Legacy Shave Review from Shark Tank: A Closer Look at the Innovative Shaving Experience

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Legacy Shave, a brand that gained recognition after its showcase on ‘Shark Tank‘, has piqued the interest of grooming aficionados and entrepreneurs alike. The company’s innovative approach to traditional shaving with their Evolution Brush has stirred conversations around its usefulness and design. The brush, which attaches directly to shaving cream and gel cans, is designed to provide a more luxurious and efficient shaving experience by enhancing the lather application.

After appearing on ‘Shark Tank’, Legacy Shave’s path has been one to watch, with developments that reflect not only on the product itself but also on the business’s market stance. Evaluating the product’s design and utility, as well as the company’s growth and customer feedback, provides insight into why Legacy Shave made an impression on the ‘Shark Tank’ panel and consumers. Reviews from both customers and industry experts offer a more in-depth understanding of whether Legacy Shave truly revolutionizes the daily shaving ritual.

Key Takeaways

  • Legacy Shave has gained significant attention through ‘Shark Tank’.
  • The Evolution Brush is focused on enhancing the traditional shaving experience.
  • Public and expert reviews are essential in assessing Legacy Shave’s market impact.

Legacy Shave’s Journey on Shark Tank


Legacy Shave’s appearance on season 14, episode 7 of Shark Tank was pivotal for the company, as they sought investment to scale their innovative shaving product. Their presentation marked a significant step towards achieving broader market exposure and securing financial support from seasoned investors.

Pitch and Presentation

The founders of Legacy Shave took the stage with confidence, introducing their product as the world’s first shave brush attached to a can of shaving cream. They highlighted its convenience and appeal in the modern grooming market. Seeking a $300,000 investment for a 10% equity stake in their business, they showcased the brush’s unique features and demonstrated its use to the Sharks.

Investor Interest and Negotiations

Initially, the Sharks showed interest in Legacy Shave’s pitch, intrigued by the product’s novelty and the brand’s potential. The negotiations took a surprising turn when an offer was made that deviated significantly from the founders’ initial ask. In the end, they faced a tough decision: accept a dramatically higher investment of $700,000 but give up 95% of their company along with a royalty of 3% of net sales in perpetuity.

Post-Show Developments

After appearing on the show, Legacy Shave experienced considerable changes. New opportunities arose, and the business trajectory was altered due to the exposure and deal struck on Shark Tank. The founders had to navigate the post-show realities of scaling their business with the newly injected funds and strategically leveraging the partnerships formed within the episode.

Product Evaluation


Legacy Shave has garnered attention for their innovative offerings in the shaving industry, most notably the Evolution Brush, touted as the world’s first shave brush that attaches directly to shaving cream and gel cans. This assessment provides insights into the design and practicality of their products, as well as their impact on the shaving experience.

Design and Functionality

The Evolution Brush embodies a novel approach to conventional shaving routines, blending convenience with quality. It attaches to most standard shaving cream or gel cans, transforming them into a one-handed operation. This patented design allows the shaving cream or gel to flow directly through the brush, offering an evenly distributed lather with minimal mess and utmost efficiency. The brush itself champions durability, and the attachment mechanism is designed to fit various cans, making it versatile.

Shaving Experience Enhancements

Legacy Shave’s Evolution Brush augments the traditional shaving experience with several key enhancements. The soft-bristles are not just indulgent to touch but are also adept at exfoliating the skin. When used with shaving cream enriched with aloe vera and other moisture-rich substances, the bristles help maintain the skin’s hydration during the shave. Moreover, by creating an even layer of lather, the brush enables a smoother shave, reducing the risk of nicks and cuts. This underscores Legacy Shave’s commitment to both innovation and an improved grooming experience.

Business and Market Analysis


Legacy Shave has made a substantial impact since its appearance on Shark Tank, with measurable growth in sales and revenue, strategic marketing initiatives, and market expansion.

Sales and Revenue Impact

Legacy Shave, under the leadership of founders Dave and Mike Gutow, saw a boost in sales following their Shark Tank appearance. The deal struck with Lori Grenier opened doors to QVC and other retail opportunities. Their Evolution Brush, a novel shaving cream applicator, gained traction largely due to these retail partnerships, contributing to the company’s net sales increase.

Marketing Strategies

Their marketing strategies hinged on direct-to-consumer approaches, harnessing the power of social platforms and appearances on shows like Good Morning America and The View. Creating high-impact visibility for Legacy Shave, these strategies led to heightened brand awareness and bolstered net worth.

Market Presence and Expansion

Legacy Shave’s market presence continued to expand post-Shark Tank, with a launch on Amazon further solidifying its retail dominance. The innovative nature of Legacy Shave products, including their presence on QVC Tonight Show, positioned the Gutows’ business for potential future growth, which may see them venturing into new markets and continuing to evolve their direct-to-consumer sales through their website and other online platforms.

Customer and Expert Opinions

Legacy Shave’s innovative Evolution Shave Brush garnered both user praise and expert recognition post its appearance on Shark Tank. The following section delves into the specifics of these opinions.

User Reviews and Feedback

Users have widely appreciated the Legacy Shave Evolution Shave Brush for its ability to provide a closer shave. Many have noted the attachment’s performance in reducing razor burn and the qualitative feel of their shave. Exfoliating properties of the brush are repeatedly mentioned in the reviews, where users experience cleaner skin after their shaving routine. Furthermore, the aloe-infused shave cream receives commendations for its soothing qualities. Here’s a snapshot of user sentiments:

  • Closest Shave: “The Evolution Shave Brush gave me the cleanest and closest shave I’ve ever had.”
  • Quality of Experience: Many reviews highlight the premium, barber-like experience at home.
  • Exfoliation: The brush exfoliates the skin, which users find refreshing.

Expert Endorsements and Critiques

Experts in the grooming industry have offered insightful critiques of Legacy Shave’s Evolution Brush. The attachment’s quality and the performance of the shave have been spotlighted, with the blending of traditional shaving methods with modern convenience often highlighted. On the downside, some have pointed out the potential cons of needing to buy specific shaving cream cans that fit the brush attachment. Despite this, the overall expert view appears to recognize the founders’ success in innovation. Specific expert feedback includes:

  • Innovation Praise: Experts commend the innovative design that combines a shaving brush with cream canisters.
  • Performance Insights: The brush’s ability to prevent razor burn is often praised.
  • Quality Notes: While quality is applauded, some critiques wish for wider compatibility with different types of cans for the brush attachment.