Skinny Mirror from Shark Tank

skinny mirror shark tank

Belinda Jasmine designed a product called the Skinny Mirror, which helped individuals feel good about their bodies. In today’s day and age, the media portrayal has left people feeling terrible about their curves, influencing how they see and feel about themselves daily. Many people feel unhappy when they see themselves in the mirror, which in turn affects their self-image.

The idea behind the Skinny Mirror is to allow people to see themselves look thin. If they feel good, they will automatically look good as well. Looking at your best self in the mirror will allow you to feel inspired and will not negatively affect your mental health. The mirror helps one look 5 to 10 pounds slimmer and comes in several sizes.

Belinda came to the Sharks asking them for an investment of $200,000 in exchange for 20 percent equity in her company. This revolutionary product, she said, would allow people to visualize their true selves.

The Sharks were impressed with the idea behind Belinda’s product. When Lori stepped close to the mirror, she commented on how she looked skinnier. However, Robert pointed out that the mirror worked differently for Lori than for Daymond. It was then found that ideally, individuals have to stand 3 to 5 feet away from the mirror to see their best selves. Kevin felt betrayed by the Skinny Mirror because, for him, the motivation to look thin would be to embrace reality and work hard towards achieving a personal goal.

The ethics behind the Skinny Mirror remain questionable. Despite this, 350 units have been sold, earning the company $85,000 so far. These mirrors have been installed in hotels and clothing stores. However, Belinda does not want her invention to be used for deception. When Robert asked whether the store tells customers that they are looking into a special mirror, Belinda told him that some stores asked her to remove the term “skinny” in the bottom corner of the mirror. However, Belinda did not want to lie to anyone, which is why she did not comply, eventually losing out on a $700,000 order that would have made her rich.

According to a study conducted in Sweden, women who purchased the Skinny Mirror bought 20 percent more clothes. Women also seemed to be at peace with their actual bodies, and the advertised notions of beauty no longer bothered them. Another thing to remember is that when women look at themselves in a mirror, they believe that they are 2 to 3 times bigger than they are in real life.

The Sharks had issues with the Skinny Mirror because they feel it does not portray reality. Kevin feels that it is deceptive, while Robert believes that the mirror is no different than fake hair or makeup, but it would affect sales as if someone buys a dress and thinks that it looks great on them, only to come home and find that it looks terrible, they would go back to the store and return the product.

Belinda values her brand at $1 million because she sees potential and believes that the Skinny Mirror can help people feel great about themselves, allowing them to lead healthier and happier lives.

Our Review of Skinny Mirror After their Shark Tank Appearance

We believe that Belinda had pure intentions when she made Skinny Mirror. She wanted people to feel good about themselves and embrace their natural bodies.

Pros of Skinny Mirror

Skinny Mirror helps increase motivation and self-confidence, allowing people to eat better and work out more. Remember that the mirror only changes how you see yourself and has no correlation to how you actually look. People who are sick and tired of hating their bodies despite working hard to shed some pounds may benefit from the mirror.

Instead of feeling disgusted each time they saw themselves in the mirror, they could feel happier, allowing them to live freer lives. Even though looks are intangible, they can really mess up a person’s life, especially if they are not confident about themselves. However, Skinny Mirror helps change perceptions. It can also be used to motivate individuals to work harder and exercise more. Once they see how much potential they really have, they might be more inclined to live a healthier life.

Cons of Skinny Mirror

Since Skinny Mirror was sold to stores and shops, we believe that it is unethical that people try on clothes and believe that the clothes make them look thinner, only to go back home and feel dissatisfied when they try them again.

Belinda’s counter was that people had to notice the term “Skinny” written on the bottom of the mirror when she was accused of deceiving people. However, when trying on clothes, you are only focused on yourself. You don’t have time to look in the mirror and notice tiny words scribbled on it.

Who is Skinny Mirror For?

Skinny is for anyone and everyone. It can be used by both genders and by individuals of all ages. It is specifically for those who want to feel good about themselves and suffer from body image issues every now and then. The mirror helps increase confidence in these individuals, allowing them to live their lives without being overly concerned about how they look.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are no real alternatives to Skinny Mirror. You will find products in the market with a wider panel angle and better lights, but no mirror has been built that softens curves and makes people look 2 to 3 sizes smaller.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe that as long as the idea of the Skinny Mirror is not hidden and people are told what they are looking at, it is not a bad product to introduce into the market. Everyone deserves to feel good about their bodies, and after all, how are these mirrors different from other makeup products?