One Sole from Shark Tank

One Sole shark tank

Women worldwide love shoes with so many designs and sole styles to choose from it’s tough to go shoe shopping without spending hundreds of bucks on multiple pairs. The colors and designs must match the latest clothing set, or else women would collect the same style of shoes in different colors.

While it was all fun, it was also a waste of money and not a sustainable option to be a shoe hoarder. Dominique McClain Barteet felt something similar when she bought three variations of an identical shoe. She realized something needed to be done so that there could be various options without spending dollars on the same shoes.

Dominique got to work and started finding solutions for a problem she faced, and probably many other women did too. That’s where One Sole came into being, the idea of having interchangeable tops with the help of Stainless Steel snaps. This idea got Dominique working on the shoe’s design, and eventually, the business was featured on Shark Tank US Season 2.

Dominique went on the show asking for an investment of $500,000 in exchange for 20% equity in the company. The ask for a massive sum of money may have seemed risky, but she had solid profits to back up her ask. One Sole had already made over $20 million in sales before appearing on the reality show and was recognized in over 30 countries around the globe.

Dominique started her pitch by telling me where she got the drive to start One Sole. Then she demonstrated how the tops of the shoe could be changed by simply pulling off the existing top and attaching a new one to the snaps on the side. She then offered a pair to Barbara to try the comfort of the shoe on her feet.

While Barbara was impressed with the comfortable sole of the shoe, she didn’t make any offer as she thought the business would eat up her precious time; she was out. Kevin O’Leary offered Dominique an outright offer to buy her company out, which Dominique declined. She then had three sharks remaining to make an offer.

Robert initially offered a $100K in exchange for a 10% stake in the business. However, he later partnered with Kevin Harrington, and the duo offered $500K in exchange for 50% equity of One Sole. Daymond was the only shark with incredible connections in the fashion industry, and he offered Dominique $500K of investment in exchange for 35% equity in her company.

Dominique saw Daymond’s offer as the closest to her offer and also a fair one. She accepted the offer and got Daymond as the new investor of her business.

Our Review of One Sole

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, One Sole Shoes has gained much traction as interchangeable shoes are a dream come true for any woman. The company sold its products online and at a brick-and-mortar store located in Florida like hot cakes and was already over the $1 million mark in profits on annual revenue. The business was also sustained under the leadership of Dominique and ships in many countries worldwide.

The affordable interchange tops and soles allowed customers to buy trendy shoes without spending a fortune. Apart from that, it eased the process of packing light for travel, where women usually have to carry different heel styles for different occasions or match the footwear with the attire. One Sole is also known for its comfort as the sole of the shoes is easy on the feet, and the ergonomic design of the shoes allows women to wear and enjoy heels for hours.

One Sole is still in business and has a demand amongst its customer base. Customers love One Sole because of its value in people’s lives by easing the shopping process. The business is now at a $6 million annual revenue, though Dominique is rumored to be selling out the businesses and retiring from the company.

Pros of One Sole

One Sole was well-received by many women around the globe as it solved a common problem for all the ladies. However, the reason for its fame isn’t just the idea behind the product; it’s the product itself. Here are some features of the business and the product that customers appreciate

  • One Sole shoes are a versatile option with a variety of tops and soles to mix and match and wear as per the occasion
  • One Sole shoes are super comfortable, thanks to the material used to design the soles, making heels less painful even after a long day
  • One Sole shoes have certainly proved to be cost-effective as it saves hundreds of dollars usually spent on various styles of shoes
  • The shoes sold at One Sole are also a perfect solution to packing problems while traveling, as now, travelers only need to carry one sole with numerous flat tops that don’t take up much space, saving luggage fees as well
  • The variety of designs and colors available in the tops are mind-blowing as all the designs are updated according to the trend
  • The option of customizing your shoes is also appreciated by many as it allows having a unique design and one that matches the attire perfectly
  • The products at One Sole are relatively cheaper than the usual shoe market
  • The products are made with premium material, and the quality is evident in the shoes bought from One Sole
  • Numerous customers are grateful for the incredible customer service of the company, where they receive replies timely and feel valued

Cons of One Sole

While customers are pleased with One Sole and the products it sells, here are some things that have often upset the customers:

  • Many customers haven’t had their orders delivered timely by One Sole, while some never received their order at all
  • The customers have faced the issue of order mishaps and their complaints not being adequately addressed by the customer service department

Who Is One Sole For?

One Sole is for every woman who loves to have fun with her footwear but secretly seeks comfort. One Sole has various interchangeable tops and soles to choose from, including kitten heels, block heels, cork soles, etc. Women can buy the sole they love and buy different designs of the tops available or order a custom design that One Sole can get printed for them.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Though no other company offers the versatility of shoes as One Sole does, a name that has stood out in the market over the years is New Balance. New Balance is a sports footwear company renowned nationwide and across Europe. The business has made its place in the market with unique products such as gel inserts and heel counters that help one design cater to various foot types.

New Balance also has a wide range of sizes and is highly regarded in the shoe market with millions in annual profit. The company, however, still comes second to One Sole regarding the versatility of shoe designs. One Sole remains a solo champion in that aspect of footwear.

Our Final Thoughts

Dominique saw a need as a person who’s constantly traveling. She turned that need into a business idea and provided a solution for millions of people all around the globe. One Sole is worth your investment if you’re looking for comfortable shoes that you can wear and re-wear by changing the top of the shoe’s sole.

The combinations this design idea of One Sole brings to people are endless, making the business one of a kind. If you’re looking to make a purchase from One Sole, head to their online store at