Locker Board from Shark Tank

Locker Board shark tank

A preteen from San Clemente, Southern California, named Carson Kropfl, created Locker Board, a unique and fun way to travel and get around.

When Carson was in school, he wanted to take his skateboard with him. But the problem was that the skateboard was too big to fit in his locker. So instead of letting that stop him, Carson designed and created a smaller skateboard that could fit in his locker. And now he’s making them available to everyone.

He initially produced a 14-inch-long skateboard. He understood, though, that if he got the angle just perfect, he could even put an even larger skateboard in his locker at school. This led to the creation of the second Locker Board, which measured 17 inches.

He uses slightly damaged skateboards from other manufacturers and recycled skateboard decks through retailer networks of skate shops.

They’re lightweight and easy for anyone to carry around. They come in various colors and designs, so you can find one that fits your personality perfectly.

Carson built the first couple of Locker Board units in his home. Carson opted to outsource the production of the Locker Board units because he couldn’t fill orders with his own skills and resources as the demand for his invention grew, particularly among teenagers and preteens.

Carson’s main goal in life is to give back to society. As a result, he not only stresses environmentally friendly business practises, but has also cooperated with the Tony Hawk Foundation. This nonprofit constructs skate parks in underserved sections of the country. Carson donates $1 to charity for every Locker Board sold.

Carson made his debut on the ABC reality series Shark Tank alongside his mother, who was also seeking an investment, in the first episode of the show’s ninth season. He sought $60,000 in exchange for 15% ownership in his company, which he valued at $400,000.

Our Review of the Locker Board

The Locker Board is a durable and well-built skateboard that is aesthetically pleasing and can easily carry around. The wheels, truck, and deck all have a distinct and personalized appearance, and the worn/streak designs are also quite impressive.

The trucks were slightly tight when we first tried it out, but we believe this was due to the newness of the skateboards and should be resolved with time and use. The size is also commendable, allowing the board to fit easily into bags and lockers, as stated by the owner.

The Locker Board is new, incredibly durable, and well packed. We would recommend this product to a friend for the incredible product plus a concern for sustainability.

Pros of Locker Board

● Easy to Take Anywhere  

The Lockerboard Mini Cruiser Skateboard is the only non-folding mini cruiser skateboard that can fit in a backpack and locker.

It’s perfect for teen skaters who want to take their skateboard to school and lock it up in the locker during class.

This small skateboard fits in standard backpacks, bulletproof backpacks, and lockers. It’s ideal for teens who want to ride their board to school or work but don’t have room for a full-sized board.

● Sustainable and Environment Friendly

Each board contains 50% transparent graphics that allow you to view the recycled maple below and are constructed entirely of recycled maple wood, which constantly reminds you how amazing you are for promoting sustainability.

● Solid and Durable

The PS Stix Cruiser Kids Longboard Skateboard is an excellent choice for any kid who wants to learn to skate. The board has a 17-inch long by 8-inch-wide deck made of 7-ply maple wood, thicker than most other boards, giving it a smoother ride and more durable. The 59mm street formula wheels from Aend Industries provide plenty of grip during turns and make it easier for kids to pick up speed.

The board comes with Invader Trucks, so you can easily change the trucks if you want to change your set-up later. It also comes with Jessup Griptape, so you can easily apply new grip tape when needed.

Cons of Locker Board

  • No prominent tail or nose
  • The trucks of the skateboard are a bit snug at first.

Who is the Lockerboard For?

The Lockerboard is for you if:

-You’re looking for a way to commute that’s cheap, environmentally friendly, and fun.

-You want to be able to ride at any time, not just during the summer months.

-You want an activity you can enjoy with friends or family.

The Lockerboard is for anyone who wants to have a great time on the go. We’ve designed this skateboard to be fun, portable, and easy to use. It’s made of high-quality materials that make it durable and long-lasting, so you can take it with you wherever life takes you.

Are there any Alternatives?

The answer is that there are a few more short skateboards available. One of them is the Kryptonics Stubby board, which, although a few inches longer than the Locker Board, is fairly comparable.

The Stubby board is 5-inches longer than the Locker board but is also 2 inches narrower. This means that this could be a good option if you’re looking for something slightly longer than the Locker Board but still have a short wheelbase.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re a passionate young skater who lives and breathes skating, The Locker Board could be the appropriate solution for you (or if you are a parent or guardian of someone who does). You can rely on the skateboard to accompany you everywhere for a very long time because of its small size and mobility without sacrificing its quality or durability.