Coffee Joulies from Shark Tank

Coffee Joulies shark tank

Coffee Joulies is an online business that sells tiny stainless steel encased beans that absorb heat energy. These beans are sealed inside a special material. This material makes the product effectively work.

Coffee Joulies, essentially cool down your coffee temperature to a perfect warm point and maintain the temperature.

These beans are made of high-tech phase change polymers. This material manages the temperature of your hot beverages. You need to place these beans in your mug, and pour your coffee.

These beans absorb heat from the piping hot coffee, bringing it down to the perfect serving temparture. As time passes and the coffee cools down, the beans will release the stored energy to raise the temperature. Your coffee essentially never gets cold!

This product was founded and created by entrepreneurs Dave Petrillo and Dave Jackson, who both have mechanical engineering degrees.

They first created a small batch of Joulies, and through Kickstarter, they were able to raise over $300k in less than two months. This gave them the funds and publicity they needed.

The idea of Coffee Joulies didn’t have to wait for long as it  easily transitioned from the conceptual phase of the product to the manufacturing phase.

Coffee Joulies is certainly a unique product that works wonders. It takes your coffee experience to another level. Customers with Coffee Joulies can take their time to drink their coffee, but the temperature will not change for hours. You don’t have to freeze or recharge your Coffee Jjoulies; they work perfectly fine every time.

On the fourth season of the popular show The Shark Tank, Dave Jackson and Dave Petrillo pitched Coffee Joulies seeking a $150k investment for a 5% stake in the business.

The entrepreneurs pitched the idea to the Sharks, claiming that the coffee would stay at 140 degrees for five hours. Their claim was proven true when the coffee was hot even after three hours.

Unsurprisingly, all the Sharks were impressed by the product. All Sharks were willing to invest in Coffee Joulies. Their pitch was effortlessly successful. The final deal was made was $150k for a royalty of $6 per unit.

The design of the product and the way it functions are definitely impressive. What makes it unique is that it is scientifically desgned to maintain the coffee’s optimal temperature. The entrepreneurs have used their scientific background compellingly , which is why it has become such a successful and impressive product.

Our Review of Coffee Joulies

Though the Sharks loved the product, the customer reviews have been mixed.

Several customers have pointed out that the product fails to deliver what it promises. It did not keep their coffee warm enough, and also they have found the product to be irritatingly noisy. Coffee Joulies have not defended these claims.

At the same time, many customers appreciated the product because it worked for them. For them, the Joulies kept their coffee at the perfect serving temperature for hours as they went about their busy day.

Financially speaking, the company has made incredible profit. The products are always out of stock on their website which speaks to the Joulies’ demand.

They started from with one product, Coffee Joulies, and met unprecedented success. Now, they sell double-wall glass mugs, silicone lids, and even Joulies for alcoholic beverages.

In our opinion, Coffee Joulies are a great invention. But another factor that allows them  to be the great success that it is today is the commitment and dedication the owners have shown in the face of competition. When Bed & Bath marketed a knock-off product, that didn’t discourage them. They refused to back down in the face of a giant and continued to work through their website, selling their product.

Pros of Coffee Joulies

  1. These joulies are great; you only have to buy them once because they will work forever. It is a one-time investment that you won’t regret buying.
  2. They are effective at maintaining the optimal temperatures of hot beverages.
  3. While they are made of steel, Coffee Joulies, fortunately, do not have a metallic taste.

Cons of Coffee Joulies

  1. The product is pricey. A set of 5 joulies cost $50.
  2. Coffee Jouliesare not tiny and take up a bit of space in your mug, which means less of your drink in the mug or bottle.
  3. Can be a tricky drinking experience in an open container. Like ice cubes, the Joulies can collide with your noseas you near the end of your drink..
  4. These beans are noisy, which can be irritating when someone wants to drink their coffee in silence.

Who is Coffee Joulies For?

Coffee Joulies is a product that is designed for people who drink coffee regularly and are particular about serving temperatures.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Within the coffee industry, Coffee Joulies are definitely a unique product. There are no known alternatives.

Final Word

The product that Dave Petrillo and Dave Jackson presented to the Sharks received incredible feedback. All the Sharks were interested in investing in their startup. And although the deal with the Sharks was never closed. Coffee Joulies have succeeded in establishing itself as a business.

It currently sells its product on its own website and previously through Amazon. However, they don’t have any products available on Amazon as of 2022.

Financially it is doing fantastic, with most of the products often being sold out on its website, which says a lot about the demand for the product.