Potato Parcel from Shark Tank

Potato Parcel shark tank

Personalized notes are a great way to let someone know how special they are or that you are thinking of them. You may have sent several messages to your loved ones via text, email, or even hand-written letters. What if we told you there was a creative and fun way to send notes? We present to you: Potato Parcel –a lot more fun than greeting cards or bouquets.

As the name suggests, you send people potatoes in a parcel. Yes, potatoes! Postcards are great, but potatoes are even better. Potato Parcel is a company that allows you to put personalized messages or pictures on uncooked potatoes and send them. If you want to catch someone by surprise or add a little humor to your parcel to make someone’s day, go for Potato Parcel’s unique message delivering service. Have you ever thought of your picture being on a potato? Potato Parcel can make that happen, and it will surely put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Potato Parcel now offers a wide range of products on their website, starting with their bestselling Potato Parcels. You even have the option to add a surprise gift box before checking out. The best part about their delivery service is that you get to choose the delivery time. For instance, your parcel can be shipped “ASAP” or “At a Later Date .” You can avail of their priority shipping service, which includes tracking. They also have 24/7 customer support if you have any queries or concerns. Customers can either add a personalized message on the potato with up to 140 characters or send a potato with a picture of someone’s face. Potato Parcel aims to deliver parcels within 24 hours. They claim that receiver will be left overwhelmed and amused.

Other fun products and gift hampers offered by Potato Parcel include the Classy Potato Gift Bundle, Potato Birthday Bundle, Potato Love Bear Bundle, Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb, Custom Face Pillow, Potato Postcard, and lots more exciting bundles. Potato Parcel offers a unique and fun parcel for every occasion. You can also choose to send anonymous Potato Parcels to people.

What is great about Potato Parcel is its effort to give back to the environment. For every potato sold, they donate one to local food banks, distributing them to those in need. If you are wondering what you do with the potato after it has reached the end of its life, the Potato Parcel strongly suggests you plant it and grow more.

Riad Bekhit and Alex Craig came up with the idea in 2015, which instantly became a hit. Craig got the inspiration for the product when he saw stamps on potatoes. The two entrepreneurs managed to turn a simple idea of sending personalized notes on potatoes into a lucrative business model.

After overwhelming success in terms of good reviews and profits, Riad and Alex decided to pitch their idea on Shark Tank. They aimed to seek an investment of 50,000 dollars in exchange for 10% ownership of Potato Parcel. They started their pitch by distributing Potato Parcel samples. They also told the Sharks that they have potatoes for all holidays, such as sweet potatoes for Valentine’s Day. Initially, the Sharks thought they were joking until they heard how much money the Potato Parcel had generated in sales since they started.

They told the Sharks that they had sold around 12,000 Potato Parcels since the launch of their business and that they generated 213,000 dollars in sales which was reinvested in Potato Parcel. After their successful pitch, they received several offers from the Sharks, which are as follows:

  • An investment of 50,000 Dollars In exchange for 25% ownership of Potato Parcel.
  • An investment of 50,000 Dollars In exchange for a 10% ownership of Potato Parcel.

Final deal: they accepted the offer for an investment of 50,000 dollars for a 10% stake in their business.

Owing to its successful appearance on Shark Tank, Potato Parcel gained a lot of popularity and inspired several copies as the idea was easy to imitate. Despite several new businesses offering similar products like brick or eggplant messages, Potato Parcel managed to survive and thrive in the market.

Potato Parcel is a company that understands the target market very well. If you are wondering whether you can still avail this unique offer of sending someone a message on a Potato, the answer is a rounding yes! Potato Parcel is still in business! Using their website or Amazon, you can customize your messages and gift bundles depending on the occasion. They are also offering customized stickers and T-shirts for different occasions.

Our Review of Potato Parcel

Sending customized messages on potatoes is much more fun than regular letters for greeting cards. This is a great way to make someone laugh and catch them by surprise. With a potato parcel, you can also send anonymous potatoes to some. There is something for every occasion example, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

Their most basic product is the Potato parcel itself. The process of sending a potato parcel is fairly simple. All you have to do is go to their website, write a note with up to 140 characters, or select a picture you want on the potato and add it to the cart –the potato parcel will take care of the rest. The best part is that your parcel will be delivered within 24 hours as they offer a quick delivery service.

Pros of Potato Parcel

  • It is a lot more fun than greeting cards.
  • 100% laughter guaranteed.
  • With each order, you are donating potatoes to those in need.
  • There is a Potato Parcel for every occasion.

Cons of Potato Parcel

  • They use real uncooked potatoes, which have a shelf life of about a few weeks.
  • Slightly more expensive than sending postcards.

Who is Potato Parcel for?

A potato parcel is for anyone looking to send a personalized note in a fun and creative way!

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Potato Parcel has many alternatives as the idea was relatively easy to copy. The best ones we have found are Message In a Bottle, Personal Creations, Zazzle, and Decorated!

Our Final Thoughts

Potato Parcel will do the trick with its unique potato messages and gift boxes if you get a thrill out of surprising the people you love. Putting a smile on someone’s face has never been easier. A potato is “ideal” for expressing your feelings –it is funny and amusing. Also, who doesn’t love potatoes? Remember, with each order, you donate one potato to those in need!

Spread smiles with Potato Parcel!