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Sara Moylan is a former Miss Michigan Teen USA (1999), Miss Michigan USA 1st Runner-Up (2001), and Mrs. Michigan America contestant (2008). She’s also a member of the Fitness America competition circuit. Sara has been working out for years, but her progress was always impeded due to the wrong or poor quality sports bras she had.

Since she required a bigger sports bra (which she couldn’t find) to adjust to her body type, she had to reduce the intensity of her workouts to avoid pain in her chest. She designed her own sports bra ten years ago after becoming frustrated with non-functional sports bras. She put together what she claims was a very absurd looking sports bra with a glue gun, an old bra, and some other materials — this was the first working prototype for SheFit.

Sara took her “design” to a seamstress and had a “real” prototype manufactured after other well-endowed women at the gym began asking about her bra. She wanted to create an adjustable sports bra that was both comfortable and supportive.

Sara took her adjustable sports bra concept to Kickstarter in 2013 and raised little over $22,000 to put a finished product together, but SheFit is now a reality. It’s a hit on Amazon and other online retailers.

A SheFit sports bra would be a fantastic addition to your sports gear since it offers high-impact support with a lot of customization options. “Zip, cinch, lift” is how they describe the customization process. It includes a front zip without clasps or hooks, as well as small flaps that cover the zipper so it doesn’t seem bulky and doesn’t get in the way while you’re working out.

The Founder of SheFit

SheFit was founded by Sara Moylan, who also serves as its Chief Creative Officer. Moylan earned a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Public Relations and Communications from Central Michigan University.

She worked for Eli Lilly and Company as a Senior Pharmaceutical Sales Representative from 2004 to 2012, and then for Acelity Inc. as a Senior Medical Device Sales Representative from 2014 to 2017. In Shark Tank episode 716, Bob and Sara Moylan pitch their business idea of ideal sports bra – SheFit. Sara is still successfully running her business today, supporting women all around the world. Her aim is to ensure that every woman gets to wear the best sporting attire around the world.

Sara Moylan set a goal for her to maintain an active lifestyle while expecting her first child. She was obviously not the sort of woman to sit around and do nothing, which made her regular sports bras unfit for her.

This prompted her to design her very own SheFit fully adjustable sports bra prototype. She was able to meet her goal, and even slightly exceed it, thanks to her kick start efforts. Sara then decided to pitch the idea to the sharks.

Moylan is the quintessential entrepreneur who recognizes the value of taking risks and working hard. SheFit was born out of her inability to find a supportive sports bra that fit her body type. She tried everything she could but continued failing, leading to a loss of confidence and, as a result, a drop in her enthusiasm to compete.

She was well aware that she needed to address this problem in order to prevent other girls from going through the same ordeal. In 2011, she created a prototype with an old maternity bra and a hot glue gun.

She then recruited a seamstress to help her construct a more practical prototype and invested approximately $400,000 in SheFit over the next decade. SheFit was compelled to move manufacturing offshore to meet demand and shift production from Los Angeles due to positive online reviews.

How Did SheFit’s Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Sara and Bob went on Shark Tank to ask for a $250,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in SheFit. Daymond John offered the founder of SheFit a $250,000 investment, but he asked for 33 percent of the company and a quick response.

Sara acknowledges she had hoped to collaborate with Daymond. For a brief while, Sara and Bob attempted to oppose Daymond John’s offer before accepting it.

Since Daymond John invested in the business, SheFit has been worn by a slew of celebrities. Val Smith, an Olympian, has been wearing SheFit for many years. The company has been featured on both The Doctors and The Today Show. Despite the short time after the program aired, SheFit’s small fan base started to increase dramatically. The adjustable sports bra is available for purchase on the company’s website.

Our Review of SheFit

SheFit makes comfortable sportswear for women that fits and supports their bodies. The SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra is the first ever fully modifiable sports bra, allowing for a personalized fit and controlled level of support.

They have recently expanded their product line to include more items, such as leggings, shorts, tees, and workout accessories. SheFit is recognized as the ultimate shop stop for sports bras, and for good reason. Their bras are very versatile, thanks to their adjustable straps and design.  For example, you can easily adjust more than 8 inches on the ribbed bust band. As a result, there is less pressure and instability on the chest while working out.

By delivering control without compression, the SheFit bra maintains a pleasing shape. The clothing also consists of wicking fabric, which draws perspiration away from the body. So you won’t have to worry about sweating too much and getting messy.

SheFit bras come in a variety of sizes to fit the different body sizes and needs for women. Regardless of size, these bras provide optimal support. The great thing about SheFit is that it comes with an adjustable as well as a customizable bust band. You can easily get the ideal security and comfort you need in three easy ways:

  • Zippered bust panel
  • Tightened back band
  • Elevated straps

This will help to keep things in place by tightening the bra. Two-way “X-Back” strap and traditional “H-Back” straps are both available on one bra, and both give unshakeable support.

Pros of SheFit

  • Good for high force activities
  • Comfortable for workout duration
  • Minimizes sweat
  • Fully adjustable and customizable according to body type

Cons of SheFit

  • Extended wear can get a little uncomfortable
  • May experience chafing

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • S&S Activewear
  • Asrv
  • Girlfriend Collective

Our Final Thoughts

SheFit felt the Shark Tank effect, and when their segment aired on Shark Tank Season 7, they sold out of everything they had. Daymond John’s SheFit eCommerce business is a success, and the company is focused on expanding its operations. SheFit is undeniably gaining popularity in women’s wardrobes, even if it is too early to forecast the product’s future trajectory.

SheFit is available for $45 to $75 on Amazon, which is more than double the price displayed on their website, i.e. $58.99. Nonetheless, their products are being sold quickly and are widely popular. With his investment in the company, Daymond John has proved to be a fantastic addition to SheFit.

SheFit generates annual revenue of $7 million and continues to be in a profitable business today, with no indications of slowing down. Thousands of reviews on SheFit’s website demonstrate how their sports bras enable women of various body types and shapes to feel confident and comfortable while exercising. When SheFit first debuted on Shark Tank, it was valued at $1.25 million. SheFit has a net worth of $7 million as of 2022.