Myself Belts from Shark Tank

Myself Belts shark tank

Potty training is a million-dollar industry with innovations surfacing every few months to make the process easier and efficient for kids and parents alike. One such product made its appearance on Shark Tank’s Season 6. Myself Belts is a woman-owned business that manufactures and sells belts with velcro tips that can be pulled open single-handedly to give kids a chance to be independent and reduce the chances of droopy drawers.

The ergonomic design was one of its kind, making the belt unique but easy to use. The starting hook of the strap attaches to the beginning loop on the pants, allowing the belt to be secured. The belt is then passed through the loops like a standard belt. The belt’s fastening doesn’t require a buckle, thanks to the velcro, making the opening and closing of the belt efficient.

Talia Goldfarb, the founder of Myself Belts, had this idea during potty training her eldest son. Kids love the independence they get but can’t unbuckle their belts in time. Besides, due to the usage of diapers, no belt would fit the pants resulting in droopy drawers. Hence, Talia came up with a design that would solve both the issues with a single product and started Myself Belts in 2004.

Talia was now at Shark Tank, asking for $60,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. She wanted help with the belt distribution and serving the international market. Talia was immediately bombarded with questions by the Sharks once she stated that it had been ten years since the launch of Myself Belts. However, once she indicated that they were only able to make $250K the past year, sharks weren’t too keen on the business anymore.

While everybody appreciated the product that came in several cute designs and looked like quality items, Kevin didn’t believe that the numbers Myself Belts was showing were worth his investment; he was out. Robert, Lori, and Mark followed behind as they did not find Talia quite determined and passionate about her business when she explained how the recession had halted the business due to the boutiques and stores going bankrupt, which were Myself Belts’ primary market. Hence, Talia now wanted to step up and use her online platform as her business identity and distribution source, which she needed the investment.

Daymond, the only remaining shark, offered Talia $750,000 in exchange for 25% equity in her company. Talia counter offered 20%, which Daymond appreciated the guts for but didn’t agree to. Ultimately, Talia accepted Daymond’s offer.

Our Review of Myself Belts

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Myself Belts has diversified its line of belts by introducing uniform belts to go with kid’s uniforms. Innovative design has been empowering kids to become self-reliant and helping them, especially during school hours. The premium quality of the products is undoubtedly unmatched in today’s market that provides comfort to the kids.

With several cartoon-themed designs, Myself Belts attracts a massive crowd of children and parents to get their hands on these easy-to-use and stylish products.

The business has also introduced Velcro belts for adults, perfect for everyday use. These adult belts aid people with cognitive disabilities, stroke victims, and other physical challenges to gain independence and a sense of accomplishment. People with certain bladder and bowel issues also find the belts functional, diversifying the market for Myself Belts.

As of 2022, Myself Belts has successfully generated $5 million in annual revenue. And with the excellent service they’re providing along with innovative designs, the company shows it will be an upward trajectory of growth for them in the future. The company also has an Amazon store.

Pros of Myself Belts

With an ever-growing business and customer base, Myself Belts has accomplished a lot in the market because of its innovative product and the demand for it in the industry. here are some things that customers love about Myself Belts

  • The belts are easy to wear, making it easier for kids to put their belts on independently. The Velcro patch helps fasten the belt easily without any complex design.
  • The variety of fashionable designs attracts the customers to the brand. With various cartoon-themed graphics and embroidered patterns that kids love to flaunt, Myself Belts has created a demand for such products in the market.
  • The belts aren’t only fashionable but comfortable too. The premium material used to manufacture canvas and leather belts makes the product comfortable to put on and roam around throughout the day.
  • The adult line of the Velcro belts with neutral colors for everyday use has been winning hearts. They’re functional for people with physical or cognitive challenges or other issues with their excretory organs.
  • The pricing of such a unique product as a Velcro belt is affordable for customers nationwide.

Cons of Myself Belts

While the business is booming with profits and a loyal customer base, here are some things customers would love to see improvements on:

  • The sizing of the belts isn’t always the most appropriate. The belts don’t fit kids of all waist sizes, and there isn’t much variety in this aspect. Customers would love to find more size options in the store.
  • The part where the belt attaches to the loop is usually thicker than the actual space of the loop. This issue makes the attachment of the belt quite frustrating for kids and parents alike.
  • Even though there are numerous cartoon designs for the straps, the collection of belts is still limited.
  • The adult line of belts, though recent, is narrow and needs a lot of variety in terms of designs, colors, and sizes.

Who Is Myself Belts For?

Parents who have kids in the age of potty training are the ones that can make the most out of Myself Belts products. The products are designed uniquely to help reduce droopy drawers and make the training process more straightforward. It also gives young ones a sense of accomplishment, making them independent in their daily tasks.

Myself Belts’ products are also perfect for anyone who wants to save the time of fastening and unfastening the belt as, during an emergency, this issue can cause some embarrassing accidents. People with Overactive Bladder Syndrome would also appreciate the product’s smart design.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Dapper Snapper is another Mom-owned business that provides a clip option instead of Velcro fasteners. The clips must be snapped close at the back once the belt is passed through the loops. The strap is one size fits all with an adjustable band perfect for 9 months to six years old.

Since no options exist for kids above six, Myself Belts certainly outshines its competitor.

Our Final Thoughts

Myself Belts is a promising business with quality products at affordable rates. The founder and owner of the company Talia Goldfarb has designed the product based on her own experience during her kid’s potty training years. Talia is passionate about the products she sells because she knows the hassle parents have to face during the early years of a child’s development.

If you need smart belts that would fasten and unfasten single-handedly, Myself Belts is a perfect business with several designs. Their online store has various options for both girls and boys, and be assured that the promising company will continue to grow in inventory and profits.