Rewardstock from Shark Tank

Rewardstock shark tank

RewardStock is an online platform that provides travel advice and booking services. The platform considers reward points, discounts, and travel miles, among other factors, to determine how to give consumers the lowest rates on accommodation and travel.

What makes the platform unique is that, in addition to assisting users in finding the best prices when travelling, the software considers the users’ travel habits and recommends mileage programs and cards to help them save cash on future trips.

If you search for RewardStock in your browser and click on their website, it will redirect you to Experian. Experian acquired the firm in 2019, just before Covid 19 brought all travel worldwide to a halt.

RewardStock’s creator, John Hayes, entered shark tank hoping to get two hundred thousand dollars in exchange for a 5% ownership in his business. He tells the sharks the concept behind his business and how he came up with it.

John adds character to his pitch by having two Hawaiian ladies appear and serve leis and beverages to the sharks as Hawaiian gives them a mini fire stick juggling show. Lori also jokes around and pushes Mr. Wonderful to join the dancers. Even though Mr. Wonderful does not get up from his chair, Mark makes a few dance moves with his arms while sitting on his chair.

The sharks understand the reason behind this entertaining skit afterwards when John tells them that he was able to visit Hawaii for as little as sixteen dollars. He goes into further information regarding RewardStock at this point, telling the sharks that a yearly subscription is roughly 29 dollars. He also informs them that the platform earns referral fees when a consumer purchases something from them.

He then informs the sharks that he could make roughly fifty thousand dollars thanks to ten thousand consumers. Some sharks, such as Mr. Wonderful, were impressed with his business. However, they thought the valuation was extremely high. Lori is the first to decline to invest, believing it is too early and that John should focus more on his business.

Barbara is concerned about RewardStock’s low income and decides not to invest. Sarah Blakley is the next shark to go since this isn’t her thing. Mr. Wonderful is intrigued by John’s company since his business is right up his alley. He offers John two hundred thousand dollars for a 10% stake in his company.

When Mr. Wonderful asks Mark for input, he offers thirsty two thousand dollars for 1% advisory shares and a 10% stake in the business. John takes Marks’s deal and walks out of the shark tank with a thirty-two thousand dollar investment.

Our Review of RewardStock

RewardStock has numerous benefits to offer customers. When one signs up for RewardStock; the platform automatically logs them into all the different mileage programs and cards they have previously signed up for. The app keeps tabs on the user’s rewards and mileage points and becomes a fully automated travel consultant for subscribers.

The application continuously informs users of various awards and points that must be used before they expire or go to waste, as well as makes them aware of deals and rewards that they may otherwise forget or miss.

John developed the platform with the help of a powerful and innovative algorithm that determines how consumers can get the maximum discounts out of their miles. Therefore, RewardStock is an excellent investment for customers who love to travel but are on a tight budget. It can help customers save money on travel tickets and accommodation.

Credit card firms also purchase discounted miles through airlines to provide discounts to clients. Those points’ cost fluctuates daily, just as it does for airline miles. An individual might be able to buy a first-class trip to London on Tuesday using their Delta Airlines points.

The exact miles might not be enough to get them a standard flight a few days later. You don’t have to worry about a thing since RewardStock keeps track of everything on a real-time basis. You enjoy the simplicity of enhancing the potential of your bonus miles with no additional work. Therefore, we believe that RewardStock is a valuable app for people whole love to travel.

Pros of RewardStock

Here are a few benefits of RewardStock

  • It compiles the miles from various credit cards and airlines in one location
  • You pay a little cost for an invaluable service
  • It enables you to maximize the value of your airline miles
  • The app fully automates user’s travel suggestions
  • It offers users suggestions depending on their interests
  • Nominal fees

Cons of RewardStock

Here are a few drawbacks one must consider before investing in RewardStock:

  • The app isn’t very useful if a user only uses one credit card and one airline for traveling

Who is RewardStock for?

RewardStock is ideal for individuals who travel a lot, use multiple credit cards, and travel through different airlines. It can be difficult and time-consuming to track and remember the various rewards and travel points you acquire from other airlines.

Therefore, RewardStock can be a convenient service as it does all the hard work for you. The app is also great for individuals who might be very busy and may not have time to look for deals and rewards.

Are There Any Alternatives?

RewardStock is a unique company since no companies out there replicate or match such a travel advisory model. The creator of RewardStock, John Hayes, developed this app from scratch and added multiple unique features to make it stand out from any competition.

Our Final Thoughts

RewardStock is an excellent application for anybody who loves securing a good deal or wants to travel on a budget and save as much money as possible on transportation and accommodation. The app can make users’ lives considerably easier by tracking their miles and finding the best bargains without having to do anything.

The best part is that the app charges a small fee compared to the amount it helps customers save on travel expenditures.