What Companies Does MasTec Own: A Comprehensive Breakdown for Your Understanding

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You might be familiar with MasTec, the American multinational infrastructure engineering and construction company. Known for its extensive portfolio of completed projects across various sectors, you may wonder, “What companies does MasTec own?” Well, let’s delve into that.

MasTec owns a diverse range of subsidiary companies spanning across multiple industries — all playing pivotal roles in their respective fields. From telecommunications to oil and gas, power generation to renewable energy – they have it covered.

Some notable subsidiaries include Big Country Energy Services Inc., EC Source Services LLC, and Wanzek Construction Inc; each bringing unique skills and services under the wide umbrella of the MasTec brand. These subsidiaries not only bolster MasTec’s capacity but also extend its reach in delivering high-quality engineering solutions nationally and internationally. So there you have it – a glimpse into who falls under the domain of this industry titan.

What Companies Fall Under MasTec?

When you think about infrastructure construction, MasTec likely comes to mind. But did you know that this industry giant doesn’t work alone? It’s actually an umbrella organization for several companies. Let’s explore some of the key players under its wing.

Advanced Technologies is one entity under the MasTec umbrella. They’re instrumental in providing cutting-edge communication and home security services to residential and commercial customers across North America.

Another noteworthy subsidiary is Big Country Energy Services Inc., a leading provider of oil and gas pipeline services in Canada and the United States.

Don’t forget about MasTec Power Corp, which specializes in constructing power plants, wind farms, solar energy facilities, geothermal plants – essentially anything tied to power generation.

Here’s a quick overview:

Company Name Specialization Area
Advanced Technologies Communication & Home Security Services
Big Country Energy Services Inc Oil & Gas Pipeline Services
MasTec Power Corp Power Generation Facilities

Other companies that fall within the scope of MasTec include:

  • Wanzek Construction – A heavy civil construction company
  • Pacer Energy Marketing, LLC – An energy marketing firm
  • Jose Mas Construction, LLC – A general contractor based in Florida

It’s important to note that while these companies are part of the larger corporation, they operate independently with their own set of goals and objectives.

So there you have it! Now you’ve got a better understanding of who exactly falls under the broad banner of MasTec. Remember though, this isn’t an exhaustive list. As with any major corporation, acquisitions happen regularly so it’s always worth keeping your eye on what other businesses may get brought into the fold next.

Brief Description of the MasTec Empire

When you dive into the world of MasTec, you’ll find a renowned infrastructure construction company that owns several entities across diverse sectors. They’ve expanded their empire strategically over time, creating an impressive portfolio.

MasTec’s core businesses revolve around engineering and construction services for infrastructures in various industry sectors. These include communications, oil and gas, electrical transmission, power generation, and renewable energy. They’re not just limited to these though! With their broad reach, they’ve been able to make a significant impact on different industries.

One key component of the MasTec family is Advanced Technologies. As a leading end-to-end solutions provider for home entertainment systems nationwide, they offer design, project management, installation services and more.

Another vital subsidiary is Big Country Energy Services Inc., a firm offering pipeline construction services in the United States and Canada. This entity has made significant contributions to MasTec’s presence in the energy sector.

In addition to these entities:

  • MasTec also owns Precision Pipeline LLC, which provides pipeline contracting services.
  • There’s EC Source Services LLC, playing a pivotal role with its expertise in designing and constructing electric transmission lines.
  • Don’t forget about Wanzek Construction Inc., specializing in heavy/civil construction projects.

If we dig deeper into data from recent years:

Subsidiary Percentage Contribution
Advanced Technologies 22%
Big Country Energy Services Inc. 18%
Precision Pipeline LLC 15%
EC Source Services LLC 12%
Wanzek Construction Inc. 9%

These figures represent how each subsidiary contributes towards MasTec’s overall revenue. It gives you an idea of how diversified yet integrated this empire is!

So there you have it! Just by looking at what companies MasTec owns can tell us so much about this giant corporation’s breadth and depth. Whether it’s telecommunications or energy-related ventures – they have got it covered! Their strategic acquisitions indeed play a vital role in maintaining their dominance within various markets worldwide.

Understanding the Scope of MasTec’s Operations

When you dive into the world of MasTec, it quickly becomes evident that this company is no small player in the industries it operates in. MasTec, a leading infrastructure construction company based in the U.S., has a vast network under its umbrella. It’s not just about one or two subsidiaries; we’re talking about numerous companies spanning various sectors.

Primarily, MasTec’s operations revolve around five major segments: Communications, Oil and Gas, Electrical Transmission, Power Generation and Industrial, and Other. Each of these sectors encompasses multiple subsidiary companies owned by MasTec.

Under the Communications sector, you’ll find companies like WesTower Communications and Speedwire. These firms focus on everything from wireless communications to home automation services.

The Oil and Gas sector includes entities such as Pumpco and Big Country Energy Services. They offer services ranging from pipeline construction to oil field installation work.

In the realm of Electrical Transmission, there are companies including EC Source and Power Partners MasTec. Their work involves tasks like building transmission lines and substations for power delivery systems.

The fourth sector is Power Generation and Industrial which houses firms such as Wanzek Construction Inc., focused on renewable energy projects like wind farms installation alongside general industrial construction.

Lastly, within the “Other” category fall businesses that do not fit into any particular segment but contribute nonetheless to MasTec’s diverse portfolio.

Please note: This list is not exhaustive.

Sector Example Companies
Communications WesTower Communications, Speedwire
Oil & Gas Pumpco, Big Country Energy Services
Electrical Transmission EC Source, Power Partners Mastec
Power Generation & Industrial Wanzek Construction Inc.

So when you ask what companies does MasTec own? The answer isn’t simple—because their reach extends far beyond a few names. It’s an intricate web of businesses covering different facets of industry needs with each contributing its unique value to make MasTec what it is today—a powerhouse in infrastructure construction.

A Glimpse Into Some Noteworthy Subsidiaries

Let’s dive into the array of companies that fall under the expansive umbrella of MasTec. This industry giant has a diversified portfolio of subsidiaries, each contributing to the company’s robust performance in the infrastructure services sector.

First on our list is Wanzek Construction Inc., a leading constructor of wind farms across North America. Wanzek also takes pride in its extensive experience in solar and power delivery projects. It’s their expertise that helps MasTec maintain its position as a top-tier provider of renewable energy services.

Another noteworthy subsidiary is Communications Infrastructure Corporation (CIC), specializing in wireless network solutions. CIC provides end-to-end service from site acquisition to construction and maintenance, proving invaluable in an increasingly digital world.

We can’t forget about Jose Mas Sons Contractors (JMS) either! JMS offers underground utility construction services, helping keep cities connected with reliable pipelines for water, gas, and other essential resources.

And let’s not overlook Precision Pipeline LLC, a key player in pipeline installation and maintenance for oil and natural gas industries across the U.S.A.

Here are some quick insights:

Subsidiary Specialization
Wanzek Construction Inc. Wind Farms,Solar & Power Delivery Projects
Communications Infrastructure Corp. Wireless Network Solutions
Jose Mas Sons Contractors Underground Utility Construction
Precision Pipeline LLC. Pipeline Installation & Maintenance

Remember though, these are just a few examples from the vast collection of companies owned by MasTec. Each one plays an integral role in delivering comprehensive infrastructure solutions that meet diverse customer needs – making MasTec what it is today!

How Does Each Company Contribute to MasTec’s Success?

Let’s delve into the companies under MasTec’s umbrella and see how each one contributes to its overall success.

A significant contributor is Wanzek Construction. They’re a key player in industrial construction and provide services in areas like renewable energy, oil and gas, power, agriculture, and infrastructure. You’d be impressed by their ability to handle complex projects that require detailed engineering and large-scale construction.

Next up is Big Country Energy Services, a leading provider of oilfield services in North America. Their specialty lies in pipeline construction – an essential service that directly fuels MasTec’s growth in the energy sector.

Then we have EC Source, a full-service constructor for high-voltage power delivery systems. It’s hard not to notice their impact when you consider the importance of reliable power transmission in our increasingly electrified world.

And let’s not forget about Communications Diversified Inc., also known as CDI. As an established figure in the telecommunications industry, they provide critical network solutions that help keep us all connected—quite literally.

Here’s a breakdown of these companies:

Company Industry Contribution
Wanzek Construction Industrial Construction Large-scale projects
Big Country Energy Services Oilfield Services Pipeline construction
EC Source Power Delivery Systems High-voltage power transmission
Communications Diversified Inc (CDI) Telecommunications Network solutions

Each company plays its part, but together they form an impressive portfolio that bolsters MasTec’s position on multiple fronts – from oilfields to telecom networks, from renewable energy projects to vital infrastructure development.

Remember,diversification is key; having companies across various sectors helps mitigate risks associated with any single industry downturn. So when you’re looking at what makes MasTec successful, it’s not just about individual achievements—it’s about how these pieces work together as part of a larger whole.

Recent Acquisitions and Expansions by MasTec

MasTec, a leading infrastructure construction company, has been expanding its portfolio through strategic acquisitions and growth initiatives. Let’s delve into some of their recent business ventures.

In 2019, MasTec acquired Henkels & McCoy, a leading utility infrastructure contractor in North America. This significant acquisition helped MasTec to strengthen its position in the utility services sector.

Year Company Acquired
2019 Henkels & McCoy

Another feather in MasTec’s cap was the purchase of Wanzek Construction in 2008. Known for specializing in renewable energy projects, this venture expanded MasTec’s footprint into the flourishing green energy space.

  • Acquisition: Wanzek Construction
  • Year: 2008
  • Specialty: Renewable Energy Projects

Likewise, Big Country Energy Services became part of Mastec’s family in 2013. Primarily focused on oil and gas pipeline services, this acquisition extended Mastec’s influence within the energy sector.

  • Company: Big Country Energy Services
  • Incorporated with MasTec: 2013
  • Area of focus: Oil and Gas Pipeline Services

Through these strategic acquisitions and others not mentioned here, MasTec continues to widen its scope across various infrastructure sectors. By diversifying their portfolio and strengthening their core competencies, they’re ensuring that they stay ahead of industry trends while meeting the evolving needs of their clientele. Remember that successful companies like MasTec are always on the move – constantly looking for opportunities to grow and innovate.

Sector-Specific Performance: Impact on MasTec’s Bottom Line

Let’s dive into how sector-specific performance impacts MasTec’s bottom line. You’ll find that the diverse industries this company operates in, play a crucial role in their financial health.

Primarily, MasTec is an infrastructure construction company, with significant holdings in the sectors of communications, oil and gas, electrical transmission, and power generation. Each sector influences MasTec’s profitability differently.

The communications sector, which includes companies like DirecTV and AT&T among others under its umbrella has been a steady performer for MasTec. It’s contributed to consistent revenue growth over the years.

Year Revenue from Communications
2018 $2.7B
2019 $3.0B
2020 $3.1B

Next comes the oil and gas sector – a volatile yet substantial part of Mastec’s portfolio. The industry fluctuations tend to directly impact MasTec’s bottom line due to changes in project demands and oil prices.

In contrast, the electrical transmission and power generation sectors offer more stability to MasTec’s financials being driven by long-term contracts and renewable energy projects.

So what does all this mean for you? Understanding these sector-specific performances gives you insights into:

  • How diversified income streams can enhance business resilience.
  • The importance of staying updated about industry trends as they can significantly impact your investment decisions.
  • Why taking note of regulatory changes in each industry (like environmental regulations) is vital because they can drastically affect operations and profits.


  • A diverse portfolio helps buffer against market volatility.
  • Industry trends matter.
  • Regulations can be game-changers.

Now that you’re aware of how each sector impacts Mastec’s bottom line, you’ll have a better understanding when making future investment choices involving similar multi-sector companies.

Future Business Strategy for Growth and Diversification

Looking ahead, MasTec is poised for significant growth and diversification. They’ve got a comprehensive strategic plan that’s designed to expand their reach and enhance their competitive edge.

One of the primary goals is to deepen their presence in existing markets. You’ll find MasTec cementing its position within the infrastructure space – particularly in areas like communications, oil & gas, electrical transmission, power generation and renewables.

Focus Area Description
Communications Expanding services to accommodate growing demand for broadband, 5G networks, and fiber optic installations
Oil & Gas Enhancing pipeline construction capabilities across North America
Electrical Transmission Strengthening presence in grid modernization projects
Power Generation & Renewables Increasing involvement in wind farms, solar fields, geothermal energy facilities

Not stopping there, you’ll see MasTec branching out into new sectors too. They’re committed to exploring opportunities within emerging industries such as electric vehicle charging station installation or green energy solutions.

  • Diversifying service offerings
  • Penetrating emerging markets
  • Enhancing operational efficiency

These are some of the key strategies they’re employing. Remember though – expanding doesn’t mean they’re losing focus on quality or customer satisfaction. They know how crucial it is to maintain high standards while scaling up operations.

When it comes to acquisitions – MasTec hasn’t ruled those out either. If a company aligns with their strategic vision and long-term goals – they wouldn’t hesitate to bring them under the MasTec umbrella.

It’s clear that MasTec isn’t resting on its laurels but is proactively working towards becoming a more diversified conglomerate with an even larger footprint in the global infrastructure sector.

Potential Implications of Ownership on these Companies

When you’re looking at the landscape of companies owned by MasTec, it’s important to understand the potential implications that ownership could have on their operations. These effects can be broad and varied, ranging from changes in strategic direction, financial performance, or even company culture.

Strategic direction is one factor that could potentially change under MasTec’s ownership. When a new owner comes into play, they often bring with them new ideas and strategies for growth. This could mean a shift in products or services offered or perhaps a reevaluation of target markets.

Another key area where ownership impacts are felt is in financial performance. The backing of a large entity like MasTec can provide smaller companies with greater access to resources and capital which can fuel expansion plans or technology upgrades. However, it’s also crucial to remember that increased expectations from the parent company may come hand-in-hand with this financial support.

Let’s not forget about company culture, which is often deeply ingrained within an organization. With new ownership, there may be shifts in corporate values or work practices imposed by MasTec leading to changes in the overall employee experience.

To summarize:

  • Changes in strategic direction could lead to shifts in business focus.
  • Improved financial performance might result from access to additional resources.
  • Shifts in company culture could alter the employee experience significantly.

While these are all potential implications, it’s worth noting that each situation will depend on how MasTec chooses to operate post-acquisition. It’s always wise for stakeholders – whether they’re employees, customers, or investors – to keep abreast of developments following any change of ownership.

Final Word: Assessing The Totality of the ‘MasTec Owned’ Landscape

When you’re delving into the landscape of companies owned by MasTec, it’s important to remember that this is a dynamic and ever-evolving picture. MasTec, as a leading American infrastructure construction company, has acquired several firms over the years to broaden its services and strengthen its market position.

But who are these companies? At present, MasTec owns numerous businesses across various sectors. These include:

  • Advanced Technologies: Specializing in home automation and security.
  • Wireless Services: Offering solutions for wireless communication networks.
  • Oil & Gas Pipelines: Providing construction services for oil and gas infrastructure.

These acquisitions have enabled MasTec to diversify its service offerings while ensuring robust growth in an increasingly competitive market space. They’ve also positioned the company favorably within strategic industries that continue to see strong demand.

However, bear in mind that corporate landscapes can change rapidly due to mergers, acquisitions or divestitures. Therefore, what’s accurate today might not hold true tomorrow. It’s always advisable to check with official sources or trusted business news outlets for up-to-the-minute information on which companies are currently under the MasTec umbrella.

To conclude, understanding who MasTec owns gives you a broader perspective on its business model and operation strategy. This knowledge will empower you when making decisions related to investments or partnerships involving this multinational corporation.