Hoodie Pillow from Shark Tank

Hoodie Pillow shark tank

Everybody loves hoodies. There is absolutely no one out there who doesn’t. And if you have some knack for traveling, you would be well aware of how much you need to have a good neck pillow to suffice you throughout your travels. But it would take an absolute genius to put two and two together in this case and come up with Hoodie Pillow.

So the genius to come up with it was none other than the CitiKitty fame millionaire Rebecca Rescate. She went on to take CitiKitty to soaring heights ever since she made her first appearance on Shark Tank and was able to partner with Kevin in Season 4. However, this time around, her aims are higher as she knows Hoodie Pillow will go on to make history.

Hence, this time, she had no formalities or pleasantries to offer as she wanted to get down and dirty in business immediately. However, on the flip side, she did introduce the Shark Tank judges to her friends who had come with her this time carrying the innovative Hoodie Pillow and calling it the “Cocoonification” accessory.

Rebecca went on to talk about the Hoodie Pillow while her friend Chris demonstrated how to use it. She also passed around the samples as she made her pitch of $90,000 in exchange for 15% of business equity. She told the judges to note how the pillow case is made of sweatshirt material with a sewn-in hoodie. It can hold any standard neck pillow for travel.

Moreover, after the pitch, her friend went on to demonstrate how to use the Hoodie Pillow in a homely setting and not necessarily when you are traveling. The judges shared a good laugh as they all looked on and tried the Hoodie Pillow, citing how cozy and comfortable it was. Additionally, they noted there was also a little pocket for holding a music device too.

Rebecca noticed that the judges were taking her product in comical strides and clearly didn’t want that. She wanted the business, and so she weaponized her sales figures in response as she announced having garnered 3000 sales in just the first 8 weeks of business. That’s when predictably so, the judges jump up and are ready to bring in counter offers.

Evidently, Kevin is the first one to pitch as he suggests $90k for 33%. Chris counters with a good enough 25% for rounding off to $100k, but Kevin seemed steadfast. At this moment, all the judges seemed to be interested, but their offers seemed like something they would just try and get out with good money and a stable enough investment rather than something Rebecca would use or appreciate.

Robert was looking at all this action play out before he pitched $90,000 for 20%, and suddenly it was silent because everyone knew Rebecca would take it. And so she did. Robert assessed that he had seen what she did with CitiKitty, and it would be a shame to not let her go ahead with Hoodie Pillow and turn it into a million-dollar business.

As the deal gets sealed, the following week, there is a whopping addition of 1000 more in sales for Rebecca and Chris. Predictably, they continued to grow and expand the business. Today, she has an extended line of products under her brand Hoodie Pillow that generates an easy $5 million for her every year alongside her first brainchild CitiKitty.

You can find Rebecca’s extensive product lineup of Hoodie Pillow on her official website HoodiePillow.com. Moreover, her products are also available on Amazon. However, it is highly recommended to purchase with caution as there have been many fake Hoodie Pillow products circulating for lower prices but no product durability whatsoever.

Our Review of Hoodie Pillow

The premium, luxurious, high-quality Hoodie Pillow is truly one of a kind purchase. It makes for an amazing gift for friends and family who often travel more towards introverted personality types. However, almost anybody can find solace in using Hoodie Pillow because that’s just how comfortable and cozy it is. Made with memory foam pads and sweatshirt material that blocks out light – you will surely love this one for yourself too.

Pros of Hoodie Pillow

  • Luxury feel
  • Premium quality
  • Memory foam
  • Inflatable
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Great stitching
  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Much-needed privacy keeper during travels
  • Has a pocket for music device
  • Tear-resistant sweatshirt material

Cons of Hoodie Pillow

  • Many illegitimate brands are selling a copy
  • Fake ones are negatively impacting the reviews of the original.

Who Is Hoodie Pillow For?

Hoodie Pillow is designed with people and the general human nature in mind, where people simply desire comfort over interaction. That’s why anybody and everybody can use and find the likes of Hoodie Pillow, making their lives easier. Whether you keep it for yourself or gift it to someone else is a worthwhile purchase. It will last you a long time because of its high-quality sweatshirt material that is tear-resistant.

Are There Any Alternatives?

As we mentioned earlier, many illegitimate brands are selling fake Hoodie Pillows online, especially on Amazon. It is highly recommended to make purchases with caution because otherwise, you may end up buying a fake Hoodie Pillow that does you no good and fails on the quality mark. Hence, it is all the better to visit the official Hoodie Pillow website and make safe purchases there to receive genuine products.

Our Final Thoughts

Rebecca is clearly one of the most genius business people to have appeared on Shark Tank. She successfully funded not one but two businesses off of Shark Tank judges and was able to carry them high to make a multi-million dollar business empire for herself and her friend. It is safe to say that with her passion driving her forward, she may have new ventures lined up in the future to bring to Shark Tank and get on the road to becoming a billionaire.