Dreamland from Shark Tank

Dreamland shark tank

The hardest part of being a new parent is handling a newborn baby’s sleep schedule. The more you try to get them to sleep, the more they insist on staying up. Tara Williams was no stranger to this struggle when she thought of a weighted blanket that could solve all her problems.

The Dreamland blankets were invented to comfort newborns and toddlers who acted particularly grumpy around naptime. The heavy blanket would calm them down and lull them into a deep sleep. Once Tara realized that the weighted blankets worked, she couldn’t wait to introduce them to the world.

Tara extended the invitation of a good night’s sleep to the world through her comfortable and cozy blankets that made children feel safe enough to go to sleep. She called the blankets Dreamland Baby, an apt name fit for a blanket that put a baby’s comfort above all. The blanket used plastic pellets which were much more gentle on the soft skin of a newborn.

What is Dreamland?

Dreamland Baby is geared towards offering weighted baby blankets that would work the same way as weighted blankets for adults. These blankets provide warmth and security that a mother cannot possibly provide 24/7. Since mothers of newborns need their sleep, these weighted blankets are a great addition to the baby cot.

The blankets include weighted fronts with non-toxic beads and a zipper that allows easy access to a soiled diaper. It is comfortable for the baby to lay or sit in and doesn’t weigh them down uncomfortably.

How it Works

Dreamland works uniquely. A product that was never geared towards babies, this blanket is optimized to provide the sensory stimulation and pressure that a baby needs to feel swaddled throughout the night.

According to Dreamland, the blankets can boost serotonin and melatonin levels which can soothe the baby if they are used to bedtime tantrums. The company has expanded its product sizes to include babies from newborns up to 22 months old.

What Makes Dreamland Unique?

The unique idea that made Dreamland a reality was rooted in a mother’s comfort and needs. The inventor realized that a mother also needed care immediately after the baby was born. A newborn demands much attention throughout the day, and it needs sleep throughout the night.

Since most newborns refuse to sleep throughout the night, both the mother and the baby are somewhat uncomfortable and grumpy throughout the day. Weighted blankets can provide a big, warm hug for the baby and calm them down enough to sleep.

When Dreamland was invented, the world didn’t have many options for weighted baby blankets. Amongst the many blankets that existed, Tara failed to find one that would suit her baby’s size. Dreamland Baby provides a plethora of options to first-time parents and babies.

What’s even better is the thought that went into creating the product. The product is backed by pediatricians, nurses, and sleep consultants. This optimizes both safety and rest.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Dreamland was introduced to the sharks in Season 11, Episode 24. Tara introduced her product, the weighted baby sleep blankets, and demanded $100,000 for 10% equity. Most sharks loved the idea but didn’t think it was worth investing that much money in.

Lori connected with Tara and the inspiration behind her baby product. Unlike other sharks, she thought it was a viable opportunity that could become a big business one day, and she wanted to be a part of it. Lori also believed that Tara needed to refine her idea and show it to a baby product manufacturer.

Lori ended up offering $100,000 for 20% equity which Tara didn’t accept. Finally, Lori decided to up her offer and finalized it at 22.5% equity.

Our Review of Dreamland

Dreamland is a great product for parents with fussy newborns who keep them up night after night. All parents need their sleep to function well throughout the day. This can be achieved through weighted blankets, which help their baby fall asleep and stay asleep.

The blankets don’t just provide good sleep to the baby. They aid the parents too. Since the baby doesn’t wake up throughout the night, it means lesser trips for the parents and more rest. This product is great for parents who want their toddler or newborn to sleep better.

Pros of Dreamland

  1. Practicality

The idea is well-researched and practical. Since Tara applied the weighted blankets to her baby and achieved success, she can vouch for the practicality of her blankets.

  1. Uniqueness

The idea is unique and hasn’t been tried and tested before. When Tara came up with the invention, weighted baby blankets weren’t a reality for parents.

  1. Problem Solution

The blankets solve the problem they are aiming to solve. Since the blankets are made to get toddlers or newborns to sleep and achieve the same, they are a successful product.

Cons of Dreamland

  1. Application

The weighted blankets may only work for toddlers that fail to sleep due to a lack of comfort. However, they may not work for toddlers with other sleep issues.

Who is Dreamland for?

Dreamland is for all parents who have tried to get their toddlers to fall asleep and failed to do so. Any parent in need of a time-out needs to try this product.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Dreamland was created quite some time ago. Since then, alternatives to the product have sprung up in the market. Since the product was marketed for babies and proved that it could get babies to fall asleep, many companies took it upon themselves to make it bigger and better.

Today you can find many weighted blankets for toddlers and other products such as musical boxes fitted to rockers or heating blankets that can further aid a good night’s sleep.

Our Final Thoughts

Dreamland is a great product that is a dream come true for parents whose toddlers just don’t fall asleep. Add a weighted blanket to the mix, and the problem will be solved forever!