Skyride from Shark Tank

Skyride shark tank

Skyride is an aerial lift or a cable car used as a medium of transportation above high grounds. The Skyride transports the guests from Towers Street, Fountain Square, and Forbidden Valley, a perfect way to skip the congested and rush roads.

The Skyride is an encapsulated train that moves either by rowing the propellers or pedaling through an elevated Skyride track. The prototype was such an exciting idea that nobody could resist hearing all about the technology and its future aims.

Skyride’s route might be limited, but it is easily accessible for guests. The Skyride is a successful transportation model that transports passengers through selected areas.

The successful transport system, Skyride Technology, was invented by Scott Olsen, who got famous after the invention of Rollerblades 25 years ago. Scott Olsen entered the show in episode 313 during season 3, where he aimed to collect an investment of $3,000,000 for 20% equity of the company.

Scott Olsen made a confident appearance on Shark Tank, inspiring all the sharks with his business layout. In his exceptional elevator, he pitches that the Skyride is a futuristic mode of transportation.

The Skyride track extends to an area of 45 acres. In the show, he mentions his mission to develop the channels to further regions so that Skyride becomes accessible to more passengers and tourists.

Our Review of Skyride

On episode 313 of Shark Tank, the audience learned about a technologically advanced transportation medium known as the Skyride. The Skyride ensures your safety and makes your trip an enjoyable experience.

According to our evaluations, the Skyride has become a famous tourist attraction. People worldwide make sure to take a ride or two on the Skyride.

Scott Olsen, the man who got famous for his exceptional invention, the Rollerblades, is back in the game with his new design, the Skyride. In the episode where he made his appearance on Shark Tank, he asks for $3,000,000 to invest in his business plan and extend it further.

He made sure to impress all the sharks with his persuasive and confident elevator; however, all guests thought of 3 million dollars as a highly colossal investment. Daymond finds the idea extremely promising but fails to understand how he will be able to build a business with it; Mark loses his attention as soon as he talks about the construction process.

Barbara seems interested but doesn’t think of it as a successfully running business, and Robert thinks likewise. Towards the end of the show, we see that he fails to get the required amount for his investments and leaves the show disheartened, and his last words were: We are looking for angels, not Sharks. 

Experts decode his last statement as if he was looking for people to help him fly with his remarkable invention, the Skyride. Although this failure did not pull him down, it only pushed him further.

According to our evaluations, Skyride Technology now extends to Skyride farms, Fitness clubs, Skybike, Skyrower, and Skychaser. It shows that if he had the proper resources and investors, he might have extended the business to a larger scale, making profits for the investors as well.

The Skyride extensions are a perfect place where visitors and tourists can stay for some time during their journey and even work out at the gym. The current wings have now caught the attention of suitable investors.

According to our reviews, Skyride technology is extending to different regions of the world; Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, and the United States.

Pros of Skyride

Skyride, a unique adventurous source of entertainment, adds several benefits for the state and the people. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • The Skyride provides an experience that can’t compare to any other ride in terms of versatility and enthusiasm.
  • States such as Oklahoma have Skyrides enjoying immense popularity among locals, especially tourists.
  • The Skyride is a symbol of innovation and creativity, adding additional value to local fairs and festivals and recreational spots where other exotic rides are present.
  • Skyrides are a source of extreme fun and pleasure and are attractive and eye-catching for individuals of every age.
  • The most positive aspect of a Skyride is that it is accessible even to children restricted from adult rides.
  • Hence, Skyride is an essential asset for the state’s economic and social growth.

Cons of Skyride

While Skyride being a unique adventurous ride has loads of benefits, at the same time, inevitable setbacks might hinder its popularity if not catered to and solved immediately. The setbacks are:

  • The ride’s speed is plodding regarding the elevation point. Hence, it becomes dangerous as the Skyride box might collide with another one causing a severe accident.
  • The ride becomes boring after you see the view from above. Constant paddling of the blades is a tiring job.
  • The weight bear ability of a single Skyride box is meager, and there is a high risk of rope snapping if the weight inside the box exceeds the limit. Hence, workers facilitating the ride should have all the rules and regulations in mind regarding how to operate the ride.
  • Those who fear heights can’t enjoy this ride even though the ride is safe.

Who is Skyride For?

Skyride is exclusively for people who love to try new exotic rides but also want to stay fit and active and want a little exercise during rides, not just to sit idle and enjoy.

Skyride is also best for people who want to experience the adventure of cycling on the risky mountains and steep hills. Skyride not only ensures a safe ride but also guarantees aesthetic views from high above.

Therefore, Skyride is the perfect combination, including both enjoyment and a healthy workout.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Currently, there are no competitors against Skyride in the recreational industry. But different amusement parks and tourist spots are making efforts to introduce such rides that provide maximum enjoyment and encourage human energy to operate such rides as boating and chairlifts.

Our Final Thoughts

The Skyride is an excellent and technologically advanced invention that quickly took over tourist attractions and natives’ attention. The Skyride is the safe medium of transportation which proved Scott Olsen’s successful business after the Rollerblades.

However, Scott Olsen’s elevator pitch was persuasive but failed to secure deals with any sharks. The business prototype might have lacked some details in 2013, but in 2022 it will be one of the most successfully running transport lines in the world, the benefits being infinite with minimum errors.