Young King Hair from Shark Tank

Young King Hair shark tank

Young King Hair is a hair care line that is black-owned. Stefan and Cora Miller released this line for their son after realizing that young black boys don’t have the hair care they need to feel good about themselves. The two are parents, and they wanted to create something out of love for their child. Young King Hair makes many different products that you could choose from. It has curling creme, essential oils, and conditioner, among other products.

What sets this brand apart is how thorough it is in grooming little black boys. The duo, Stefan and Cora Miller, released this product to provide quality hair care for their son and other men with natural hair. The business is also black-owned and has managed to address a market gap. They were trying their best to curate a number one grooming brand for men and boys of color.

The significant number of products in Young King Hair’s product line sets it apart. The company is also still going strong, so there’s a lot more room for growth within the company.

Now that we know a little more about the company, let’s look at how the pitch went.

Stefan and Cora entered the Shark Tank as they were seeking $225,000 for 2.5% of their business. Their pitch was cute and immaculate. They first brought out a video of their adorable son, after which they explained the entire industry. They talked about the inspiration behind the business and how necessary it was to get him the best hair care. They showed his very thick hair and how quickly it was growing.

Then they introduced the samples of haircare. They tossed them around for the Sharks to see and were then ready to take the questions that the Shark threw their way. Before the questions could begin, the couple would introduce themselves and discuss their background. They told the story about how they wouldn’t get anything when Cora was going around looking for products for their son. Stefan also talked about the fact that he had a food and beverage industry background and worked at companies like General Mills and Coca-Cola.

The Sharks now know the kind of expertise the wife and the husband have. Cora worked in education and healthcare. Both work in adjacent industries for hair care. Stefan also seemed to be aware of the market. He stated that he was aware that the company had competition. However, he was also aware that very few of them were plant-based, and even fewer of them focused on boys. Robert asked Daymond what he used when he had hair. Robert has limited experience when it comes to African-American male hair. Daymond said that he didn’t use any products as well. Stefan quickly told them that hair care hadn’t changed in 20 years.

Then it came down to a lot of specifics. Robert mentioned the valuation and sales as $225,000 is quite a lot of money. The duo talked about the specifics. They stated that in the first year, 2019, they managed to raise $4100. In 2020, they took quite a leap of $362,000; in 2021, they had $1.54 million as of September. The numbers looked promising. However, they also clearly stated that they weren’t profitable yet.

Lori came out with a marketing tactic for the duo. She stated that they should put their son’s face on the packaging to make it more personal. She also noted that it was a super competitive business and simply too much for her, so she was out. Daymond takes this time to say that he can’t get behind the valuation, and Stefan was quick to counter.

Mark doesn’t think he and Stefan have a similar marketing approach. He believes that Mark markets like a lean and mean big company, so that he couldn’t continue with this. Stefan then asked if he could participate in any venture debt deals the Sharks could get behind.

However, Kevin came on and said that he liked their sales. He offered the $225,000 for a royalty of $1 per SKU until he got all of his money back, and then the royalty could drop down to 50 cents. Robert then came out with another plan and stated that he could offer $225,000 for a 50-cent royalty until he got $450,000. He also said he would get 5% if he sold the company. Stefan knew the company and stated they had a cash flow problem and couldn’t stick to the market.

Our Review of Young King Hair

As with all of the other products out there on the market, there are pros and cons to all of the products.

Pros of Young King Hair

  • It has an expansive product line. You can get an array of products. All of which are designed with the customer in mind.
  • The product has authentic ingredients, which are mentioned in the packaging.
  • It doesn’t have harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, or other harmful ingredients.

Cons of Young King Hair

  • The sales are not looking up for them.
  • The product doesn’t seem to have a solid marketing strategy.

Who Is Young King Hair For?

Young King Hair is for all African Americans, black boys and men who have yet to receive hair care that caters to their specific hair type. Young King Hair can also be used for men with aggressively curly or coiled hair. However, it is not made for them and thus may or may not work effectively.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There aren’t many direct alternatives for Young King Hair. The SoCozy line has a curl spray and a leave-in conditioner for kid hair that you could use as an alternative. However, there aren’t many alternatives yet.

Our Final Thoughts

We think that the company managed to achieve something great with this venture. They managed to formulate a product that was both very personal and public at the same time. The company showcased what we could only call Black excellence and showed that on National Television that boosted their growth even if they couldn’t go anywhere with it.