LIFTiD from Shark Tank

LIFTiD shark tank

In this age of power routines and increased productivity, we are always searching for different ways to improve our focus and concentration to ensure maximum performance. This results in an unhealthy increase in consuming of sports drinks and caffeine, which increase the heart rate to provide stimulation and energy throughout the body, but only a small percentage of it reaches the brain.

LIFTiD Focus Device is a more innovative way to provide neurostimulation by stimulating the frontal lobe of your brain, which offers better focus, memory, concentration, and attention for its users.

What Do They Do?

LIFTiD Focus Device utilizes the transcranial direct current stimulation process called TDCS. The LIFTiD Focus Device passes a mild electric current through two electrodes placed on the frontal lobe, which is located in the upper forehead area.

A world-class neuroscience team designs LIFTiD Focus Device and the device is easy to use, stylish, modern, and light weighed. It is appropriately positioned on your forehead to provide an easy alternative to increase your attention and focus without resorting to sugary or caffeine-packed drinks.

Two sponges dipped in saline solution are placed inside the two electrodes, and then the device is ready to be used.

What Makes Them Unique?

LIFTiD Focus Device has proven to increase focus, memory, and attention by stimulating the brain’s frontal lobe. A 20 minutes session once a day during a task requiring high concentration is enough to increase productivity.

Are They Still an Active Company?

LIFTiD Focus Device is still an active business, and the website advertises the product efficiently by claims from neuroscientists and neurosurgeons.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Allyson and Ken Davidov were seeking $200,000 for 10% of their company, LIFTiD Focus Device. They are the brains behind their neurostimulation device, LIFTiD, which they claim to be the “coffee of the future.”

The device works by stimulating the brain’s frontal lobe, which is proven to have a part in a person’s memory, attention, and focus. Mild electric currents cause stimulation of this area, which provides a boost of energy and focus just like a shot of espresso would do.

They offered to perform the neurostimulation on the Sharks, and Robert asked if it was safe and if they wouldn’t get electrocuted instead. They explained that the device was safe and the kit provided had everything they would need for the session.

The Sharks were fascinated by the effect the device produced, and Kevin remarked that he felt tingling in his upper teeth.

Lori asked if anything could go wrong with using this product, and Ken responded that 5000 published studies back TDCS, which is used for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy.

Ken also mentioned that the process of neuroplasticity is employed as the device stimulates the dormant neurons of the brain and causes them to reorganize their functions in the future.

Meanwhile, Mark picked up the label that had warnings regarding using LIFTiD Focus Device. He read aloud that the device wasn’t to be used in epileptic patients or people with open cuts, pimples, or rash on their skin. It also shouldn’t be used during driving or operating machinery or any other situation where the device can cause impairment to the user.

Ken and Allyson announced that they were not claiming to treat any medical disorder, and the device was for cognitive benefits that will increase focus and attention. They had already sold 1240 pieces of LIFTiD Focus Device.

Lori said she had never created or invested in a company that deals with physical ailments of the human body. She wouldn’t contribute anything to the business’s efficacy and improvement, which is why she went out.

Robert said that despite being a good salesman, Ken did nothing but talk on the show rather than pitching his product effectively. He couldn’t make any of the Sharks share his passion for the product, and for that reason, he went out.

Daniel believed that Ken was as passionate about the product as he was telling the Sharks, but he couldn’t connect to this product and wasn’t going to invest.

Kevin declared that Ken just gave the “craziest pitch” on Shark Tank and wasn’t in on this with him. Kevin went out as well.

Mark went out next by announcing that Ken and Allyson tried to sell science without using science.

They both left without a deal on the show.

Our Review of LIFTiD Focus Device

The LIFTiD Focus Device has certain warnings to be read if you do not want any adverse effects on your body and health. The device is only safe to use in specific conditions, but mostly it is too expensive and inconvenient as compared to yoga or another sort of quick meditation technique to improve your focus and productivity.

Pros of LIFTiD Focus Device

  • LIFTiD Focus Device is easy to use
  • Great alternative for stimulating the brain besides using coffee.

Cons of LIFTiD Focus Device

  • This device may do more harm than good in people with certain medical conditions
  • It might cause extreme headaches and dizzying effects in some users.

Who Is LIFTiD Focus Device For?

LIFTiD Focus Device uses the TDCS effect to help people focus on the task they are performing, whether it is studying, fixing their car, playing video games, or playing guitar.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Fisher Wallace Stimulator®.

Our Final Thoughts:

The passion Ken and Allyson displayed on the show was remarkable. It is a guarantee that the LIFTiD Focus Device will reach new heights in the future and help many people in the USA with their memory, attention, and focus. However, suppose Ben had focused more on convincing the Sharks to share his passion in helping thousands of people in the USA who struggles with less attention span and decreased productivity. In that case, he might have gotten one of them on board to invest in his company. After all, he didn’t prove to be as great a salesman as he claimed to be.