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Proven Skincare shark tank

The skincare market segment is growing faster than any other segment in the beauty industry, far more than the cosmetics segment. The benefits of taking care of your skin go far beyond your appearance, as your skin, being the largest organ you have, plays a vital role in your overall health. Quality skin care products effectively fight acne, inflammation, scars, wrinkles, pores, and other skin-related issues. Thus, the importance of having a good skincare routine cannot be overstated.

However, with so many options available in the skincare marker, do you often struggle to find the right product for yourself? If yes, we have just the solution for you. What if we told you there was a skincare line offering personalized products that specifically target your skin needs? Yes, it’s true! We introduce to you Proven Skincare! Let’s dig deeper and find out what this unique skincare line does and what sets it apart in the market!

Proven Skincare is a company that uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized and clinically effective skin care products, specifically for your skin. They aim to provide a skincare routine “made for you, by you .” To get started,  you need to visit their website and fill out the three-minute Skin Genome Quiz where you will be required to add details about your skin, lifestyle, environment, skin concerns,  genetics,  skincare objectives, etc.

Using the data you provide, Proven Skincare’s Dermatologists from Stanford, along with other skin scientists, produce skin care products with clean ingredients using cutting-edge Technology. You will then receive a complete pack of skin care products in three functional bottles to save you the time and effort you would have to spend otherwise using multiple products.

Skincare is the first company to use big data and artificial intelligence in the skincare market. It was founded by Dr. Amy Yuan, a computing physicist and data scientist from Stanford, and Ming S. Zhao, the company’s CEO.

Zhao came up with the idea of Proven Skincare after noticing the adverse effects of her hectic work on her skin. She was motivated to provide personalized and quick-to-use skin care solutions. People often commented her skin was “tough,” which motivated her to try new creams and solutions.

The duo collaborated with The Skin Genome Project, the world’s largest artificial intelligence-based database, to provide personalized skincare recommendations. Active ingredients in their products include Granactive retinol, Vitamin C, pomegranate extract, green tree extract, ubiquinone,  turmeric extract, Tasmanian pepper, arnica Montana flower extract, calendula (Marigold extract), arbutin, kojic extract, and much more.

Products by Proven Skincare target several skin-related issues such as hyperpigmentation, roughness, anti-aging, dullness, skin dryness, etc. These personalized skin care products improve your skin’s elasticity in terms of extensibility and maximal amplitude. The best part is that you will notice significant results after 28 days of usage.

After receiving a positive response from the market, Zhao and Amy were motivated to take their business to the next level and hence made an appearance on Shark Tank, aiming to seek an investment of $500,000 in exchange for a 5% ownership in Proven Skincare. After heavily scrutinizing their product idea, the Sharks unanimously agreed that while most companies claim to have an enormous set of customer-centric data, they only have excel spreadsheets.

Final deal: No deal was made between the Sharks and Proven Skincare

Despite not getting a deal at Shark Tank, Zhao and Amy were optimistic about the future success of their business. They believed that the exposure and publicity they got from the Shark Tank Episode would help millions of people worldwide understand what Proven Skincare is and what it stands for, which is what happened. Following the episode’s airing, they experienced their highest ever website traffic and sales. Their pitch helped get their message across to potential customers.

If you are wondering if Proven Skincare still exists, we have good news! The company is still in business and is doing quite well, despite failing to get a deal with the Sharks.

Our Review of Proven Skincare

After carefully reviewing Proven Skincare, we have to say we are very impressed by what they are offering. To benefit from their unique range of personalized products, you must fill out a questionnaire online defining your skin type, preferences, etc. The company uses this data to generate custom products with natural ingredients that your skin needs. These ingredients include Granactive retinol, Vitamin C, pomegranate extract, etc. You will receive three products in functional packaging:

  • A personalized SPF day cream
  • A personalized night cream
  • A personalized cleanser

These clinically tested are guaranteed to leave you with instant results.

Pros of Proven Skincare

  • Products are 100% customized to your skincare requirements and will help solve any skincare issues you may be experiencing.
  • The ingredients used are all organic and plant-based.
  • You will notice visible results in 28 days of consistent usage.
  • All of their products are 100% cruelty-free.
  • Helps your skin feel softer, smoother, and well-rested after waking up.
  • Reduces dark spots, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, redness, and sensitivity, leaving you with a bright, fresh, luminous, and radiant glow.
  • Improves the hydration level of your skin while restoring its natural protective barrier.

Cons of Proven Skincare

  • The company does not facilitate returns since each product is formulated for a specific skin type.
  • The company is relatively new in the market; there are relatively few results for tracking.
  • Their products are only available on the website, where you must fill out a quiz before placing your order.
  • In times of high demand, their delivery time is a lot as it takes time to formulate each product to meet the needs of a specific skin type.
  • Their products are very pricey compared to regular skin care products on the market.

Who Is Proven Skincare for?

Proven skincare is for adults looking for personalized skincare items to treat skin-related issues.

Are There Any Alternatives?

So far, we have not found any alternatives for Proven Skincare.

Our Final Thoughts

Your skin deserves your care and attention, and Proven Skincare is here to ensure that it receives the type of skin care it needs. Proven Skincare products contain natural ingredients to tackle several skin-related problems, from acne scars to hyperpigmentation. Fill out the questionnaire on their website to get started!