Nubrella from Shark Tank

Nubrella shark tank

The Nubrella review will describe what has to be one of the goofiest umbrellas in existence. But don’t let its wackiness get in the way just yet. Its unique design could be just what you need to get around the number one limitation of traditional umbrellas – keeping both hands free.

Let’s dive in and see how this bad boy works.

What is Nubrella?

Think of it as a hands-free umbrella.

Nubrella is your highly innovative (and equally wacky) answer to keeping both hands free while staying dry in the rain. It is an umbrella with a difference.

With the Nubrella at the helm, it won’t rain on your parade.

The nubrella is the new brolly as its name implies. To be sure, it’s more of a big hood perched over your shoulders to keep you dry. If you can stand its eccentric looks then you will soon appreciate how it cleverly works to keep both hands free. You will thus be at liberty to use your camera or anything else that you please. Most importantly, the rain will not be able to get between you and that precious phone of yours – an inseparable part of our existence that many of us can’t do without for too long.

With this canopy perched over your head, you can work that phone of yours without fear even in the rain. The catch? You will need a fair bit of bravado to get used to this thing. If you are thick-skinned like us maybe you won’t mind attracting odd quizzical gapes and stares from curious passersby having “what on earth is that?” written all over their faces. Ideally, the opinions of others should not get in your way. But since quite a few of us are terribly self-conscious creatures, it can have a big impact on user experience. Something to think about before you gleefully head into it.

Besides rain, it can work equally well for sun protection. So you don’t need to worry about finding the shade before you can finally start using that phone. With the Nubrella to cover you from the sun, you can whip out that phone anywhere and start using it without fretting over screen glare. The umbrella can alleviate the sun’s glare – a huge nuisance that prevents you from seeing the screen properly. You can keep out the elements and prevent them from interfering with your phone usage courtesy of Nubrella.

This makes for one of the best hats under the sun so as to speak.

And don’t worry, it won’t stay perched on your head always. It can pack neatly into the built-in backpack. Hence, you can quickly fold it when you don’t need it.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, they are.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The deal was supposed to close with a $200,000 investment in return for half of the business. However, it did not close and this is where problems began.

The Shark Tank deal degenerated into a legal imbroglio. The founder Alan Kaufman has strong words for the show which he claims is ‘pre-scripted’ and a ‘lie’. He feels that outdated reruns of the episode showing his product have hurt his business by showing the wrong image.

Consequently, he filed a lawsuit from which he received a settlement of $20,000. He then filed another lawsuit, this time against Shark Tank producers claiming that he should be compensated for the damage inflicted to his business by outdated reruns of his product. He lost the case.

Our Review of Nubrella

Excepting the odd stares that this umbrella inevitably elicits, we did find it pretty useful compared to ordinary umbrellas and raincoats. The main advantage is that it of course frees your hands up for using gadgets that we just can’t live without.

Not only that, compared to raincoats, it actually feels less restrictive by dint of the fact that it does not touch your head. Hence, it feels more open compared to rain hoods.

Of course, you may worry a bit with the Nubrella if you are in a crowded city like New York, for instance. You might think that it could touch others but that is not the case. It won’t hit anyone else unless you get very close to them like in a tight queue for instance. You will want to fold it back into its backpack when you are in heavily crowded spaces like subways. And doing that is a breeze so no real issues here.

To use the product, you need to wear the backpack that houses this umbrella. By working the dial you can get this canopy to cover your head. You won’t feel encumbered when using your gadgets or carrying groceries.

However, when walking through narrow spaces like turnstiles, elevators, and doors, it does sometimes get in the way. This is where you would like to fold in your backpack.

Another nice thing about this device is that it responds well to the wind, unlike ordinary umbrellas that get out of control and invert -making you look clumsy in the process.

Nubrella Pros

  • Great for both rain and shine
  • Hands-free umbrella
  • Folds easily into the backpack when you don’t need it.

Nubrella Cons

  • Pricey

Who is Nubrella for?

The Nubrella is for all those who want to keep both hands free to use their tech gadgets while keeping out the elements like the rain and sun.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Luwint Hands Free Umbrella Hat

NEW-Vi Umbrella Hat, 25 inch Hands Free Umbrella Cap

Beistle 60832 Umbrella Hat

Our Final Thoughts

You will exude a fair degree of flamboyance as you rock that canopy over your head. It may feel a tad bit odd to others. But one thing’s for sure. It will free up both hands and keep out the elements so that you are at liberty to work your portable high-tech gadgets just about anywhere outside.