Ryan’s Barkery from Shark Tank

Ryan’s Barkery shark tank

The time when dogs were treated just as pets are gone. Dogs are now treated as their owner’s best friends, and every dog owner wants the best of everything for their dogs. However, food is the most overlooked aspect of a dog’s care because people often put too much faith in store-bought dog food.

Ryan Kelly also realized that when he brought some snacks from his Dog Barkery. The snacks stunk, and the Dog refused to eat them. Ryan saw the problem and devised a solution to make his Dog’s food at home. That’s where the idea of Ryan’s Barkery originated.

Ryan and his mother, Daniella, went to a veterinarian to find out which ingredients work best in dog food and which are strictly prohibited. The work began in Ryan’s home’s kitchen in Stamford, California, and delicious dog snacks were soon ready. Barkery loved the snacks, and Ryan decided to sell some to his friends for their dogs.

Soon, Ryan had his door-to-door business making him approximately 800 dollars in sales. The eleven-year-old was set to pitch his products to the sharks on Shark Tank US Season 4. He was looking for an investment of $25,000 in exchange for 25% of his company.

Ryan had appeared in front of the sharks accompanied by his mother and the company’s namesake Barkery. He presented his story and showed how much his Dog loved homemade snacks in various flavors. Ryan then started answering the questions sharks were throwing his way. So far, he had invested $200 in the business he owed his mom.

Ryan, although young, didn’t seem to be financially savvy or even ready for Mark. Ryan hadn’t yet returned his mom what he owed, and he was still in school that wouldn’t have made the investment as big as $25,000 worth. Mark announced he was out.

Robert appreciated Ryan for being bold and starting a company at a young age but wasn’t interested in the company; he was out. Kevin didn’t see Ryan’s Barkery as a business but a hobby that paid well. He, too, wished good luck to Ryan and was out.

Daymond was impressed with Ryan’s Barkery’s sales and profit margin. However, he was convinced Ryan didn’t need a shark to invest in his business; he was out. Barbara was the only one to leap of faith and invest in Ryan’s Barkery, giving him exactly what he had asked for: $25,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in the company.

Other sharks did try to convince Ryan not to accept it and be on his way, but Ryan sealed the deal with Barbara.

Ryan’s Barkery became a well-liked business around town and soon around the states. Daniella, however, was overworked, for which Barbara thought some help would be best. Daniella then had a stroke that affected her motor skills, and she couldn’t manage the business single-handedly.

The company was on its way to becoming a national success in 2018, but Daniella’s death made the company fall apart, and the business ended up in dust.

Our Review of Ryan’s Barkery

Before running out of business, Ryan’s Barkery, which had changed the name to Ryan’s Ruffery by Shark Tank’s Season 5, was a well-loved and successful business. It had generated more than $600,000 in sales and was on its way to grabbing some national distributors. Barbara had constantly supported the company and taken an interest in the business working.

Ryan’s Ruffery could get its products on the shelves of over thirty stores, including some hotshots like Target. The business had also received an order from Petsmart and was all set for success in the country.

Ryan’s Ruffery’s products were famous among the pet community due to their 100% natural ingredients and homemade recipe. While the dogs didn’t know about such technicalities, they loved munching on the snacks from the company, and pet owners were happy with that. Word of mouth and the Shark Tank effect had made Ryan’s Ruffery a success before the business died.

Pros of Ryan’s Barkery

Until Ryan’s Ruffery was in business in 2018, the company had a huge customer base. Customers loved the company and the cause and swore by some of the following things about Ryan’s Ruffery:

  • The natural ingredients used in the recipe were 100% natural, ensuring no harm made its way to the customer’s paw friends through their mouth
  • The snacks were fresh and crunchy instead of the stale products people often come across at stores
  • The snacks may have been crunchy but weren’t rock solid, making it easy to break them into two for limited servings
  • The products smelled good and fresh and were eagerly stuffed by the dogs

Cons of Ryan’s Barkery

In such a short time, Ryan’s Ruffery had managed to do so well that the only complaint people had from the products was that they ran out of stores often due to their demand in the pet owner’s community.

Who Is Ryan’s Barkery For?

The unique and natural products sold by Ryan’s Ruffery would have been perfect for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. The fresh products made the treat worth it for the hairy friends and made pet owners at ease knowing that their dogs were only consuming healthy snacks. Ryan’s Ruffery was famous in the pet world and would have made a name for itself.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Now that the company has run out of business, here’s a similar one that provides dog owners with the same natural and healthy food products. Milk-Bone is a renowned brand popular among the community of dog owners with various products available for sale. From biscuits to chews to snacks, Milk-Bone can serve you any food you require for your Dog.

Dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes can munch on the tasty and healthy snacks made from natural ingredients at Milk-Bone. If you’re looking for something similar to Ryan’s Ruffery, Milk-Bone is certainly worth checking out.

Our Final Thoughts

Ryan Kelly had a personal mission that he turned into a successful business. The eleven-year-old entrepreneur worked on his ideas and was willing to stand under the shark’s scrutiny to get his business an investor. Though Ryan’s Barkery, also known as Ryan’s Ruffery, is out of business due to Ryan’s Mom’s death, the business did well in its years of demand.

People are hoping to see Ryan with another brilliant idea in the business world because the young lad had the mind of an entrepreneur even if the business eventually didn’t make it far.