Man Medals from Shark Tank

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Man Medals is a novelty product to encourage and reward male members of a family for taking part in household chores.

Do you need appreciation from your wife for washing the clothes? Does it hurt not to be rewarded for doing the daily chores as a male? Are the male members of the society underappreciated? If yes, the Man Medals may give you the positive energy you need.

Man Medals are small badges specifically for the male members of a family. Their sole purpose is to appreciate males for participating in household management tasks. Typically, males are better at running errands, working full-time shifts, and providing for their families. However, Man Medals have enabled them to take up additional responsibilities at home.

There are six badges for carrying out unique but specific tasks at home. The male members are less likely to carry out these tasks effectively in a typical household. A unique badge for each task includes putting the toilet seat down, picking up untidy clothes, cleaning the trash can, asking for directions, and changing the toilet paper roll.

The founder also made a special military-themed badge for the soldiers returning home to be the father of their children. Since most men tend to avoid doing all the mentioned tasks, the Man Medals are a way to encourage them to keep up the good work.

The medal buyers can easily pin them as badges on their shirts. They can also pin them to a board to show them to friends and other guests in the house. Each badge has a “To” and “From” space to make it more interesting. Females of the house can write the names of their husbands, sons, or brothers to give them a badge for specific tasks.

The Man Medals founder opted for an idea that may not appeal to many. It stands on the pillars of a reward system for males in society. The badges symbolize the effectiveness of men collaborating with females in different tasks.

Although the company managed to build a positive market reputation with many customers, it might have stopped producing badges. As of August 2021, the Man Medal website is down. Moreover, there are no social media page updates for the business’s operations. The Man Medals are also out of order on several online selling platforms.

Jim O’Brien appeared on one of the Shark Tank episodes a few years back. He described his business as a product of a sarcastic comment from his wife. His business idea received mixed reviews from the sharks.

Jim sought a $10,000 investment for 10% of his Man Medals shares. He shared his success of selling $2500 worth of Man Medals before appearing at the show. Of the five sharks, Robert found Jim’s idea cute. However, none of the sharks agreed to invest in Jim’s business.

Although Jim could not close a deal with any of the investors, his badges received much recognition due to the Shark Tank effect. He ended up joining hands with the comedian Kevin Brown to sell Man Medals as novelty products. It now seems that the company has gone out of business so you can add it to our list of Shark Tank failures.

Our Review of the Man Medals

The idea behind Man Medals appeals to many male members across the country. The badges have a strong message to promote in society. They can encourage non-helping male hands to carry out simple household tasks and get an award for them.

While the idea is magnificent, the quality of the badges may not impress you. Despite the strong branding, the badge makers have been unable to use quality materials in badge production. Although the price of the Man Medals is reasonable, it still does not justify the poor quality of the product.

Another downside of the Man Medals is the lack of diversity. It would be great if the brand produced unique badges for different tasks. All the six badges have a similar design with minor changes. The badges may disappoint you if you expect design variations and different color choices.

More importantly, you can easily create similar badges at your home. As an influential brand that appeared on Shark Tank, Man Medals should have aimed for exclusivity to retain their market.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the badges.

Pros of Man Medals

  • Novelty badges for males
  • Space to write “To” and “From.”
  • Option to pin the badge on fabrics
  • Encouragement awards for household management tasks

Cons of Man Medals

  • Poor badge quality
  • Limited design options
  • Limited badge attributes

Who Is the Man Medals for?

Man Medals are specifically for the male members of society. You can get them for your father, brothers, and sons as a symbolic gift for encouragement. The badges can suit males of all age groups. You can also use them to teach your male children different household management tasks.

Moreover, Man Medals are great for occasional gifts. You may give them to your father on Father’s Day or his birthday. The wives and children of soldiers can represent their fathers with Man Medals to thank them for their services.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Man Medals is a brand-new idea in the market. Despite its limited scope, it has the potential to appeal to people from all around the globe. If you wonder whether other similar badges are available in the market, you may not find anything like them.

Although the poor quality, limited scope, and poor sales of the Man Medals, they are still an exclusive novelty item.

Our Final Thoughts

The six Man Medals may have encouraged many lazy male members to participate in the household chores. The positive message behind Man Medals has contributed to its market success during the active business years. While the operations might have stopped, Jim’s idea still has the potential to spread positivity across the world.

Badge makers can use this idea to make medals for specific gender roles, including helping the poor, feeding the homeless, supporting service-disabled veterans, looking after the senior citizens, and many other noble acts.

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