Radiate from Shark Tank

Radiate shark tank

Radiate is a Company that sells inventive portable campfires. This product’s distinctive feature is that it is reusable and waterproof, meaning it can be lit again right away after being dosed with water. The fact that they are constructed of recyclable materials like soy and paper wax is a plus factor, as is the fact that the fire may burn for three to five hours.

The company’s sales significantly increased following Shark Tank, and the products got further recognition after being mentioned in several news publications. In 2022, the business is still in existence and earns about $2 million annually.

The creators of Radiate, Bryan and Brent, approached shark tank and requested a fifty thousand dollar investment in exchange for a 20% ownership in their company. They quickly start one of their portable campfires to show sharks how they operate and provide a little history of establishing this business.

They tell the sharks how they own a cosmetic-based venture that produces wax and then mention how they were left with many overages each month. They used it to light fires by placing them in large buckets, which eventually gave them the idea that they could produce portable campfires.

Additionally, they give the sharks samples, and Robert excitedly lights his sample. They inform the shark that producing each portable campfire costs around 5.7 dollars, each selling for about $25. Lori informs the boys that she is unimpressed with the burn time since 6 hours is insufficient.

The guys claim they could sell around 11,000 pieces in a single month, 400 of which came via a crowdfunding initiative. They admit to having a campfire when Lori asks whether they do. Robert asks if their products are permitted in areas where campfires are not allowed, and they respond in the affirmative.

Barbara asks if the package becomes hot when lit, and they reply that it does, along with the fact that warning labels are present. Barbara then offers fifty thousand dollars for a 25% stake in the business.

Mark declines to invest because he feels it is a little heavier. Rohan quickly jumps in and offers as much as Barbara. Robert offers the same amount but later increases it to $100,000 after having a quick discussion with Rohan. The boys accept the deal and walk out of the shark tank happily.

Our Review of Radiate

We believe portable campfires are an excellent alternative to spontaneous campfires since they need far less effort to start than traditional campfires. The ability to stop and restart them at any moment is a huge benefit that saves users a lot of unnecessary effort that would otherwise go into relighting a campfire.

Users also do not have to worry about weather conditions such as rain putting out the fire because these portable campfires are water resistant.

Another feature of this product is that it is eco-friendly as it does not consume any wood, which is good for the environment because people will no longer have to cut down wood to create campfires. The soy wax inside the canisters is much better for the environment than other fuel options.

Radiate can also be used where campfires are not permitted. Furthermore, when lit, it does not produce poisonous smoke or ambers, which can be dangerous and bothersome for some persons who are sensitive to smoke.

This also makes these portable campfires a fantastic alternative for campfires with children. The portable campfires weigh roughly 4 pounds and are small in size, making them easy to carry and transfer in the trunk of your vehicle or RV.

Finally, it is as simple to start a fire as it is to put it out. Users only need to slide the lid to start the fire. Even though some people are not happy with these products’ 5-6 hour run time, we believe it is worth trying as it can save you a lot of time and effort.

Moreover, some people have shown concerns that the container can get very hot even though it has a warning label. So, if you try this product, remember not to touch the hot container and let it cool down before putting it in your car.

By purchasing the portable campfire, you create comforting campfires and have a great time with your family and friends whenever you want.

Pros of Radiate

Here are a few benefits of Radiate:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to operate
  • Does not produce a bad smell, toxic fumes or ambers
  • Easy to transport
  • Can be used in locations where wood-based campfires are prohibited

Cons of Radiate

Here are a few cons of Radiate:

  • The product only lasts around five to six hours, which is insufficient for campfires

Who is Radiate for?

Radiate is an ideal product for people who love to go on campfires with their friends and family. It can make the whole process of lighting up the campfire effortless. It is also great for people who live in areas where it rains a lot as the campfire is waterproof and won’t turn off if it comes in contact with water.


Are There Any Alternatives?

Here are the two top alternatives for Radiate:

We put Zippo Campfire on our list of alternatives to Radiate as they also sell similar products and have promising reviews online. What makes them unique is that they have multiple unique products on their website, all dedicated to starting a fire.

Our Final Thoughts

Radiate is a must-have item for campfire lovers. It adds to the enjoyment of having a campfire by making it so simple to start a fire. The fact that it is reusable and waterproof adds to the value of this product.

So you won’t have to worry about the weather and can enjoy a rainy day with your friends and family while sitting around a campfire. Therefore, if you’re planning a weekend of campfires and BBQs with your friends and family, give Radiate a try to see how you like it.