for beginners and anyone who may experience knee, back, or ankle pain, thanks to their low-impact nature.

Are There Any Alternatives

Since fitness-based studios and businesses discovered the many advantages of low-impact equipment and workouts, there has been a rise in companies releasing new machinery and workout routines focused on low-impact interval training. Here are a few alternatives for Sproing fitness:

  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer 2-in-1 Elliptical
  • LifeSpan TR3000i Folding Treadmill
  • Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike
  • Recumbent Bike

ProFoam Hybrid Trainer 2-in-1 Elliptical is on top of our list of alternatives for Sproing fitness since the workout machine can be used as a bike and an elliptical. The seats are cushioned and adjustable to ensure users are comfortable during their workouts, and the machine allows you to adjust the impact settings.

The best part is that you can also stream workouts led by professionals in the fitness field on your smartphone or tablet. These videos are aimed to help you stay motivated and offer guidance on the best workout techniques.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, sproing fitness has many health and mental benefits, since feeling healthier gives you a new sense of self-confidence and glow. Sproing fitness is worth a try if you are a professional runner, athlete, or just someone who wants to start their fitness journey.

This fitness studio is even better for those who experience knee, back or ankle problems after high-intensity workouts.