Slawsa from Shark Tank

Slawsa shark tank

Condiments are perhaps the most underrated and overlooked part of the food industry, with little to no innovative ideas bringing a new wave. People are stuck with the typical condiments like mayo, ketchup, and mustard for their hot dogs and hamburgers. The food can be interesting and flavorful. So, why aren’t the sauces amping the taste?

With a similar thought in mind, Julie Busha showcased her product called Slawsa on Shark Tank Season 5. Julie came across Slawsa when the original owner and innovator who created Slawsa, a mixture of cabbage-based slaw and salsa, asked Julie to market the product. Julie was an expert at the job, having worked for years at NASCAR, and she immediately took the product to several locations across the nation.

Julie saw the potential and market for the product and decided to buy out the entire company. Her marketing skills got her products on the shelves of 4200 different locations, including big names like Roche and Brothers. Julie made her appearance with Slawsa on Shark Tank Season 5 to take her product to the next level and change the game of condiments in the food industry.

Julie was seeking a deal of $150,000 at a stake of 15% of her business. She needed a shark’s support to expand her business. She was hoping to catch Barbara, but unfortunately, she wasn’t on the panel in her episode, making Mark her next best target to introduce her products to sports events.

Julie introduced her products in 4 varieties of flavors. She then presented the sharks with hot dogs and different Slawsa on each plate. She suggested the sharks should first taste the condiment itself and then have it with their hot dogs.

While Lori absolutely loved the product Julie showcased, Daymond, Robert, and Mark didn’t find the Slawsa appealing to their taste buds. They all thought it was too sweet and not the best condiment in the market. The three of them eventually exited.

Julie discussed her product packaging costs with Kevin upon his inquiry and shared that Slawsa had made $120,000 during their first year of sales. Lori seemed impressed with the revenue and the product but wasn’t interested in investing in it; she was out. Kevin followed and announced that he was out too.

With no deal with any of the sharks, Julie returned home empty-handed. However, the rejection didn’t deter Julie from her path to success, and she persevered. Slawsa is now making an annual revenue of 5 million dollars and is present at one of the largest stores in the nation, Lowes.

Our Review of Slawsa

Julie’s marketing skills came into play when she didn’t stop her journey in the face of rejection. Slawsa is now on the top shelves of 7,000 stores. Slawsa also has its e-commerce website and is available on Amazon for purchase, giving the product recognition and accessibility nationwide.

The customer base of Slawsa is stronger as ever as more people are beginning to opt for spicy fun with their plain foods. The salsa’s heat undertone and slaw’s crunchiness are perfectly mashed together in Slawsa. The four unique flavors, Original, Spicy, Garlic, and Fire, are created keeping in mind the heat tolerance level of the customers, so whether a customer likes too much heat or just the bare minimum, they can get a perfect Slawsa for their dish.

Slawsa has certainly changed the trend of toppings and raised the bar. People love the flavors and advance stocking them up for the party and grilling season. If you’re a spice lover, you’ll undoubtedly love the flavors Slawsa brings to your plate.

Pros of Slawsa

Slawsa may have been a trendy product when introduced, but the increased accessibility and love for the unique combination has made it an everyday product in people’s dining rooms. Here are some of the reasons why people can’t seem to get enough of Slawsa:

  • Slawsa’s fresh ingredients keep the spice up till the last scoop from the jar
  • Slawsa is uniquely flavored and available for people with all types of heat tolerance levels
  • Though Slawsa has slight stinginess of vinegar, the taste isn’t too overpowering, unlike other meat and fish toppings
  • Slawsa is the most versatile topping around, with its beautiful flavors complementing almost any dish you want to accompany it with
  • Slawsa jars can be easily stored in the refrigerator and reused for other purposes once empty
  • customers are delighted with the fast delivery service of the products
  • customers are also a big fan of the overall customer service of the company

Cons of Slawsa

Despite having some loyal customers to its side, some people haven’t had a great experience buying from Slawsa. Here are some of the things people aren’t fond of:

  • Slawsa flavors are overpriced as compared to other items on the same shelves making it not so affordable for the general masses
  • Sometimes the business has been quite slow on deliveries
  • customers have received unsealed products making the package prone to damage
  • customers have often received wrong orders from online shopping
  • the products nearing expiration are also being shipped to the customers
  • for some customers, Slawsa is hard to find as they’re mostly out of stock on e-commerce stores and don’t have them available at their nearest brick-and-mortar store either

Who Is Slawsa For?

Slawsa is for all those foodies who are tired of boring sauces and want some new flavor on their plate. The combination of coleslaw and salsa is perfectly blended to complement each other as the crunchiness of cabbage and salsa’s heat come together to stimulate the taste buds. Slawsa is a healthy, gluten-free, low-sodium condiment that you can binge eat with tortilla chips or add to your hot dogs and hamburgers daily.

Slawsa is perfect for tailgate parties, events, celebratory occasions, or even regular outdoor hangouts.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While no other company has succeeded in producing flavorful Slawsa, you can certainly buy some richly flavored mustard and vinegar toppings from Maille. A French company shipping to major countries, including the US, Maille is a business that has conquered the times and survived the changing trends in today’s gourmet industry. The fresh mustard and unique vinegar combinations have its customers keep coming back for more. If you’re a mustard fan and love the slight stinginess of vinegar, you’ll love the products Maille offers.

Slawsa, on the other hand, remains unbeatable in its realm as people are becoming more accustomed to the crunchy and healthy topping and can only get it from Slawsa.

Our Final Thoughts

Despite all the challenges Slawsa has faced, Julie, the owner of Slawsa, never lets her hopes down. She moved forward in the face of hindrances and rejections and went into it strategically. She knew what she wanted to gain from each media appearance and was well-prepared to get the attention she knew Slawsa was worthy of.

If you’re a spicy food lover and looking for an extra oomph to your plain old boring food without compromising the calories, Slawsa is definitely your thing. Check them out at their online store or on Amazon for the latest updates and purchases.