Shark Wheel from Shark Tank

Shark Wheel shark tank

Helical wheels are manufactured by Shark Wheel, a firm based in Lake Forest, California. The Shark Wheel comprises one or more three-dimensional sine waves instead of a standard circular form.

When moving, the shape transforms into a mix of a sphere and a cube. Several news sites have referred to Star Wheels as the re-creation of the wheel.

The wheel of Shark Wheel was funded by a campaign that exceeded its initial target approximately eight times over. Tony Hawk, the world-renowned skateboarder, took notice of it and was adopted by competitors worldwide.

In May of this year, ABC’s Shark Tank featured the product. Shark Wheels are a new take on longboard wheels that departs from the norm.

Rolling about on them is sure to get attention because of their unusual design, which is said to improve performance.

However, do they genuinely improve performance, or are they only intended to draw attention? In this review, we answer all of your questions regarding Shark Wheels and put them through their paces ourselves to discover whether they genuinely improve performance.

Our Review of Shark Wheel

For the past few months, we’ve been using Shark Wheels. We can definitely claim that these are the greatest wheels you’ll ever ride on.

70mm is a good size to overcome obstacles like bumps, cracks, and anything else that could otherwise stop you. These are the ones for you if you’re looking for the most stable and comfy longboard wheels.

As a result, you get the most comfortable ride possible on a skateboard with these wheels. Rain or shine, these wheels can handle anything.

Although your bearings could protest cycling in the rain, this wheelset will not be why you quit. In light of the aforementioned mix of size, form, and softness, puddles are not a concern for you.

Even if your bearings have been destroyed, these wheels will still allow you to go at high speeds since they are so smooth. The high-top speeds you can get on these wheels make them ideal for downhill use.

When it comes to speed, these wheels will deliver some of the fastest skating speeds you’ve ever experienced, and that’s true across a wide range of bearing configurations.

Since the speed is equivalent to any other wheel of similar size and durometer, we can’t declare they are the quickest and fastest you can buy.

Our best guess is that these Shark Wheels are superior to the standard ones due to the unique design that they have. It’s important to note that the previous 70mm longboard wheels would be thrown off balance by the typical suspects, such as twigs, small stones, crosswalk bumps, and some of the more pronounced fissures in the pavement.

Aside from the more severe impediments, these items are no longer anything to be feared because the wheels have a sine waveform. A bump or a toss from the sine form is all they’ll do to keep you from getting there.

In terms of road grip, Shark Wheels are excellent, especially in rainy weather. Driving at high speeds over the firm, even ground surfaces like sidewalks, parking lots, and the like will result in little to no slippage.

There are just a few drawbacks to these wheels. This set of wheels claims to traverse gravel, sand, and water. The puddles that are deep or those that are high to hit your axle nut would undoubtedly slow you down, if not bring you to an abrupt halt, as we had previously stated.

You’ll experience the same on roads made of gravel. You won’t be bothered by little clumps of gravel, but larger ones might pose a threat. In the case of sand, the commercials are deceptive.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be tearing up the sand very soon. If the sand area is longer than a foot, it’s usually best to walk it instead of going through it. Additionally, it’s said that these wheels can slip, which is untrue.

They’re not designed to slide. Because they’re 78a, they’re too sticky to slide with any ease. Even after a few months of wear, you may find that they may still not glide easily.

We have no further complaints about these rims, except for the abovementioned criticisms. If we were to propose a wheel, we’d give these the highest marks.

The only thing we’d want to see from Shark Wheels is a wheel larger than 70mm to further improve the riding quality.

Pros of Shark Wheel

  1. Astonishing precision
  2. Ensures a secure hold
  3. Wheels that go fast
  4. Wheels that last a long time

Cons of Shark Wheel

  1. Wheels are a little noisy

Who is Shark Wheel for?

Shark Wheels, above all else, are a conversation starter for riders who like to ride in all weathers. Go ahead and give this new wheel a whirl if you’d like.

Make the board stand out from the crowd with these unusual pieces. There are a few slight changes in performance between a standard longboard wheel and the Shark Wheel.

All-weather riders will benefit from their higher rolling speed and improved performance in the rain compared to standard longboard wheels. It’s also possible to ride through more road debris with these wheels than with ordinary ones.

Are There Any Alternatives?

As a replacement for the Shark Wheel, Onewheel is an excellent choice. All you have to do is lean forward or backward to go forward, accelerate, slow down or halt.

All you have to do is tilt your body to the right or left to take a turn. In addition to providing better motion and control, these controls also make the game more enjoyable!

It’s a joy to drive around traffic and other obstacles because it’s so light and agile. Other e-boards, on the other hand, struggle to make strong right turns.

Our Final Thoughts

Shark Wheels are a great option if you’re searching for a distinctive wheel that will draw attention and if you regularly ride in wet or rugged terrain.

Shark Wheels are far superior to any other type of wheel on the market. It’s more enjoyable to carve the traction. They break a bit early in turn, but it is a gradual and gentle break.

They give you a lot of confidence when you ride them. What a feat it is to be able to roll over gravel with such ease! You won’t have to worry about tripping over little rocks anymore with its excellent rolling speed.