Rounderbum from Shark Tank

Rounderbum shark tank

Rounderbum, a men’s line created by Jonathan Diersing, has been around since 2015. Even though Jonathan studied neuroscience at the University of Southern California with the goal of becoming a doctor, he changed his mind when he realized that there were numerous tricks women could use to enhance their bodies, but when it came to men, the products dwindled.

Hence, he wanted to create a line to help make men feel more confident, attractive, and athletic. He made body-enhancing clothes with the help of Padded Technology and other techniques to lift muscles subtly. The briefs Rounderbum made ranged from $20 to $29, and the clothing line included boxers, trunks, and shirts.

Even though Rounderbum is an online company, it has made more than $1 million through sales and has become a huge hit amongst men. However, to meet this demand, Jonathan required funding, so he chose to show up on Shark Tank, asking for $150,000 in exchange for 10 percent equity of his business.

Jonathan explained to the Sharks that he had come across millions of men who were not happy with how their bodies looked, which affected how they felt daily. However, with body shaping technology, Jonathan was aiming to redefine the men’s underwear market so that they could look and feel amazing. All of Rounderbum’s products were made to offer discretion and comfort so that they felt natural and invisible. Since everything in the clothing line was seamless, it offered a natural alternative. Unlike Spanx for men, which is for compression, Rounderbum is for enhancing features.

The founder tells the Sharks that in the past year, Rounderbum has made $700,000. All sales were made through Amazon and the company’s official website. The profits have been between 25 to 30 percent, and even though Jonathan has been running things smoothly all on his own, he feels the need to hire a marketing team so that he can market his products on Facebook and create videos that will go viral. Moreover, he wants to open up a store in West Hollywood where he aims to stock his products.

Even though sales for Rounderbum products have been high, Jonathan tells the Sharks that opening up a store costs a lot. He predicts that the sales will reach $1 million in the current year and $1.5 million next year.

Hearing this, the Sharks start making their offers. Kevin offers $150,000 in exchange for 5 percent equity in the business, along with a $2 royalty per unit till $300,000 is given. He also promised that he would be able to get Jonathan in touch with the major retailers in the country to sell his products. Robert offers $150,000 for 20 percent equity in Rounderbum. Jonathan tried his luck with both the deals as he was aiming for an investment of $300,000, but eventually, he took Kevin’s deal.

Our Review of Rounderbum

Rounderbum is a company that focuses on making an underwear line for men who want to enhance their bodies or feel good about themselves. We believe it is a great switch from a market filled with products for women as men also deserve to flaunt their bodies and feel confident in their skin.

Pros of Rounderbum

We love that Rounderbum makes clothing for men with padding, compression, and straps to make them feel more athletic and confident. The market for such products is high, especially since men want to look and feel as good about themselves as their female counterparts.

Rounderbum produces a number of products, from underwear to t-shirts to swimming trunks. All the products are seamless so that they look invisible and give a very natural touch to a man’s body so that he does not feel conscious.

The price range for Rounderbum’s products is also perfect, leaving the company with a 30 percent revenue margin. Every product is between $20 to $29, making it an affordable choice amongst customers.

Cons of Rounderbum

Rounderbum is similar to some of the companies already in the market that are making products for men to enhance their natural features. Moreover, Jonathan does not have a background in marketing, so we aren’t sure about the strategies Rounderbum will use to increase its customer base.

Who is Rounderbum for?

Rounderbum is for men who want to look and feel good while wearing clothing that enhances their features and makes them look more athletic. How many times have you worn a pair of jeans that do not look good from the bum area?

With Rounderbum, this will no longer be a problem as the padded underwear provides a natural, lifted feel so that ordinary men can look like models without spending hours at the gym.

Are there Any Alternatives?

There are some alternatives to Rounderbum already available in the market. These include Spanx for Men, which makes products for compression, and Titan, which makes weighted and compression clothes.

Even though these two companies are similar to Rounderbum, Rounderbum makes products that enhance features rather than compressing them.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe that the market for Rounderbum is huge. After all, why should women only get to enhance their natural body types while men spend hours at the gym hoping to look half as attractive?

We believe that the butt-enhancing features and comfort that Rounderbum offers will create a loyal fan base for the company. Moreover, Kevin is the perfect Shark to go into business with since he knows many retailers and will be able to get Jonathan’s products the justice and popularity they deserve.