Pristine from Shark Tank

Pristine shark tank

Brandon and Jess, cousins and law attorneys, left their law practice to create Pristine, a toilet paper spray that can turn any ordinary toilet paper into wet wipes with its all-natural formula.

When Jessica realized that her newborn daughter was suffering from diaper rash and no brand of wipes would remove her skin’s abrasions and irritation, her pediatrician advised her to ditch the wipes and wash her with soap and warm water instead. At the same time, her son was using flushable wet wipes that didn’t flush at all and clogged the toilet.

She consulted Brandon, who was also dealing with a rash from the wet wipes, and they both worked together to create a toilet paper spray made with natural ingredients to eliminate this problem.

What is Pristine?

Pristine specializes in toilet paper, body cleansing sprays, and hand sanitizers. Their toilet paper sprays can be used by spraying it on a folded toilet paper three to five times and then wiping and flushing. It is guaranteed that the toilet papers wouldn’t clog your plumbing system.

What Makes Them Unique?

Pristine has one mission: to use clean ingredients that would also eliminate the problem of clogged toilets. Their products have essential oils and natural fragrances, and there is no use of fillers or artificial additives; and hence there are no harsh chemicals involved.

Are They Still an Active Company?

The company has a really attractive website design and has received tons of positive reviews on Amazon. The products are also available at Walmart.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Jess and Brandon appeared on Shark Tank seeking $50,000 for 20% equity in their toilet paper spray company, Pristine.

They explained how this industry has settled on two commonly used options: toilet papers and wet wipes. The dry toilet paper doesn’t get the job done right, and the wet wipes use harsh chemicals and synthetic fibers to irritate the skin. The wipes that claim to be flushable are not that effective and instead cause toilet clogging.

Pristine cleansing sprays are an alternative to toilet paper and wet wipes, which allows a better cleansing function and easy flush. People must double fold the toilet paper and then spray Pristine on it three or five times.

Jessica was dealing with her babies’ diaper rash and skin sensitivity and realized that Brandon was dealing with the same issue. Then, they collaborated and started working on the product idea of Pristine.

Year to date, they had made $11,000 in sales, and most of their sales were through Amazon. Almost ten brands were producing similar toilet paper sprays, but Jessica revealed that they all cause irritation every now and then.

Robert was curious to know why they came on the show seeking such a low valuation. Jessica responded that they needed the money to introduce completely new technology, an automatic, no-touch toilet paper sprayer that could be used to moisten dry cloth or wipes.

Jessica knew they were not competent in creating a new machine and wanted to buy the product from somewhere else and then sell it under Pristine’s label.

Robert commented that the problem was not the product or introduction of new items. It was the marketing of Pristine and convincing people to use it. The marketing challenge was too big for him, so he wasn’t interested in an offer. He went out.

Mark said that investing in Pristine would clash with DUDE Wipes, a Chicago-based company that he had invested in. Hence he went out as well.

Bethany thought that the name Pristine promoted that the brand could be a jewelry cleaner, and the packaging looked like a hand sanitizer. Nothing indicated towards Pristine being a toilet paper spray. Bethany thought Pristine was in a very early stage, which is why she wasn’t interested in investing her money. She went out.

Daymond thought there was a lot of competition in this market, and people didn’t want to talk about toilet paper because it was such a sensitive topic. He went out.

Lori was left, and Jess and Brandon looked at her hopefully.

Lori remarked that everyone laughed at her when she invested in Squatty Potty, a footstool company that Lori invested in season 6, and it was remarkable how the company had made $100 million in sales.

However, Lori wasn’t sure if Squatty Potty was already working on a similar product and didn’t want to take a risk. So if Lori were to give them an offer, there would be a high chance that Squatty Potty would pick up on their product. She offered them $50,000 at 25% stakes, but only on the condition that Squatty Potty was not already working on a similar product.

Jessica wanted to know whether Squatty Potty would rebrand their product or let it sell as Pristine. Lori advised that Squatty Potty was a big name, and if they brought Pristine under their wing, that would be a winning situation for them.

After a brief moment of hesitation, they accepted Lori’s offer.

Our Review of Pristine

Pristine leaves your skin fresh and smelling nice, and it is a great product to use for little children since it contains all-natural ingredients and eliminates the rash and irritations caused by other wipes with harsh chemicals.

Pros of Pristine

  • It can be sprayed on toilet paper, which flushes easily
  • Contains biodegradable and natural products.

Cons of Pristine

  • A little bottle of Pristine can be used up quickly
  • The toilet paper needs to be folded up many times to use the spray on it, leading to an increase in the use of toilet paper.

Who Is Pristine For?

Pristine sprays can be directly sprayed upon the dirty bottoms of your little children and wiped away with a cloth. They can also be sprayed upon a dry wipe or cloth to serve the same purpose.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Refresh Liquid Wipe
  • Fohm Co
  • Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist
  • Bidelegance Natural Cleansing Foam.

Our Final Thoughts:

Lori Greiner is famous as the queen of QVC, and her partnership with Pristine would greatly boost the business through her advertising and marketing skills.