LockerBones from Shark Tank

LockerBones shark tank

LockerBones is a father-daughter creation designed to help children and adults organize their lockers. It is completely customizable, can be varied to suit anyone’s needs, fits in lockers of all sizes, is adjustable, and also doesn’t require any tools to install! Basically, LockerBones provides various-sized vertical dividers and shelves made of either plastic or wood. The idea is to customize your locker storage however you want!

Greg Cronin, the founder and creator of LockerBones got the idea for such a thing to help keep her daughter’s middle school locker organized and efficient. His daughter hated stuffing books and stationery into a big open space and wanted her locker to be more structured. Cronin spent 2 years designing, creating, and perfecting LockerBones before he appeared on Shark Tank.

Greg and his partner Steven appeared on Season 5, Episode 14, of Shark Tank. They were looking for a $175,000 investment and offered a 10% stake in return. Greg demonstrated the messiness of the average locker, with books piled up. He then demonstrated LockerBones and showed how simple and easy it was to use. Greg also mentioned the product was patented, and he already had 60 orders from a School. Greg and Steven were here looking for an investment to start mass production of a plastic version.

The pair mentioned they have sold around 500 units in the past 2 years and had spent $28,000 on a failed previous model. The Sharks were a little concerned about the failed products and low sales numbers. The pair further explains that since then, they have redesigned the product and also have a 10,000 unit wood LockerBones order from Amazon they need to fulfill.

Kevin is the first with questions and asks if the pair had contacted Staples about their product. The pair mentions they haven’t moved forward as Staples wanted plastic versions of LockerBones – which they weren’t ready to produce at the time.

Mark Cuban is the first to walk away as he isn’t impressed with the pair’s business strategy. Kevin also backs out, stating they should work on distributing their product in schools. Barbara agrees with both Cuban and O’Leary and also backs out.

Robert remains interested but is hesitant to make a deal alone. He asks Lori if she would like to partner up, and they both offer a $175,000 investment for 50% of their company. The pair are quick to accept the Two-Shark deal.

After the episode aired, the deal between the Sharks and Cronin never closed. However, after the episode, LockerBones was soon contacted by Staples, and they started development for the back-to-school season. Since then, LockerBones has seen a lot of success, and their wood and plastic versions are both huge hits.

Our Review of LockerBones

LockerBones are a great product and are great at helping lockers be more efficient, organized, structured, and methodical. Children love personalizing their lockers and will love having LockerBones in their locker. The product actually encourages children to have their locker organized and efficient. This also can be helpful in their education in a way, as they will waste less time looking for their books, pen, or whatever in their locker as instead of just dumping everything into a big empty space, their locker will actually be structured how they want.

LockerBones are easy to use and install – they can easily be installed in lockers by children themselves. They also don’t require any tools, nuts, or bolts to install. LockerBones are made to fit lockers that are 12 inches wide – wall to wall on the inside. The most basic packages come with four sides, a vertical divider, two 12-inch shelves, and two 6-inch shelves. They also come in various colors – black, pink, and also in a wooden version.

Pros of LockerBones

  • Organization: Lockers without LockerBones are impossible to organize as they are just a big empty space. LockerBones allows children to install LockerBones however they like, to house their books and stationery in a way they like.
  • Easy to Install: installation is incredibly easy – children can think of it as a puzzle. It requires absolutely zero tools to install.
  • Fully customizable: the racks, dividers, and shelves are completely adjustable. Allows children to make their lockers unique and personal.
  • Adjustable: The tracks are easily adjusted. Children can change up their lockers whenever and however they want.
  • Sturdy: LockerBones can easily hold the weight of multiple heavy school books and gym bags – especially the wood version.

Cons of LockerBones

  • Only fits lockers 12″ wide. If your lockers are wider or slimmer, LockerBones won’t fit or be stable.
  • Users complain about the plastic version not being as durable or sturdy as the wood version.
  • Users complain about tracks and shelves not fitting properly
  • Users also mention the plastic feeling very flimsy

Who is LockerBones for?

LockerBones is made for students looking for help organizing their lockers. It allows children to find structure in their storage options, helping them be more efficient. LockerBones can also work in gym lockers, office lockers – any and all kinds of lockers which makes it useful to adults too.

Are There Any Alternatives?

At this time, we are unable to find any direct alternatives for LockerBones.

Our Final Thoughts

LockerBones is a great organizational product for children, teens, and adults alike. The product is incredibly easy to use and install. It is sturdy and able to handle a lot of weight. The only problem is the 12″ wide locker requirement – which, although it is the most common locker size, does make it unusable for many.

All in all, this is a product worth paying for if your children or you yourself hate having your locker full of piled-up books with bits and bobs thrown around. LockerBones is a great solution to the age-old problem of unorganized lockers by providing shelves, dividers, and a method to the madness!