Sap! from Shark Tank

Sap! shark tank

Nikita Salmon and Chas Smith from Vermont decided to introduce the world to a healthy, delicious beverage that came from an unlikely source- maple and birch trees. Since they grew up in the woods of Vermont, they knew that the need for a beverage that does not contain refined sugar and is loaded with vitamins is high, especially in the age of energy drinks and artificial beverages.

Maple and birch trees are loaded with a substance called tree sap. The roots of these trees suck groundwater from the soil, which is full of nutrients. This merges with the natural sugar found in the trees and forms a substance called sap. Sap encourages the growth of trees and is loaded with electrolytes, antioxidants, and 40 nutrients like iron, manganese, and B vitamins. The logic Nikita and Chas used was that sap is great for trees, so why can’t it be used to nourish the body of humans as well?

The two cousins worked hard to create a yummy, healthy drink straight from the source and named it Sap! They use their family farm to source the sap directly from Vermont producers, ensuring that the quality of the substance is superior. They plan on sticking to their roots and passing on this beverage company to the next generation so their family can help people live long healthy lives. Initially, Chas used to work within the industry with his parents, who sold maple syrup as a way of living. By 20, he could buy the 300 acres of farm from them and enjoy the 12,000 taps on standby.

The duo came to Shark Tank asking for $600,000 in exchange for 12 percent equity in their company. So far, they have developed three types of beverages- seltzer, soda, and birch. All three flavors come in cans of different colors and only have 40 calories per can. The seltzer feels like sparkling water, the soda tastes sweet like maple syrup, and the birch tastes like medicine, according to the Sharks.

It had been fifteen months since Sap! made sales, and they agreed on $7.99 for four beverages or $1.99 for each. It takes approximately $0.5 to produce each can, bringing their total sales to $400,000, especially since sparkling water has become so popular. What makes Sap! different is that it is loaded with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, unlike other sodas.

Moreover, the water used to make these beverages comes from tapping methods to ensure that they do not damage the trees. By spring, the trees leaf out and release sap. The cousins collect the raw product and start carbonating it to make their beverage. The best part is that Sap! Beverages do not contain any water- the drink is made from the liquid that comes directly from trees.

Maple syrup is known to prevent inflammation, which is the main root of cancer in the body. Even though Sap! beverages are loaded with loads of benefits, especially when compared to traditional sodas, new research is needed to prove whether they can help with inflammation in the body. The duo explains that even though the beverage is priced higher than a traditional soda, it is for families who want their kids to consume healthy drinks.

None of the Sharks except Robert seem interested in a deal with Nikita and Chas. Robert offers $600,000 in exchange for 30 percent equity, but the founders try to negotiate to bring down the deal to 20 percent equity. Robert is not comfortable with this because of the sheer work involved in the food business and hence, backs out of the deal, leaving Sap! Without an investor.

Our Review of Sap!

Sap! is a beverage company that produces healthy drinks from a single ingredient. All the drinks are sourced from maple trees in Vermont, making them full of electrolytes, antioxidants, and natural nutrients. It is a great alternative to regular soda as it does not contain any artificial sugars and is extremely beneficial for gut health.

Pros of Sap!

Straight from the maple farms in Vermont, each of the Sap! Beverages contain between 40 to 46 calories, and they have a low glycemic count. Moreover, they do not use any artificial sugar, are preservative-free, and are loaded with prebiotics and vitamins. You can even make your alcoholic drinks healthier by mixing in the 100 percent natural maple sap soda.

We love that there are three flavors to choose from- soda, seltzer, and birch water. All these drinks are anti-inflammatory and can also be used as post-workout drinks to help with recovery. If you are hungover and need an instant cure, chug one of these beverages and ease into your day.

Cons of Sap!

Sap! Beverages are more expensive than regular sodas. The audience needs to know the benefits these beverages provide so they can choose to buy them rather than the cheap alternatives they have available. This means that Nikita and Chas need to work hard on marketing the product and allowing the public to gain insight into its benefits.

Moreover, these drinks require an acquired taste- they might not be instantly loved by everyone, which might affect sales in the long run.

Who is Sap! For?

Sap! Beverages are for people looking for a healthier alternative to artificial sodas and can be used by anyone, including adults, young children, and teenagers. All beverages produced by the company are natural and healthy and can be used on their own or mixed into another drink.

If you are someone who wants to consume a clean diet, Sap! Beverages are definitely for you.

Are there Any Alternatives?

There are many alternatives to Sap! Available on Amazon since the world is recognizing the importance of healthier drinks. You will find beverages made from cactus extract, aloe vera, cucumbers, and so on. One such example is the Tuscanini Organic Cola Soda.

Our Final Thoughts

We love how healthy Sap! beverages are and how Nikita and Chas want to grow their ancestral business to create a product that individuals would love. We hope that the duo can find a way to improve the taste of their drinks, but regardless, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for Sap!