Luma Soda from Shark Tank

Luma Soda shark tank

It’s a carbonated beverage that replaces conventional soda since it has much fewer calories. Sugar-free Luma Soda is what sets it apart from the competition. It’s also naturally sweet.

Luma Soda comes in several distinct tastes. There are several different Luma Soda varieties to choose from, including lime, cherry, orange, and Cola. In addition, there are no harmful additives or preservatives in Luma Soda.

Only 4 grams of sugar are in a can of this soda, and that sweetness comes from all-natural sources like honey. It’s the ideal beverage for individuals who wish to consume soda but avoid it because of its negative health effects.

Jim Otteson invented the product because as a lawyer, he used to drink a lot of diet soda until he realized it was unhealthy for him. That’s when he decided to invent a healthier alternative to it. He first discovered craft sodas, which he thought tasted pretty bad. What’s unique about Luma Soda is the ingredients and lack of artificial preservatives.

Before coming to Shark Tank, he sold his sodas with the Agility Beverages packaging online for $19.99. He was hoping to secure a Shark investment so he could expand his products in grocery stores.

Are They Still an Active Company?

No, the company is no longer active and is out of business.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

He came to Shark Tank seeking an investment of $500,000 for a 20% stake in his company. He started the pitch by sharing the story behind the product, and then he handed out samples to the Sharks. They all had different reactions to the drinks. Some seemed to like them, while others didn’t. Then they moved on to asking him the more important question: sales.

Jim said he’d lost $1.75 million by investing it into the business alone. And he’d only managed to get $180,000 in sales so far; the order number was less than 10%. This put off the Sharks a lot since sales were a big priority for them.

When they saw the sales number, the Sharks looked worried. A few of the “sharks” provided helpful suggestions to the business owners on increasing product awareness and sales. Barbara Corocan has promised the show’s guest, Rohan Oza, $250,000 in exchange for an investment in Luma Soda.

Instead of working with Luma Soda’s founders, Rohan liked to invest in companies where he could help speed up growth. Due of this, Barbara and Rohan didn’t put any money into Luma Soda.

Jim turned down Mark’s offer because he felt he would be happier elsewhere. The other Sharks didn’t want to finance the product because they believed Jim should give up and move on if it wasn’t successful.

Overall, the Luma Soda Shark Tank Review was negative and they left without a deal. But even after failing to secure a deal, the company kept selling drinks online for some time. And the episode gave them some much-needed attention, which boosted their sales quite a bit. However, they finally went out of business this year. Before going out of business, their annual profit was $18

Our Review of Luma Soda

We decided to try out this soda for ourselves to see how it would taste in real life.

The good news is that it’s a healthy alternative to regular sodas since it doesn’t contain any harmful preservatives and tastes pretty good. So it’s better than craft drinks, at least. It contains very little sugar, and it’s also low in calories. It comes in various flavors, and they don’t use any artificial food coloring either.

The bad news is that it doesn’t really have any healthy ingredients either, like some other carbonated soda alternatives on the market. Like it doesn’t have probiotics or any other nutrients packed into it. Plus, it’s an acquired taste, so some people who love drinking regular carbonated drinks might not like this one because of its unique flavor.

Pros of Luma Soda

  • no preservatives
  • no food coloring or artificial ingredients
  • low calories and low sugar
  • tastes better than craft soda

Cons of Luma Soda

  • Expensive
  • Everyone might not like it
  • better alternative on the market

Who Is Luma Soda for?

This product is mainly aimed at people who are health conscious and want to quit regular diet sodas.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many healthy alternatives to carbonated drinks on the market. Each has different selling points as its ingredients.

The Poppi Sparkling Prebiotic Orange Soda (ASIN:  ) is one good alternative to Luma Soda. That’s because it contains prebiotics which are good for building immunity. It’s made up of seltzer, fruit juice and apple cider vinegar. Just like Luma Soda, it’s a healthy drink with low-calorie and low sugar.

For its beneficial effects on health, apple cider’s been used for millennia. Each bottle includes around one tablespoon of pure, unfiltered ACV, which has many health benefits. In fact, it’s used to create the bubbles in this drink, guaranteeing its reliable performance.

Our Final Thoughts

Luma Soda’s a delicious alternative to traditional carbonated soft drinks. That’s because it doesn’t rely on artificial ingredients and sweeteners, which are primarily responsible for the unhealthy aspect of these drinks. Instead, it’s made of honey and monk fruit, and it doesn’t contain any food coloring either. In every possible way, this drink is good for you. It comes in a wide variety of fun flavors like Lime, Cherry, Orange and Cola. Not only that however, the packaging pops and draws you in immediately.

However, the drink is quite expensive and because it’s so different from regular soda, a lot of people might not prefer the flavor. Plus craft soda’s still a more popular alternative to carbonated beverages. On top of that, while it’s healthy for not containing any artificial ingredients, it doesn’t contain any nutrients either unlike other alternatives on the market, which also offer prebiotics, for example.