Snarky Tea from Shark Tank

Snarky Tea shark tank

People are obsessed with coffee in a world where performance means everything. The addiction is so bad that most people would appear cranky or zombies without their first sip of coffee. While the effects of coffee are undeniable, so are its side effects.

On the other hand, tea has found its reputation to be a light, dainty beverage that’s only meant for relaxation after a tiring day. However, that’s not the only function that tea performs. A cup of hot tea can be energizing for the body, or one can use tea to reduce weight, detox, or cleanse.

For Jenni-Lyn Williams, founder of Snarky Tea, tea was her only source of caffeine since she had to cut down on coffee as recommended by her physician. She found tea just as well-performing in energizing her as coffee. Hence, she decided to rebrand tea as a fun beverage instead of a delicate one.

Snarky Tea offers a variety of flavors and caffeine levels to help people relax and energize as per their needs. The company rebranded tea as a beverage that was just as solid and high-performing as good old coffee. The main idea with which Snarky Tea moved forward was marketing the product instead of the product itself.

Snarky Tea then appeared on Shark Tank in Season 9, seeking an investment of $150K for 25% equity in the company. Jenni-Lyn wanted to streamline the production and supply chain while also working on marketing. She wanted tea to reach everyone across the nation and realize the true power of the underrated beverage.

She started her pitch by explaining the reason for the change in tea branding. She used snarky remarks and profanities to communicate how each blend worked. She then handed out samples to each shark based on their personality.

Sharks were laughing throughout the pitch as it was unique. Kevin enjoyed the pitch the most as Jenni-Lyn wore a “Mrs. Wonderful” puffer jacket while handing out the samples. Sharks loved the tea taste but were quick to jump into numbers.

Jenni-Lyn told the sharks that the company had made nearly $200K in eight months. These were impressive figures for the sharks. However, the customer acquisition cost and the product’s sale price didn’t sound promising due to less profit margin.

Lori was the first to announce she was out as she didn’t believe in the gimmicky marketing, which won’t work in the long run, and the company would have no competitive advantage. Robert followed suit as he didn’t see the niche as profitable. Mark was next to announce he wasn’t interested as he worried big companies like Amazon in constant retail competition would beat small companies like Snarky Tea any day.

Kevin wanted to invest in the company but wanted half of the stake. Guest shark Bethenny offered the same. Jenni-Lyn asked them to consider working as partners, to which the shark duo agreed.

Jenni-Lyn offered 42%, raising it to 49%, but the sharks won’t budge. Mark advised Jenni-Lyn to be careful not to give away half of her company. Jenni-Lyn wanted the offer and agreed to have two sharks and $150K in exchange for 50% of the company.

Our Review of Snarky Tea

Snarky Tea has turned out to be a profitable business, building its customer base in a short period. While the business was doing well on its own, the Shark Tank appearance has turned it into a recognized business nationwide. Today, Snarky Tea is making over a million dollars in revenue.

The excellent variety of teas for every mood and occasion has made Snarky Tea a popular brand. The brand especially targets women and the daily chores and expectations women are required to fulfill, which can be exhausting. Snarky Tea brings a unique blend of flavors, various caffeine levels, and functional teas that do their job.

The company is doing well through its online platform.

Pros of Snarky Tea

In a short time, Snarky Tea has found a community of women who are tired of constantly working to meet people’s expectations and just need a dose of relaxation. The company’s incredible and unique flavor options have gotten Snarky Tea a loyal customer base. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • Snarky Tea offers a wide range of flavors for meeting customers’ moods and energy levels.
  • The tea tastes wonderful and smells great to calm the customer’s brain comprehensively.
  • Snarky Tea has several options available for caffeine lovers, but it also accommodates customers who want caffeine-free beverages to calm their nerves and fall asleep.
  • Snarky Tea’s energizing flavors do a wonderful job driving away the midday blues.
  • The teas sold at Snarky Tea are 100% biodegradable.
  • The fruity-flavored teas are perfect for a summery kick.
  • Snarky Tea has various other infusion products and glass containers to give customers a holistic tea experience.
  • The company offers a wide range of teas for weight loss.
  • Snarky Tea Detox is perfect for keeping gut health in check.
  • Snarky Tea flavors are all free of any sugars, perfect for diabetic patients.

Cons of Snarky Tea

Despite having an incredible customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of Snarky Tea:

  • Snarky Tea isn’t the most affordable option in the market. The prices are higher than other tea brands with a similar quality, if not better.
  • Some customers didn’t find the tea beneficial. They didn’t appreciate how the tea failed to perform what it was meant to do as claimed by the company.
  • The horrible customer service turns off most customers as the company refuses to return to its customers or give a refund when promised.
  • Customers have seen some order mix-ups, and when the business committed to rectifying the mistakes, it failed to follow up on its promise.
  • Some customers weren’t thrilled about the taste of teas from Snarky Tea.

Who Is Snarky Tea For?

For all the women who love to taste a good tea before bed to calm themselves or before meeting to energize themselves, Snarky Tea is the perfect brand for them, with various caffeine level options to choose from. Their tea is made with a snarky attitude and unique flavors to keep the women going or rest when necessary. Snarky Tea is the best match whether you need to slow down and relax or get to some serious business.

Snarky Tea is also a perfect gift item for celebratory events.

Are There Any Alternatives?

If you’re looking for a more affordable and familiar tea blend, Harney & Sons is the perfect brand. The company has various flavor options you can choose from, including trendy matcha blends and other unique Bamboo flavors. Whether you’re looking for loose tea leaves or properly packaged tea bags, you can find it all at Harney & Sons.

Their tea collection is sourced from the world’s finest gardens to bring you a blend you’d keep coming back to, whether you’re a new tea lover or an avid drinker. Harney & Sons is also less expensive than Snarky Tea, making it a perfect brand for people who want quality without spending a fortune.

Our Final Thoughts

Snarky Tea has proved to be a profitable business thanks to its unique marketing strategy and a change in the outlook on tea. However, the business still needs serious work on its customer service, as customer satisfaction should be the topmost priority for any business in today’s online world. Snarky Tea has great flavored teas, so the product makes up for the poor customer service for some.

Snarky Tea will progress in the future, and we hope to see the business improve its customer service while expanding its collection.