Ornament Anchor from Shark Tank

Ornament Anchor shark tank

Ornament Anchor is a product that secures the Christmas ornaments firmly to the tree so they can stay in place. Ornaments will often fall out of business. Many people spend a lot of time hanging up their Christmas ornaments only to find that it doesn’t stay for too long. This was one of the reasons that Mik’aal and Ayaan Naqvi introduced the Ornament Anchor to the sharks in season 13 of the shark tank.

The thing that sets the product apart is the story behind it. Like all families, Mik’aal and Ayaan Naqvi had their favorite ornaments. When one of them broke, they had the idea of building an ornament anchor that worked well all on its own. The two boys are also kids; thus, their pitch stands out due to the stark age difference between them and the rest of the people you would generally see walking in through the door at Shark Tank.

The product is a simple string with an adjustment device that can string through and an attachment area that you can fix around the tree branch. Once you’ve secured it, you don’t have to worry about the ornament falling off.

The company is still in business, but they’re likely going through some reworking as far as we know.

Now that we have a better idea of the product and how it works, we can investigate how the shark tank pitch went.

The rest of the family also joined the two boys with the rest of their family as they pitched the idea for their product. The boys entered the tank asking for $90,000 for 5% of their business. They begin the pitch by mentioning that they may seem familiar to the sharks. They talked about how this is because they have pitched an idea to the shark before. They went as far as showing the clip to the sharks. The sharks seem to enjoy this trip down memory lane seriously. Then they start with the actual pitch. They talk about the Ornament Anchor and how it can hold up to 10 pounds.

The Sharks are then asked to put on their safety goggles, and the kids tell Lori to press a button. On Lori doing so, the Christmas tree on stage completely flips over, and not a single ornament falls off. The Sharks go through the samples that the Naqvis presented. Mark speaks out and is quick to ask about their first venture. To this, Ayaan made a baseball analogy and said they were tired of hitting singles and now wanted to hit the home run.

The most important thing to note here is the confidence of these young people. Kevin asks about their valuation and why they think they’re worth $1.8 million, to which they start responding with their numbers. So they talked about the $312,000 they made in the year 2020. In June 2021, they did $80,000 in sales so far. Profit margins are also 94%.

Mark said that he loved the family and the effort they were putting into their venture. However, he thought that their business was getting on TV and selling. He said that that was fine, but there seemed to be too many variable costs and parts. Kevin says the product is too seasonal and can’t deal with that; he’s out.

Daymond also felt like the product was for someone else entirely, which is why he wanted out. Lori said she liked the product, but it didn’t have as much range as she wanted, which was why she was out. Barbara is commending these kids’ confidence, but the price is too high for her. She also doesn’t enjoy that they have other interests, which is why she’s out.

Our Review of the Ornament Anchor

Like any other product, the Ornament Anchor too has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Ornament Anchor

  1. It is innovative. The ornament anchor is not something many have come up with before, which allows it to stand out.
  2. It is durable. The fact that the ornament hung on even after the Christmas tree flipped over meant the product had a fair bit of durability.
  3. It is useful. Some products are only present for the aesthetics of it all. However, the ornament anchor serves quite the purpose, albeit for a short period.

Cons of Ornament Anchor

  1. It is expensive. The fact that you would have to buy an ornament anchor for $24.99 is ridiculous. The price is too high for the kind of purpose it serves.
  2. It is very seasonal. It isn’t effortless to make good sales with the premise of the product. Often the Christmas tree will be up for a maximum of a month. People generally don’t put that much thought into maintaining their ornaments.

Who is Ornament Anchor For?

The Ornament Anchor is for anyone who wants to have their ornaments completely secured to their tree. If you hold ornaments close to your heart and don’t want them to break or become lopsided, then the ornament anchor is for you. The ornament anchor is also for all of those people who put a lot of thought into the decoration of their trees.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There aren’t many other alternatives openly available on the internet or otherwise. There are manual objects that you could use to help anchor your ornaments. However, as far as the Ornament Anchor goes, it seems to be one of a kind. You can find all sorts of cheap strings and holders on amazon, but you don’t have anything that’s the entire replica of the Ornament Anchor.

Our Final Thoughts

The thing that makes this product unique is the sheer amount of weight that it’s able to hold. You may not think it’s essential, but if the entrepreneurs tried to sell these anchors to big malls worldwide, it would serve them quite well. Knowing the right audience will likely take them very far. However, for now, their pricing is too high for their audience to turn towards them, which can pose a problem.