Love Is Project from Shark Tank

Love Is Project shark tank

Love is Project is a company that sells indigenously crafted bracelets. These bracelets are made of high-quality, colorful beads that give each bracelet a unique charm. Many bracelets also have the word ‘love’ crafted in them to support someone going through a difficult time or living in a harsh environment.

The Love Is Project was initiated by Chrissie Lam and her mother, Gladys Lam. This jewelry business was also driven by a social mission, making it unique, and the idea was to spread love and connection through these ethnically crafted symbolic bracelets.

Chrissie Lam spent 12 years working in corporate fashion in New York City, after which she quit her job to focus entirely on the Love Is Project. All beaded bracelets sold in the initiative were inspired by different cultures and had unique color schemes. These bracelets were crafted by almost 2000 women in ten different countries. By selling bracelets online through the Love Is project, Chrissie and Gladys also wanted to help create job opportunities for women in less privileged countries.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Entrepreneurs Chrissie and Gladys appeared on the 12th season of Shark Tank, on episode 10. The duo stated that they needed $250,000 and offered a 5% equity in their company. This equated to a total value of 5 million dollars. During the episode, Chrissie also explained the business and gave out samples of the bracelets.

She explained that they needed the funds to increase their online presence and inventory. The sharks admired the entrepreneurs’ $4 million dollar revenue in sales, but they did not appreciate the debt the business was in. By the end of the episode, Chrissie and Gladys could not  connect with any of the sharks.

The sharks questioned whether the initiative was a charity or a business, and the duo left without a deal.

Is Love Is Project an Active Company

The Love Is Project firm is still an active company today. They have had a number of celebrity endorsements, and Chrissie has also invested in her inventory. In July 2021, the firm generated 3 million in revenue.

Our Review of Love Is Project

The Love Is Project goes way back to 2014. We believe it was unique for Chrissie to decide to sell these bracelets online in order to create employment options for women in the tribe. There are a wide variety of bracelets for buyers to choose from. They come in different color schemes and designs. Different collections of bracelets are also available, such as Zodiac, rainbow, and heart. The Love Is Project also sells custom bracelets and accessories, which includes bangles and cuffs available in an assortment of materials, such as wood, horn, gold, and silver.

Pros of Love is Project

  • Philanthropic endeavor spreading love and understanding
  • Creating employment opportunities for women in less privileged countries
  • Reflecting unique cultural concepts  through jewelry
  • Beautiful, handcrafted bracelets
  • Bracelets are not gender specific
  • Can match different types of dress and style

Cons of Love Is Project

  • It is not very stretchable and can snap easily.

Who Is Love Is Project For?

The Love Is Project is for anyone who strongly believes in love. The bracelets are unisex and can be worn to match a variety of outfits. If you support love and bravery, the love Is bracelets and accessories are for you. The firm puts a lot of weight on content. They are heavy on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and also maintain active blogs, PR activity, and other forms of advertisement. They also get videographers to archive and highlight interactions with crafters and local people.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Little Words Project is a company that creates and sells bracelets while encouraging passing on messages of kindness and positivity. Their goal is to build a community built on simple truths, and the concept of a bracelet symbolically binds these ideals. Little Words Project propagates notions of kindness, inclusivity, self-love, collaboration, and authenticity.


Lokai is a brand that creates thematic bracelets. Their bracelets come in unique designs and collections. They have collections like National Geographic, Disney Lokai, Artist Lokai, and Equality Lokai. They also donate 10% of their profits to philanthropic initiatives, such as rescuing animals, planting trees, donating doses of life-saving medicine, and building water wells. The concept of Lokai came to the founder after his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This made him contemplate the highs and lows of life and how important it is to be both humble and hopeful.

Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida bracelets was started by two Californian friends, Griffin and Paul, who took a trip down to Costa Rica and came across two local artisans. In order to financially assist the artisans, they commissioned them to make 400 bracelets. Back in San Diego, Griffin and Paul began selling the bracelets as friendship bracelets. They named their brand ‘Pura Vida,’ translating to ‘pure life’ in Spanish. The brand’s mission is to slow down, live life to the fullest, and enjoy the little things that matter.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe Chrissie and Gladys Lam had a great idea with the Love Is Project. They created a For Profit business propagating a strong social message. Their bracelets symbolize ideals of love, harmony, strength, and inclusivity. The Love Is Project also created employment opportunities for women in less privileged regions in the world.

These bracelets reflected patterns and colors prominent in that culture. Even though Chrissie and Gladys did not receive assistance from any of the sharks, their business concept was still strong and is still active and profitable.