LifeCaps from Shark Tank

LifeCaps shark tank

LifeCaps is an effective food supplement consisting of pills containing nutrients and vitamins the human body needs to survive. LifeCaps was created and conceived by entrepreneur Daryl Stevenett. He wanted to introduce a supplement that helped them survive unpleasant situations, such as getting lost in the wilderness.

LifeCaps is a quick and easy alternative to the actual food, especially if you’re stuck in a similar situation. These pills are created to perfection, as they carry the required dosage of nutrients and vitamins that the human body needs to sustain throughout the day or even a few days. Stevenett claims to consume nothing but LifeCaps for two weeks straight to prove the supplement’s efficiency.

You should know that LifeCaps is not a diet supplement, so please do not use it as one. It’s merely an emergency supplement one should have on them if they’re stuck somewhere. The ingredients used to make LifeCaps are highly organic, and no excessive stimulants have been added. These pills’ formula allows the body to survive by absorbing nutrients derived from the stored fat.

The good thing about LifeCaps is that it’s highly safe for all ages. So, you don’t have to hesitate before giving them to a child. LifeCaps will have the same effect on them as adults. Health experts claim that staying hydrated is key to remaining energetic throughout. You’ll eventually feel faint if your body doesn’t contain enough water. The same is the case with LifeCaps.

Stevenett, the founder of LifeCaps, tested this product numerous times to study its effectiveness in humans. Luckily, LifeCaps is quite adequate, especially for emergencies. So, if you’re ever stuck somewhere unfavorable, you might as well have LifeCaps to stay active.

Stevenett wished to make LifeCaps as global as possible. He wants this supplement to make its way into every medicine cabinet, bag, dashboard, pocket, etc. It’s a supplement he wants people to rely on, and they undoubtedly can, as its effectiveness speaks for itself.

Daryl visited Shark Tank, hoping to get a deal from one of the sharks. He asked for $200,000 for 30% of the company. Daryl tried to make his case stronger by claiming not to have eaten in the past eight days. He continued saying all he had been consuming were these LifeCaps pills. When one of the sharks inquired about his background, he told them about his background in music.

However, he quit music as he wanted to create a survival pill. Luckily, he knew someone who had made an energy bar. The same person helped him create LifeCaps, which was entirely Stevenett’s idea.

Unfortunately, none of the sharks showed interest in the product. Mark refused to try a pill when Stevenett passed down samples. Mark claimed to be highly against miracle pills that can affect a person’s diet. He backed out following that statement.

Lori also didn’t buy much of what Stevenett was selling, as she claimed it was highly irresponsible to create a pill without running any clinical trials. Robert and Daymond agreed with her, as they were equally shook knowing Stevenett hadn’t run any clinical trials to test LifeCaps.

Since all the sharks vetoed the idea, Daryl Stevenett left Shark Tank without any deal.

Our Review of LifeCaps

LifeCaps consist of pills blending several vitamins and nutrients to make one effective capsule. They are made to help survive unfavorable conditions where they might find food. Daryl Stevenett created LifeCaps to allow people to experience total energy levels without consuming proper food.

Even though Stevenett couldn’t secure a deal from the sharks, he still managed to sell a few bottles of LifeCaps through Amazon. Many people claimed to have gone through the same effects as Stevenett. So, one might say LifeCaps worked perfectly well.

Some enthusiasts also combined LifeCaps with other supplements and found them even more effective when consumed separately. However, there was growing concern that Stevenett hadn’t run any clinical trials to test the supplement’s effectiveness.

A few customers claimed that LifeCaps does not curb hunger; hunger will still affect a person’s body after taking this supplement. This raised a debate that questioned the supplement’s credibility. The debate claimed that LifeCaps might work differently for everybody. Since everybody has a different body, the effects of LifeCaps might also vary.

However, that hadn’t been known until a few customers came forth with their experiences. Many people expressed disappointment with the supplement and its founder for not running proper clinical trials.

Daryl did sell a few bottles of LifeCaps on Amazon, but due to mixed reception, it was officially discontinued, and the product is no longer on the market. Stevenett hasn’t come forth with a statement yet, but it seems he won’t be selling LifeCaps soon.

Another pharmaceutical company, REJ Diamond Pharmaceutical, bought the naming rights from Stevenett and produced LifeCaps2. As of June 2022, all of their products are sold out. The original LifeCaps are no longer available, and the company’s online presence is no more.


  • It provides energy.
  • It doesn’t contain other stimulants.
  • It gives the body the required boost of nutrients.
  • It’s perfect for emergencies when you feel faint.


  • Its effectiveness isn’t tested.
  • It doesn’t have the same positive effects on everyone.

Who Is LifeCaps for?

Regardless of its discontinuity, LifeCaps has been perfect for people who are on the go and do not have time to grab a meal. Apart from that, LifeCaps would’ve also made the perfect companion for people who go backpacking to take numerous trips.

Alternatives to LifeCaps

Omega-3, Wow Life, and Pure Nutrition are some of LifeCaps’ competitors. They do not have precisely the same ingredients and purpose as LifeCaps, but they are similar in a few ways, making them healthier alternatives to LifeCaps.

Our Final Thoughts

LifeCaps might’ve been excellent supplements if only there had been sufficient clinical trials to test their effectiveness. The idea behind this supplement is undoubtedly intelligent, one must admit. However, people cannot put anything in their bodies until it’s been tried and tested multiple times.

Since most people are now more aware of health and wellness, they’ve become even more careful regarding what they consume. Consumers prefer picking out supplements that have been approved and certified by proper health channels.