Yubo from Shark Tank Reviewed

yubo lunch box shark tank

Back in our days, kids used to carry almost any container as a lunchbox that would get the job done. Whether it was our mom’s kitchenware or our dad’s toolbox, it is now a lunchbox if it can hold lunch. However, nowadays, kids have advanced and so have their needs and wants. They want the specific-themed, tri-tiered lunch boxes that clip with a belt. It’s almost like, if a kid can imagine it, it is very much a thing.

So that is precisely what the Pedrazzi parents came up with as an entrepreneurial idea too. Paul and Cyndi were just another set of parents who were tired of sending their two lovely daughters to school with a mushy and gross lunch. Their way of packing lunch involved so many plastic bags that they would run out of almost 2000s of them annually. This was definitely not sitting well with the parents as it wasn’t doing any good to the girls or the environment.

Moreover, in addition to all this, the lunchboxes would come back home completely nasty and weren’t even dishwasher safe. In fact, they had to soak, rinse and dry everything individually to repeat the same process all over again. That’s when it started to bug the parents that it was taking so much time and effort and wasting so much water too. So they started looking for a lunchbox to make things easier and safer.

However, all of their efforts were in vain before they finally had the idea of Yubo. Yubo is basically a lunchbox that allows the fun of customization to kids and makes it easy to pack lunch and clean the lunchbox afterward for the parents. The best part about it is that as soon as your kid feels bored with their lunchbox, they can switch it up without you having to buy another lunchbox. It’s also dishwasher safe making it a better environmental choice too.

Hence, with this fantastic idea and great features, Paul and Cyndi were sure their lunchbox would be a hit with the kids and their parents. However, they knew that in order to make their product mainstream and make it popular, they would require a more extensive distribution channel for which significant funding had to be arranged. That’s when they knew they should turn to national television to help them arrange an appearance on Shark Tank.

Paul and Cyndi Pedrazzi finally got a chance to pitch their innovative lunch box Yubo on Shark Tank, so they came in with a proposal of $150,000 for 15% equity of their business. They start their demonstration by showing how they used to pack their daughters’ lunchboxes and would run out of 2000 plastic bags in a year. They then proceeded to distribute their Yubo lunchbox samples and discuss how it is a much better option for both kids and parents.

Until this point, judges are convinced in favor of the lunchbox and quite impressed by the innovation. However, that’s when Pedrazzi throws a curve ball in their face about manufacturing royalty. They tell the judges how they would have to trade almost 20% of their company stakes to the manufacturer with over 5% royalty on sales, dropping their rates to 1% with 750,000 units sold. At this moment, almost all judges look worried.

Mark Cuban is the first one to break the silence and announce he’s out. Next is Barbara, who tries to justify her reason for being the size of the lunchbox. However, Kevin throws in a counter offer, willing to give them $150k for 10% equity. But he has a catch. He says he wants the same royalty percentage as the manufacturer. Paul seems disappointed in the offer before turning to Robert, who goes for 30% equity. Lori also throws her 20% and Walmart & Disney connections.

Now the negotiations are going back and forth between the remaining judges, each countering the other’s offer and making a deal significantly worthwhile for the couple. Paul and Cyndi step away for a moment to discuss who they want to go with. Behind their backs, Robert and Kevin join hands and announce to the couple that if they make the repayment in 18 months, they will cut down the equity to 10%. The parents accept this offer wholeheartedly.

True to their words, Yubo took off very successfully ever since that Shark Tank episode. Yubo went on to become a globally dominating lunchbox available everywhere from Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong to Indonesia, Netherlands, Turkey, UAE, Norway, and England, to name a few. However, in 2019, Cyndi posted a heartfelt note about how they are shutting down the business and have more ventures planned for the future.

Our Review of Yubo

Although the company shut down a few years ago, a lot of similar items and copies still continue to be sold on Amazon, which you can easily order for your kids. Yubo is definitely an ultimate lunchbox, best for packing lunch because it accommodates any lunch. Whether it is salad, soup, gravy, or sandwiches, Yubo can pack it all. You can design it however, your kid likes or according to what they are taking out for lunch.

Pros of Yubo

  • Unique design.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy clean, change and go.
  • BPA-free
  • Made of recyclable plastic.
  • Three leak-proof food containers included.

Cons of Yubo

  • Original is unavailable.
  • Pricier than most lunchboxes.

Who Is Yubo For?

Yubo is a lunchbox for kids and their parents. It makes it easy for the parents to pack lunch, whereas the kid enjoys personalization and the fun of doing it themselves. Yubo is an excellent choice for kids who easily get bored of repetitive stuff. Because the unique face plates of Yubo allow them to change the design without having to change the entire lunchbox, moreover, it is dishwasher safe, so parents don’t need to clean it by hand and waste water.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Multiple similar products are available on Amazon, also in a similar price range. You can choose from a wide range of designs, colors, patterns, and sizes that best fit and are preferred by your kids. Amazon also allows for fast shipping and easy return, making the product all the more accessible. You can find many lunchboxes with a removable external covering and zippers to hold other things. They also come with a design that holds water bottles.

Our Final Thoughts

It is sad that Yubo couldn’t go on and succumbed to the business turmoil way before the global pandemic that caused a lot of similar ventures to shut down. However, it is safe to say that it definitely made a name for itself, and Yubo is now synonymous with lunchboxes worldwide.