Bear Minimum from Shark Tank

Bear Minimum shark tank

Who doesn’t love camping trips? If you enjoy multi-day camping trips, you must understand the struggle behind carrying heavy cookware to prepare fresh meals. There is only so much canned food one can consume on a camping trip! Husband and wife duo Cory and Heidi Santiago developed a lightweight cooking solution to eliminate the need to carry heavy pots and woks on camping trips.

Would you believe there now exists a stove that can fit into your pocket? Well –it’s true, and it goes by the name Bear Minimum. Keep reading to learn more about this unique invention!

Bear Minimum is a company that produces and sells compact, lightweight cooking stoves ideal for campers and hikers. This product is the world’s first ever cooking pot that fits in your pocket while having the capacity to store 32 ounces of water.

The best thing about this cooking pot is that it is made from high-quality food-grade and flame-resistant plastic, making it safe for cooking. The company advertises this unique cooking pot as the “world’s first ever pocket cooking pot.” The company’s name describes how the product offers the bare minimum functions of heavy cookware like pots and skillets.

Another great thing about this lightweight cooking pot is that it is collapsible and can lay flat, making it highly portable. This feature allows it to be carried along as easily as a magazine. Moreover, it is available in three different sizes with a capacity of 32oz, 64oz, or 128oz. Furthermore, it is compatible with almost all camping stoves. Bear Minimum ensures you don’t have to worry about enjoying a warm meal on a trail.

The founders of Bear Minimum required financing to grow their business and thus decided to showcase their unique camping cookware on Shark Tank. The couple sought an investment of $100,000 in exchange for 20% ownership of Bear Minimum. Unsurprisingly, the Sharks were instantly amused by the idea. They believed campers were always ready to try new equipment that made their lives easier.

Impressed by the functionality and design of the product, Jamie offered to invest $100,000 in exchange for a quarter share of the company. Daymond then offered $100,000 in exchange for 33% ownership. Daymond was particularly interested in the business as he believed it would complement another sector he was in business with. After giving it some thought, the owners decided to go with Jamie’s offer and finalized the deal.

After the episode was aired, their sales blew up. Later, the duo expanded their product line by adding foldable cooking utensils. They also introduced bigger cooking pots, namely Mama Bear and Papa Bear, making a net revenue of $80,000 in the same year. The company is still in business, and you can purchase its products through its website.

Our Review of Bear Minimum

Camping and hiking trips are excellent ways to connect with nature. These recreational activities also tremendously benefit the body, mind, and soul. If you plan to go camping for a couple of days, one of the most important things to consider is how you’ll prepare healthy meals. This is where Bear Minimum comes into play, offering the world’s first-ever collapsible cooking pot that can fit in your pocket.

What we love about this cookware is that it can be packed in your backpack within seconds without making it space deficient. This portable cooking pot has a maximum capacity of 32 ounces, sufficiently large to prepare food for two to four people.

Another plus is that it is made from food-grade and flame-resistant material with a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating, making its surface non-corrosive, non-reactive, and 100% safe for cooking. This protective coating ensures that the cooking pot remains in the best condition despite multiple uses. Additionally, the coating also enables the cooking pot to endure high heat.

The Bear Minimum cooking bowl is also energy efficient due to its aluminium base. Aluminum enhances heat conductivity resulting in less fuel usage than traditional cooking ware. Another great thing about this camping stove is that it is compatible with any camping stove and can be used with any fuel.

The Bear Minimum cooking bowls come in three sizes with 32oz, 64oz, and 128oz cooking capacity. It is designed to endure a maximum temperature of 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apart from cooking, you can use it to carry water from the steam or as a sink to wash your hands. If you are someone who enjoys burgers and sandwiches on a camping trip, the good news is that you can also transform it into a skillet.

Recently they have introduced Mama Bear and Papa Bear cooking bowls with a maximum capacity of 64 oz and 128 oz, respectively. These bowls allow you to cook for up to eight people at a time.

Pros of Bear Minimum

  • It is the world’s first ever pocket-sized cooking pop.
  • It is easily collapsible and can be turned into a wallet.
  • It is incredibly lightweight.
  • It comes in three sizes.
  • It is made from food-grade and flame-resistant materials.
  • It is 100% safe for cooking.
  • It is compatible with different types of camping stoves.
  • It has a top handle.

Cons of Bear Minimum

  • It is not as sturdy and firm as a regular cooking pot.
  • Its handles’ design could be improved.

Who Is Bear Minimum for?

Bear Minimum is an all-in-one portable and lightweight cooking pot designed for hikers, campers, and outdoor explorers seeking home-cooked meals on their trips. This collapsible cooking bowl can be folded flat, allowing adventurers to carry it wherever they go. Another great thing about it is that it can easily fit into a pocket.

Are There Any Alternatives?

So far, we have not found any alternatives for Bear Minimum.

Our Final Thoughts

Campers and hikers often find it challenging to carry heavy cookware in their bags during multiple-day trips. However, Bear Minimum solves this problem by providing an all-in-one cooking solution –a foldable and lightweight cooking bowl that weighs seven ounces and can fit into a pocket. This product is a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts looking to eat healthy on their trips!